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How to Remove Pages from PDF on Windows 11/10/8/7 (Quick & Easy)

PDF files are widely used worldwide for sharing information easily through various online and offline channels. However, deleting pages from PDF on Windows can be challenging. Most of the PDFs are set to preserve their original quality and are difficult to edit without a proper method.

So, in this guide, we will discuss four helpful PDF editing tools compatible with Windows. These tools will allow you to delete pages from your PDFs smoothly.

Part 1. Remove Pages from PDF on Windows Via UPDF

Deleting pages from PDFs can be a real hassle, but UPDF makes it super easy. This tool has an Organize mode that allows you to delete pages effortlessly. In addition, with UPDF, you can do much more, like extracting, splitting, inserting, rotating, and even replacing pages in your PDFs. The best part is that deleting pages will maintain the layout and quality of your document. 

So, for a more precise understanding, try the steps given below to remove pages from PDF Windows. Before you start, go to download UPDF via the below button.

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1.1 Remove Multiple Pages from PDF on Windows

Step 1: Access the Organize Pages Mode

Open the PDF in UPDF by pressing the "Open File" button from the main screen. This will take you into the Reader mode of this innovative PDF tool once the file is loaded. Next, take your mouse to the left sidebar and choose the "Organize Pages" tool.

Access the Organize Pages Mode to remove pages from PDF on Windows with UPDF

Step 2: Delete the Desired PDF Pages

Following this, select the page you want to delete from the document, or you can select multiple pages by tapping on "Select Pages" from the toolbar. Press the "Delete" icon after performing the page selection.

Remove PDF pages with UPDF on Windows

Here is a short video to introduce how to delete pages from PDF on Windows step by step.

1.2 Remove One Page from PDF on Windows

UPDF also allows you to remove a single page from your PDF document using the thumbnail feature in a few clicks. To remove the single page from PDF from the thumbnail, you can follow these instructions:

Instructions: Open your PDF document in UPDF using the "Open File" option and right-click on your page thumbnail from the left panel. Afterward, tap the "Delete" option, and your page will be removed permanently.

remove pages from pdf on windows from the thumbnail

Once you are done with your changes, you can switch to "Edit PDF" mode to make further adjustments. Sharing your edited PDF is a breeze, too, with its built-in share features. Learn more about how to edit a PDF>

Download UPDF from the button below now and you will love it.

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Part 2. Delete PDF Pages on Windows Via Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge, you can easily delete pages from your PDFs without using any add-on because it's all built-in. Using the draw tool, you can even draw shapes and make notes on the PDF. Just click on the pen icon to start drawing freely or adjust the tool as you like. If you need to add text to the PDF, Edge lets you do it quickly.

Sometimes, PDFs don't have editable text, so you can use the freehand highlighter. Also, if you make any highlighting mistakes, you can easily erase them with the erase tool. Head to the steps mentioned below to delete PDF pages with Microsoft Edge:

Instructions: Use Microsoft Edge to open the required PDF document and click on the "Print" icon from the top right corner. Next, choose "Save as PDF" as the Printer from the drop-down menu. Specify the page range of the document you want to save and press the "Save" button to complete the process. This will let you save only the page you want in a document.

use the save as pdf printer in microsoft edge

Part 3. Remove PDF Pages on Windows Via Adobe Acrobat

A widely used tool for working with PDF files, Adobe Acrobat, was the best tool for years before UPDF. It has many helpful features like creating, editing, signing, compressing, annotating, and printing PDFs. With Adobe Acrobat, you can delete pages in a PDF on Windows and organize them differently.

However, it's important to note that Adobe Acrobat can be expensive, and some users find it a bit complicated. If you have the budget, you can use Adobe Acrobat to delete PDF pages. Therefore, you will need to follow the steps outlined below in order to use this tool smoothly:

Step 1: Run the Adobe Acrobat application on your Windows PC and import the PDF file through which you want to delete the pages. Then, choose the "Organize Pages" tool from the "All Tools" panel to proceed.

access organize pages tool in adobe acrobat

Step 2: Select the page you want to delete from the PDF file by using the "Preview" screen or through the "Pages Selected" drop-down menu. Afterward, click on the "Delete" icon from the "Page Options" tools.

 click on the delete icon in adobe acrobat

Part 4. Delete PDF Page on Windows Using Foxit PDF Editor

With Foxit PDF Editor, removing pages from a PDF is very convenient. You only need to head to the Organize tab in the ribbon and follow the instructions. This powerful editor also allows you to create, eSign, and collaborate on documents smoothly. It works like a word processor, letting you reflow text, change layout, modify font and size, and even add multimedia.

Simply tap the desired area to make necessary changes and use the intuitive features to edit PDFs. You can also share and collaborate with teammates in real-time. The steps below are outlined to guide you regarding the usage of this tool to delete pages with Foxit PDF Editor:

Step 1: Launch Foxit PDF Editor by searching the tool using the Windows Search feature and import the PDF file by pressing the "Open" button from the File tab.

Step 2: Access the "Organize" tab and click on the "Delete" tool. This will open a small window in front of you where you will have to specify the pages you want to delete. To delete the pages after confirming the range, press the "OK" button, and Foxit PDF Editor will do the rest.

use the delete pages tool in foxit

Part 5. Comparison of the Best 4 Tools to Delete PDF Pages on Windows

If you are confused about which tool to choose to remove unwanted pages from your document, you can check the detailed comparison provided below to pick the best PDF organizer.

MetricUPDFMicrosoft EdgeAdobe AcrobatFoxit
AI Features
Lag FreeA little bit laggySometimes, it slows down on large-size documents

From the above-detailed comparison, we can clearly say that UPDF is the winner because of its advanced algorithms and engaging interface, which makes the process of deleting pages easier. Moreover, it is cost-efficient with a 61% discount, and you can enjoy a single premium account on all your 4 devices. To get this advanced PDF organizer on your system, press the "Free Download" button provided below.

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delete pages from pdf special offer

Part 6. FAQ about Deleting PDF Pages on Windows

1. Is there a way to delete multiple pages from a PDF on Windows?

Yes, there are various tools available to delete multiple pages from a PDF on Windows. However, UPDF is the best one because of its innovative algorithms for removing various pages from your document.

2. How do I delete unwanted pages in a PDF on Windows 10?

To delete the unwanted pages in a PDF on Windows, you can use the UPDF PDF editor by following these steps: Open the PDF file in UPDF by pressing the "Open File" button and click on the "Organize Pages" tool from the left side. Then, choose the unwanted pages from your document and tap on the "Delete" icon from the top toolbar.

3. How do I delete PDF pages from PDF on Windows 11?

Only a few PDF editors, such as UPDF, are fully optimized for Windows 11 and can work without lag. You can use the Organize Pages tool of UPDF to remove the unnecessary PDF pages from your document on Windows 11.

Final Words

To sum up, deleting pages from PDF Windows is now easy with the help of four powerful tools we discussed. By using these tools, you can easily remove unwanted pages and make desired edits to your PDF documents.

However, if you are looking for the best option with various other features, UPDF stands out among the rest. Moreover, using UPDF, you will explore additional features that enhance your PDF editing experience. Just download the free trial version via the below button to test on your own.

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