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Approaches to Insert PDF Page Online to Optimize Document

A common issue faced when working with PDFs is maintaining a well-organized structure for scattered information across various files. Additionally, the need for updates or revisions often arises, but modifying the content can risk the organization of the document. A strategic solution to these problems involves the utilization of tools that let you easily insert PDF pages online to expand or update the content.

Furthermore, these tools have friendly interfaces and many features to add pages to PDF online that keep the document intact. Read this article to discover more about the methodologies and advantages of adding pages to PDFs that are extensively achieved by UPDF. Since it is known that online tools do not offer explicit PDF solutions, you should consider downloading the UPDF toolkit on your system.

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Part 1: How to Add Pages to PDF Online via Smallpdf

Smallpdf lets users add pages to PDF online freeto effortlessly update their PDFs without requiring complicated software installations. Users can upload their files to the tool through various means, including Dropbox and Google Drive, and from the system. Moreover, it provides you with a preview of your whole document to choose where you want to add the desired page or delete the rest of the pages. Let's discuss the easy-to-follow steps of integrating pages into the document files using Smallpdf:

Step 1. To get started, visit the Smallpdf website and access its main interface for the users. Now, hit the "Tools" drop-down menu to access the multiple features for PDF organization. Under the "Organize" section, choose the "Merge PDF" option that will lead you to a new window.

insert pdf page online tap on merge pdf tool

Step 2. In the upcoming window, hit the "CHOOSE FILES" button in the middle. This action will direct you to find the required file from the system and upload it to the server.

insert pdf page online  upload the pdf file

Step 3. Afterward, the uploaded file will open on a new screen from where you can turn on the "Show pages" option to get a preview of your whole document. Now, navigate to the preferred page and press the "Add documents" icon to add a new file after browsing.

insert pdf page online press the add button

Step 4. After adding a PDF file, if you want to delete any wanted PDF page from the document, place your cursor over that page thumbnail. Then, select the "Delete" icon located at the upper-right corner of the thumbnail to keep only the necessary pages.

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Part 2: How to Add Pages to PDF Online via iLovePDF?

iLovePDF provides an accessible and user-friendly solution to organize documents swiftly. After uploading the PDF file to the tool, you can add new PDF pages after the desired page on your document. Moreover, it offers other organizational features to make PDF handling easier for you. The following section takes you through adding a page to PDF online using iLovePDF:

Step 1. Open your preferred web browser and visit the iLovePDF website. Once you have accessed the main window of the online tool, hover over "ALL PDF TOOLS", and a drop-down menu will appear in front of you. Within the menu, under the "ORGANIZE PDF" category, choose the "Organize PDF" button that will move you to a new window.

insert pdf page online choose organize pdf tool

Step 2. On the new window, choose the "Select PDF file" button in the center of the screen or drop your files. Now, find the file in which you want to insert PDF pages online and upload it on the tool.

Step 3. Once the uploaded file is opened on a new window, view the thumbnails and reorganize already added pages if you want. Then, click the "Add More Files" icon on the right side and add a file to the existing document.

insert pdf page online click add more files button

Step 4. Afterward, retain the important pages only and send the rest into the trash by clicking the "Delete" icon shown above the thumbnail of the page. Moreover, you can choose the "Add a Blank Page' button to start adding blank pages by confirming your choice. Once you have made all the page organization changes, hit the "Organize" button to save the changes.

insert pdf page online hit the organize button

Part 3: How to Add Pages to PDF Online via pdfFiller

pdfFiller offers a friendly solution for efficient document organization. Users can upload files through PDF library, email, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, and from URLs according to their ease. Plus, it allows the addition of blank pages for inserting additional information to the existing content. This section will lead you through the effortless process of adding pages to PDF online for free with the pdfFiller platform.

Step 1. Search for the tool pdfFiller online and get the main interface of the tool. On the main window, select the "Select from device" button from the center and locate the file from the system to upload it on the online tool.

insert pdf page online tap select from device button

Step 2. The uploaded document will open on a new window from where you need to navigate to the top of the window and select the "Upload new" button. Then, choose the "Add new & merge with current" button from its options.

insert pdf page online choose add new and merger with current

Step 3. Now, a mini window will appear to allow you to add a new PDF file after hitting the "Select from device" button. Once it is uploaded, press the "Merge and edit" button located at the bottom of the mini window to add new PDF pages to existing ones.

insert pdf page online press merge and edit button

Step 4. Afterward, the new file will be added to the end of the existing file, and you can organize them with the "Move Up" and "Move Down" icons. Moreover, you can delete the unnecessary pages of the document by hitting the "Delete" icon.     

Part 4: Something You Need to Know When You Add Pages to PDF Online

Nowadays, it is usual to insert pages in PDF online for free to change and personalize the documents. However, like any online activity, there is a risk of data breaches and loss. So, it's crucial to remember some essential points to ensure things go smoothly and securely. Let's take a closer look at some essential aspects of keeping your documents safe and intact:


  • Users can add pages to PDFs online without complex software installations, reducing the burden of on-device storage.
  • Additionally, these tools are accessible from any device with internet connection flexibility and convenience.
  • They often receive updates automatically to ensure access to the latest features and security improvements.
  • Most online tools have intuitive interfaces, which makes them easy to use for individuals with varying levels of technical expertise.


  • Uploading sensitive documents to online platforms may raise security concerns, and there's a chance of data loss.
  • Some online tools may have limitations in terms of advanced features, especially when compared to offline alternatives.
  • Furthermore, these tools require a stable internet connection, and without it, users may face difficulties in accessing or modifying their PDFs.
  • Users should be cautious about the data privacy policies of online tools and how their information is handled.

You should consider using offline tools for confidential documents to reduce security concerns associated with online platforms. Offline tools offer greater control over document security and can be preferable in unreliable internet connectivity. In this regard, you can use UPDF, which provides strong features for PDF organization without the need for constant internet access.

Part 5: The Best Method to Replace to Add Pages to PDF Online

UPDF is a dependable and easy-to-use all-in-one PDF organizer that is designed to help you organize your PDF pages smoothly. It facilitates users with multiple options for integrating pages into the PDF to fulfill all kinds of requirements. Furthermore, users can insert a blank page or the whole PDF file and manage its organization by reordering the pages.

In addition, you can customize page ranges in the document setting while adding pages to the PDF in batch processing. This software maintains the integrity of the documents by enabling you to delete extra pages that are not required. Finally, you can make your document management more efficient by downloading UPDF now and enjoying the ease of organizing your PDF pages.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Using UPDF to Add Pages to PDF

UPDF is a standout tool with powerful features to add pages to your PDFs. Whether you want to put in blank pages, add stuff from another PDF, or even blend different PDFs together seamlessly, it makes it all simple. Now, let's discuss the method of how UPDF makes organizing and personalizing your PDFs easy.

Step 1. Launch UPDF and Import the PDF for Page Organization

Download the UPDF toolkit on your system and press the "Open File" button on the main interface. Then, find and select the PDF file you wish to add pages and let it open on the software.

Step 2. Apply Different Methods to Insert Pages to Your PDF Documents

UPDF allows its users to incorporate new pages in different ways. You can apply any of the procedures in the following section to meet your specific needs.

Method 1. Insert a Blank Page to Add an Additional Information

After accessing the "Organize Pages" mode, hit the "Insert" button and choose the "Blank Page" option. Before inserting the page, make sure to click on the page that comes before it to select the right position for insertion.

insert pdf page online UPDF

Method 2. Add Pages from Another PDF File to the Existing Document

If you want to include pages from a different PDF document using the "Organize Pages" mode, start by selecting a page to specify where you want the insertion. Afterward, click on the "Insert" feature and opt for "From File" from the available choices. Next, navigate through your computer files to locate the PDF you want to incorporate into the current document, and it will be added to the designated position.

insert pdf page online UPDF

Method 3. Integrate Pages through the Thumbnails in the Reader Mode

To access another method to add a page, click the "Reader" icon to view your file. On the left side of the screen, you'll find thumbnails of all the pages within the PDF file. Next, "Right-Click" on the specific page where you want to insert a blank page.

Then, click the "Insert a Blank Page" option from the menu to get a blank page. In that same menu, pick the "Insert Pages from Files" option to insert pages from a different PDF into the current file. After this step, all the pages from the chosen file will become part of your document.

insert pdf page online UPDF

Method 4. Add Pages through Batch Processing to Combine PDFs

UPDF provides an alternative method for incorporating an entire PDF into another PDF file. On the main interface of the UPDF, find the "Batch" button that will direct you to a new window. Choose the "Combine" option from various batch processing options within this screen. In the new window, add the PDF files you intend to insert and merge together, and hit the "Apply" button to insert pages to PDFs successfully.

insert pdf page online UPDF

Step 3. Save Your Modified Document in Local Device

Once you are done with making changes through UPDF, instead of opting for the method to add pages to PDF online, you can save it on your devices. For this purpose, head to the right toolbar, choose the "Save as Other" icon, and click the "Save" button. In this way, your file will be saved automatically to the downloads of your system.

Part 6: Choose the Best Method to Insert Pages in PDF

When we compare tools for adding pages to PDFs, both online and offline options have their advantages and disadvantages. Online tools are convenient and accessible, which is excellent when you need quick results. Alternatively, offline tools like UPDF offer better security and more ways to customize PDFs. Let's look at a detailed comparison chart below to help you decide which suits your needs better.

PricingYearly Plan: US$35.99 Perpetual Plan: US$55.99 UPDF AI: US$59 per yearSmallpdf Pro: US$12 per month
Smallpdf Team: US$10 per month
Premium Plan: US$7 per monthpdf filler Basic: US$20 per month
pdfFiller Plus: US$30 per month
pdfFiller Premium: US$40 per month
Batch Processing
Insert Blank Pages
Add Pages from Another PDF
No File Size Limitations
Document Security
Internet Independence
Fast Processing

With a detailed comprehension, we acknowledge that UPDF is the top choice when it comes to adding pages to PDFs cost-effectively. It has a user-friendly interface and works offline to ensure strong document security. In addition to that, the additional benefits of this software, which makes it the most reliable solution, are given below:

  • By staying updated with the latest advancements, UPDF consistently evolves to provide users with optimized and dependable experiences.
  • Users have access to a comprehensive set of tools for various PDF document tasks, including adding images and converting them into different formats.
  • In addition, the tool has a UI design with a minimalistic theme that prioritizes simplicity for easy navigation and effortless use.
  • You can enjoy exclusive benefits and take your document management to the next level by upgrading to UPDF for advanced features.
  • UPDF is crafted as a lightweight solution across various computer systems while utilizing minimal resources.

Furthermore, you can experience special perks and elevate your document management to a higher level by upgrading to UPDF Pro now for advanced features.


When you are looking to insert a PDF page online, choosing the right tool is crucial for a smooth and effective experience. While there are convenient options available, UPDF stands out as an excellent choice. It offers a lightweight solution with improved precision. With its user-friendly design and a wide range of tools, UPDF ensures easy navigation and various functions for organizing PDF documents.

Moreover, you can utilize its features without the continual need for the internet and the exposure of crucial information. Therefore, it is suggested to get UPDF to fully unlock the potential of organized PDF editing. Download the software now and visit the Beebom website for an unbiased UPDF review and hands-on experience.

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