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How to Split PDF on Windows? (Easy and Simple Steps)

PDF is the most favorable format for bigger documents since it organizes documents well and brings data integrity. That's why huge documents like books, research papers, and others are presented in PDF format. However, sometimes you don't need the whole document, and learning to split PDF Windows can be very helpful.

Splitting PDFs means you only get the specific pages you want, so finding the required content becomes easier. Moreover, you need less storage space for such documents. Here we will discuss the 2 most effective ways to split PDF on a Windows PC.

Part 1. How to Split a PDF on Windows Without Adobe Acrobat?

UPDF is a great option to divide a PDF on Windows without using Adobe Acrobat. With the help of UPDF, a flexible and user-friendly PDF editing tool, you can easily do various tasks, including dividing PDF files. Users of all experience levels, from beginners to experts, may use UPDF because of its user-friendly design.

UPDF offers a convenient way for users to split a multi-page PDF into several individual PDFs, and they can also extract a specific page from a PDF as a separate PDF.

You can download UPDF via the below link to have a look.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Split PDF on Windows with UPDF

Thanks to its robust capabilities, you may quickly and effectively divide enormous PDF files into smaller, more manageable portions. UPDF offers a smooth experience whether you want to extract certain pages from a document or divide it into individual pages.

UPDF's cost compared to other expensive PDF editing tools is one of the main reasons for recommending it. It provides an affordable option without sacrificing the necessary functionality. Additionally, UPDF is small and uses little system resources, guaranteeing lag-free operation on Windows-based devices.

Its range of features makes it useful for various tasks, including distributing certain pages, converting scanned or other PDF documents to text with OCR, using the UPDF cloud for online file storage and collaboration, UPDF AI, etc.

To split PDFs on Windows, you can follow the steps as follows.

1. Run UPDF App

As always, we will start running the UPDF for Windows app on your PC after downloading it via the below button. The easy way of running this app from anywhere is by pressing the "Windows" key from your keyboard or clicking the "Windows" icon on the bottom left of your screen. Now you can type "UPDF," and the app will appear, click it, and it will open. The other way of opening it is by locating the desktop icon and double-clicking it.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

When the UPDF app runs, click "Open File" and open the PDF document you wish to split. It will open the browse window where you may find or search for the PDF document. If you recently used that PDF document with UPDF, you can find it in the "Recent" list, and clicking will open it. Using the recent list removes the need for the "Open File" method.

2. Go to organize pages and split.

Once you open the required PDF document on UPDF, go to the left pane and click the "Organize Pages" button. It will give you an overview of the content on different pages in your PDF document that you can get a better view of by zooming in and out. On top, you will find different options like insert, replace, extract, split, etc.

In this case, we will use the Split option. Click "Split" and enter the number of pages to split the document. For example, in our case, we had a document of 3 pages, and splitting it by 2 pages gave us 2 different documents; one had pages 1 and 2, and the other had page 3.

Insert the number of pages and click “Split." Now go to the saving destination location and click "Select Folder." It will then save your split PDF documents.

How to Split a PDF on Windows Without Adobe Acrobat - UPDF

3. Verify the split documents.

As you save, UPDF will create a new folder in that location that will contain your split parts of the original documents. You can open that location and look at the folder. Upon opening that folder, you will also see the different parts of the original PDF.

You can download the UPDF via the below link and follow the above steps to split PDF pages on Windows.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 2. How to Split PDF Pages on Windows With Adobe Acrobat?

Now that you know the way to split a PDF document without Adobe Acrobat on Windows, let’s discuss how you can split a PDF with Adobe Acrobat. However, having an Acrobat subscription before beginning with this method is very important since it is a paid tool. Even the free online usage and trial period are limited to some regions worldwide, making buying the subscription more important.

Once you meet all the prerequisites of using this method, you can begin with the following steps on Adobe Acrobat.

1. Open Adobe Acrobat

Open Adobe Acrobat on Windows, and on the home page, you will see some tabs on top. You need to click the "Tools" tab here. From there, click "Organize Pages" It will take you to the page that allows you to select files for splitting PDF documents.

A "Select a file" button on that page opens the browse window for you to select and open the PDF file by clicking "Open."

organize pages in adobe acrobat

2. Use Split tool

This tool automatically shows you multiple page-organizing options when the file loading finishes. Now you need to use the "Split" function to show different options for splitting the PDF document into different parts. Open the "Split By" dropdown to select desired splitting method. Then split the document as desired.

split pages into multiple files in adobe acrobat

3. Save Split PDF

Once you are satisfied with the splitting, click "Output Options." You will see another pop-up window where you can select the destination for saving the PDF split files and some other technicalities. Click "OK," to confirm your preferences. Lastly, you need to click "Split" and confirm any prompts. Now you will have the PDF file split into parts, and those parts will be saved in the selected folder.

Part 3. Which Method is Better to Split PDF on Windows 10/11?

While Adobe Acrobat is a long-known tool for working on PDF documents, UPDF is a recent entry into the market. Acrobat comes with years of trust, while UPDF brings better potential with new and improved features. So, both offer tough competition to each other, making it difficult for the users to pick one. To make the selection easier, we have compared these tools in the table below with price, customer rating, features, etc.

 UPDFAdobe Acrobat
Price$29.99 yearly, annual billing$239.88 yearly, annual billing
Customer Rating4.7/5 on G24.5/5 on G2
Pros1. UPDF AI
2. Intelligent editing and OCR features
3. Batch processing
1. Great performance
2. Supports collaboration with Adobe ID
3. Secure
ConsMost features are available for free, but some features are limited to paid users onlyExpensive since most features are limited to upper-tier plans
PDF page organizingYesYes
Cloud storage and collaborationYesYes
2-way PDF file conversionYesYes
User interfaceVery well-designed and user-friendlyIt can be overwhelming for some features
Platforms SupportedWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidWindows, Mac, iOS, Android

If you look at the comparison table, UPDF is the clear winner and beats Adobe Acrobat in every aspect.

  • Starting with the price, UPDF is 8 times cheaper than Adobe Acrobat, and the plan mentioned here is the cheapest one available at Adobe, while with UPDF, you can get additional discounts.
  • Moreover, UPDF has the most useful features in the free version, while the experience is not the same with Adobe Acrobat. It does not even provide all the necessary features in low-tier plans and makes you upgrade to expensive plans that are not budget-friendly for everyone.
  • Looking at the pros and cons, you will note that UPDF comes with valuable metrics, while Adobe offers things that are now necessary for users.
  • Basic features are similar across both tools, but UPDF again wins when we compare UPDF AI and OCR with 99% accuracy with support for multiple languages.
  • The user interface of UPDF offers a much better experience than that of Acrobat.

All your confusion about selecting one between UPDF and Adobe Acrobat for Splitting PDF documents and using other PDF editing features must be resolved for all these reasons.

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Final Words

Have you ever faced a situation where you wanted to use a PDF document but only a small part of it? If you are low on storage space or want to share specific pages only, then using the whole document will not be wise. That’s where you can split PDF Windows and extract only the needed pages. This way, you will save some space and focus only on the pages in the PDF you want.

You may find multiple options to split PDF documents, but your goal must be to go with the best one. If you want a tool that meets this requirement and all other requirements while working on your PDF documents, like collaboration, annotating, editing, etc., then UPDF is the best option. It offers premium features at a competitive price and brings a user-friendly interface. Download it for a free trial now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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