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4 Different Ways to Split a PDF Page in Half for Content Management

PDFs are widely used for their compatibility and document reliability. However, they face challenges due to their large sizes, causing difficulties in handling and sharing. This becomes especially problematic with email attachments due to size restrictions. A practical solution to these issues involves splitting PDF pages in half to break the document into smaller and manageable documents.

Additionally, this not only simplifies sharing through email or digital platforms but also improves accessibility. Read this article to learn how to split one PDF page into two with the best software to tackle large PDFs. Furthermore, we'll familiarize you with its potential key features and an online method to divide a PDF page in half.

Method 1. How to Split a PDF Page in Half Horizontally and Vertically

UPDF is an all-in-one PDF tool designed to cater to all your document requirements. It stands out as the go-to solution by offering a wide range of features to make your PDF tasks more straightforward.

This PDF tool provides a dedicated tool to split a PDF page in half horizontally and vertically without cutting out any important information. Download UPDF to your device first, and then follow the step-by-step guide to split a PDF page in half:

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Step 1: Choose the Split Feature in Crop Pages

After opening the required document in PDF, proceed to the "Crop Pages" tool on the left panel. Here, you will get two tools to manage your PDF pages, from which you have to choose the "Split" tool.

split a pdf page in half

Step 2: Adjust the Split Pages Settings

There are 2 ways to split a PDF page in half: Click the "+" button to add a Split Line, and you can use your mouse to drag the line freely to decide where you want to slice into half.

Alternatively, from the Split Pages panel, you can adjust the "Equal Division" and "Spacing" values according to your requirement to split the page, which can be Horizontal or Vertical.

split a pdf in half

Afterward, decide whether to split a single or all pages in your document by tapping the "Apply Changes" feature. Once done with all the settings, confirm you want to delete the original page and click the "Split" button.

how to split a pdf page in half

Method 2. How to Split One Page into Two PDFs Manually

You can simply duplicate the PDF pages and hide the unwanted content to split pages in half. With its impressive abilities, it allows you to split one page into two PDFs to make it manageable. Whether you need to focus on specific content or simply organize a document more efficiently, UPDF provides an efficient solution.

Moreover, it allows users to customize their document management with only the relevant portions of a file according to their needs. Now, let's explore the simple steps to seamlessly split one page into two separate PDF documents.

Step 1. Download UPDF and Open a PDF File

Begin by getting the UPDF PDF splitter using the "Free Download" button and launching it on your device. On its main interface, hit the "Open File" button at the top to choose the required file from your device's media. After importing the selected file, you will be directed to a new window to read the PDF.

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Step 2. Duplicate the Desired Page

Following this, you can see a thumbnail of the PDF pages on the left. Now, navigate toward the desired page you want to split and right-click on it. This opens a pop-up menu on which you can press the "Duplicate" option to duplicate the content of the page.

split a pdf page in half

Step 3. Make Changes in Unnecessary Elements

After duplicating the necessary page, move to the left toolbar and click the "Edit PDF" icon to enter modification mode. Now, you can remove unwanted elements on both pages, whether it's a text, image, or a link. In this step, you have to remove the content on the respective pages to split the information between the two duplicated pages.

split a pdf page in half delete elements updf

Step 4. Successfully Split the Single Page into Two Halves with Precision

After splitting a single page into two, each containing the required content, you can save both pages as a separate PDF. This method provides the flexibility to determine how each part is divided into separate pages. Additionally, it avoids the risk of cutting images or paragraphs in half across two pages.

split a pdf page in half updf

Unlike simply dividing a page in half, which may result in awkward splits, this method allows precise adjustments according to your content. So, download UPDF to ensure a seamless and coherent presentation across the newly created pages.

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Method 3. How to Split PDF Pages in Half

UPDF provides a robust solution for those looking to split multiple PDF pages precisely without manual effort. Its strong capabilities allow you to control the exact page included in each split section. By specifying the page numbers for each segment, you can create highly customized documents. In the following section, you'll find a step-by-step guide to dividing PDF pages in half using UPDF:

Step 1. Access the Organize Pages Tool

Open the desired PDF on the tool to split PDF pages in half. Once it is opened, head to the left sidebar and access the "Organize Pages" tool that provides multiple features for easy management of your documents.

Step 2. Choose the Split Feature to Divide It in Half

Among the available options, opt for the "Split" feature located at the top. This action will pop up a menu, allowing you to enter the specific page number for splitting. After entering the number of pages, hit the "Split" button, and the specified page will be directly saved as a half on your device.

split a pdf page in half split updf

This is how you split PDF pages with UPDF. This PDF software lets you organize documents with a seamless and user-friendly experience. Moreover, you can access powerful editing capabilities to enhance PDF presentations.

You can also take advantage of the current UPDF sale, offering an incredible 60% discount. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your PDF management experience.

Method 4. How to Divide PDF Pages in Half Online

Online2PDF.com serves as a platform to perform various PDF tasks with convenience. While splitting a PDF document, you can set the PDF page layout and the cutting directions of the pages. Moreover, it lets you customize the reading direction and both margins, inner and outer. Now, let's explore the detailed steps on how to split one page into two pages in PDF Online2PDF.com:

  • Step 1: Initiate the process by browsing the official website of the online tool and visiting its main window. From the homepage of the tool, access the "Cut PDF Page in Half" tool to carry out the process. Within this window, press the "Select Files" button to choose the PDF file. After choosing the file, upload it on the online tool to customize its layout dimensions.
  • Step 2: In the "PDF Page Layout" drop-down menu, choose the format and pages per sheet. In addition, in the "Cutting Direction" drop-down, opt for the option to describe how the page should be cut.
  • Step 3: In the next step, personalize the reading directions, page size, and margins of your document. After making all the necessary changes, click the "Convert" button at the bottom to let the tool process. Upon completion, the split file will automatically be saved on your device.
split a pdf page in half change split settings and convert

Disadvantages of Dividing PDF Pages in Half Online

While online tools offer convenience, it's crucial to be aware of their drawbacks. The following are some of the downsides to consider when using this online tool:

  1. The tool may not be very flexible when dividing a page in half, potentially causing issues with paragraphs or images. This limitation might lead to uneven splits that impact the look of the content.
  2. Online tools like this one can pose security and stability risks. Using them may expose your sensitive documents to potential privacy and security threats.
  3. The tool's interface is complex, which makes the process of splitting PDF pages more challenging and time-consuming for users.
split a pdf page in half online

How to Choose the Best Tool to Split a PDF Page in Half

UPDF is a standout PDF tool that goes beyond conventional functionalities to divide PDF pages in half. This AI PDF tool provides users with a vast array of features to transform their experience while dealing with PDFs. From efficient file management to collaboration, it elevates the way you interact with your documents. Now, let's explore some of the key features that make UPDF an essential tool for all your PDF management needs.

Discovering UPDF's Hidden Treasures: Other Key Features Explored

  • Edit PDF: UPDF offers the best editing tools to modify the text, images, and links present in a document. You can customize the outer look of their PDF by modifying its page size and changing the background. Furthermore, you can create watermarks through the tool and insert them into your files to make them highly unique and personalized.
  • Annotate Document: Its markup tools to annotate a document make the collaboration effortless. You can enhance the interactivity of PDF by adding a text comment and removing unnecessary information through text callout. Also, it enables you to add sticky notes to emphasize the crucial information available in certain sections.
  • Crop PDF: The crop feature makes the size of a PDF page customized to meet the specific requirements of the document. With the help of a cursor, you can easily manage the margins of the pages. Furthermore, it enables you to add manual inputs for the width and height of the page to complete the process.
  • Protect Files: You can keep your sensitive data safe and private with the UPDF password-protect feature. This software provides 5 layers of protection to protect against unauthorized access. It lets users set their desired password to give access to opening a document. Moreover, the version control restricts and allows others from copying, printing, and editing.
  • UPDF AI: The AI capabilities serve as a virtual assistant for users by offering quick help regarding their documents. Its two modes, Ask PDF and Chat mode, allow users to interact with the content of the files or outside by asking any related questions. Plus, users can condense 1000 PDF pages to get summaries and their translations into any language.
  • Redact: Opting for the redact feature gives accessibility to remove unwanted elements in a PDF document. After applying redaction, you can add a note to let you remember the reason for the redaction. Additionally, you can customize its properties by thoroughly filling it or adding a different border. It also allows the insertion of text overlays in the redaction process.
  • Sign PDF: UPDF offers the convenience of both digital and electronic signatures. In this way, you can guarantee the authenticity and reliability of your legal agreements and contracts. Also, it allows users to sign in with a digital ID with a customization option to change its appearance. Moreover, users can generate electronic signatures into PDF forms with either a keyboard or a mouse.
split a pdf page in half updf ai

Frequently Asked Questions about Splitting a PDF Page in Half

1. How do I split an Adobe PDF?

You can split an Adobe PDF using UPDF because it provides you with two different ways to perform this.
Way 1: If you want to split a PDF in half, access the "Crop Pages" tool and choose the "Split" feature. Next, specify the requirements in the Split Pages panel and hit the "Split" button.
Way 2: To split a complete PDF into smaller PDFs, click on the "Organize Pages" mode from the left panel. Afterward, tap the "Split" tool from the top toolbar and specify the number of pages you want to split the document.

2. How do you split a PDF in half in Preview?

There is no such feature in Preview to split a PDF in half because it only allows you to split multiple PDF pages by dragging their thumbnails out to the desktop to create a new document. To split a PDF in half on a MacBook, we recommend you download UPDF today.

3. How do I split a blank page in a PDF?

To split a blank page in PDF using UPDF, follow these step-by-step instructions:
Step 1: Tap on the "File" tab from the top left corner of the screen and choose the "Blank Page" option from the "Create" feature.
Step 2: Next, proceed to the "Crop Pages" tool and select the "Split" feature from the top. Specify the required Split Pages settings and click the "Split" button.

4. How do I split a PDF page in half without Acrobat?

The most recommended way to split a PDF page in half without Acrobat is UPDF. The main reason behind this is that it is cost-effective, and you can use 1 premium on all 4 devices. Moreover, it is optimized with advanced algorithms to provide users with a premium experience without lag.


In conclusion, splitting a PDF page in half is a great way to make document management more flexible and precise. It assists in seamless sharing, collaboration, or content organization to meet all the users' requirements. Throughout the article, we discussed detailed instructions on how to split one page into two pages in PDF with UPDF and an online tool.

However, online tools pose challenges and direct users to opt for UPDF. UPDF is an all-in-one tool that makes splitting and managing PDFs easy. With an easy-to-use interface and strong features, it simplifies everything to make the whole process efficient. So, we recommend downloading UPDF and giving it a try to experience its upgraded benefits of document customization.

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