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How to Rotate PDF on Windows?(3 Easy Ways)

One of the best things about using PDF documents is no matter how you use them, you cannot change their formatting unless you edit them. It allows you to effortlessly rotate PDF windows without worrying about the formatting of your content changes. However, finding the right way to rotate is important since not all options offer the same experience.

Here we will discuss how to rotate your PDF documents on a Windows PC with UPDF, Microsoft Edge, and Google Drive.

Part 1. How to Rotate PDF Permanently on Windows?

Do you want to permanently rotate a whole PDF document or only some pages on your Windows PC? The easiest method for you to try is UPDF. It supports individual page rotation in PDF documents, but you can also select those pages individually or in a range. Hence, you can rotate one or more pages on your PDF document per the requirements.

The best part about UPDF is that it can do much more than just rotate your PDF documents. It is because it is a complete package of PDF tools starting from reading and viewing PDF documents. You can use the commenting and annotating features to add your notes and mark PDF documents. It is a great tool for those who want to edit PDF documents. Additionally, UPDF has features for organizing PDF document pages, splitting and merging different documents. Along with that, this UPDF Cloud feature allows you to keep your documents stored online and helps sync your work across all your devices.

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How to Rotate PDF Permanently on Windows?

UPDF is full of experience-enhancing features, including:

  • OCR comes with 99% accuracy and support for multiple languages
  • Option for 2-way PDF conversion with multiple file formats
  • Efficient sharing for improved collaboration
  • Password protection for PDF
  • UPDF AI, etc.

With all these features, it offers a user-friendly experience for every functionality. Here are the steps to follow on UPDF for rotating your PDF permanently on Windows.

1. Open your PDF document on UPDF.

Firstly, start the UPDF tool on your Windows PC. If you have a desktop icon, double-click it; otherwise, search for UPDF after hitting the "windows" key on your keyboard. UPDF will open. Now you can locate the file from the "Recent" tab and click to open it.

Another way to open new PDF files on UPDF is by using “Open File." As you click this button, you will see a browse window where you can locate PDFs and click them to select. Then, clicking “Open” will open that file in UPDF.

Open file on Windows using UPDF

2. Go to Organize Pages

Once the file opens, it will take you to the Reader in UPDF. You can check that in the l vertical menu on the left side. However, for this procedure, we will use the "Organize Pages" feature of UPDF. You can locate this feature in the vertical left menu and click it.

Now you will see multiple tools and functions on the top bar and a preview of your PDF document. Start by clicking the PDF document preview to select a page. Doing so will enable most buttons from the top toolbar.

Now you can rotate your PDF document using the "Rotate counterclockwise" and "Rotate clockwise" buttons. You can rotate the document or page as often as possible unless you get the desired orientation. A "select pages” button on the top left can help you select multiple pages in range or other patterns available for increasing rotating efficiency.

Rotate PDF pages on Windows using UPDF

3. Save using "Save as Other."

Once you are done rotating the PDF document, you must navigate to the vertical left menu and click the "Reader" function. Its button is located at the top of the menu. It will take you to the main screen again. Now click the "Save as Other" button from the vertical right-side menu. It will show multiple saving options.

If you want to save changes to the original file, click "Save" or "Save As" to save the changes in a new PDF file and do not save any changes in the original document. Select the location to save your work and finish by clicking the "Save" button in the browse window.

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Part 2. How to Rotate PDF Free on Windows?

The next method you can try is using Microsoft Edge. It will be a good choice if you only want to rotate an offline available PDF document and do nothing else. It is a free method since Microsoft Edge is the free built-in web browser in the Windows Operating System. So, you will not even need to download or install anything on your computer.

The benefits of using this method include the ability to draw, highlight, or add new text to the PDF document when needed. So, Microsoft Edge will not only help you rotate, but you can also do other tasks like annotating PDF documents here. Using it is a straightforward experience with the following steps only.

1. The open PDF file with Microsoft Edge

Double-click the PDF file icon, and it will automatically open in Microsoft Edge if no other tools are set as the default app to open PDF. If it does not, you can right-click and choose Microsoft Edge from the "Open With" option.

Once you open the PDF, clicking the "Rotate" button will help you rotate your document. However, this will be a temporary rotation and won't be saved even if you save the document. The "Save" feature will be disabled, and you can only use "Save As." Since Microsoft Edge does not register to rotate as a change, using the save option won't help.

open pdf file with microsoft edge

2. Use the "Add Text" button to enable the "Save" Button.

To save the rotated file, click the "Add Text" button and click anywhere on PDF. Type some text and click somewhere else. Now you can see the "Save" button gets enabled. Now you can click that text and remove it using the backspace button. Click "Save," Now the file will register rotation as a change, which will be saved in the original file.

save rotated pdf page microsoft edge

Remember that using this method, you can only save changes in the original file, so if you do not want to disturb the original file, it will not be a preferable choice.

Part 3. How to Rotate PDF Free Online on Windows 10/11?

Say that you have a PDF document available in your Google Drive cloud storage, and you want to rotate it for a better viewing experience. Using Google Drive will be a good option. However, you must remember that this method will require online connectivity for accessing, opening, and rotating the PDF document.

Moreover, it will only provide you with a temporary PDF rotating experience since even if you save that document after rotating it, it will be saved in the original available orientation. Regardless, if you want a free method that works online, and you don’t have to download the PDF to your device, then using Google Drive will be an amazing choice with only the following steps below:

1. Open PDF in Google Drive

Open Google Drive on a browser and locate the file you want to open. If it was recently saved to Google Drive, you can click on "Recent" from the left side, and that PDF document will appear. Once you find it, double-click to get its preview.

open pdf in google drive

2. Use "Print" to enable PDF viewing features.

When the PDF is in preview mode on Google Drive, it will not give you any rotating options. So, click the Print button. It will open your PDF in a new tab with better PDF viewing features, including a rotate button.

use print to enable pdf viewing in google drive

3. Use the "Rotate" button.

Now use the "Rotate" button to rotate your document. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl + ]” for clockwise rotation and “Ctrl + [” for Anticlockwise rotation. Remember that the rotation will only be temporary, and printing or downloading after rotating will not do any changes to the file.

Wrapping Up

PDF documents remain the same regardless of the device or tool you open them on. That is a huge advantage since you can rotate PDF Windows and get the best reading and viewing experience. So, you can use UPDF, Microsoft Edge, and Google Drive whenever you want to rotate your PDF documents. Each method comes with a different feature set and offers a unique experience.

However, if you are looking for a complete experience, your best choice is to go with UPDF. A PDF editor that offers lots of features that will surely meet every PDF editing requirement that you have. UPDF is a tool that focuses on basic PDF working features and provides in-depth features like UPDF AI and OCR with 99% accuracy. Hence, no matter what you need to do to your document, UPDF will make it easier.

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