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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right PDF Margin Editor

A common challenge encountered with PDFs involves difficulties in achieving optimal print quality due to inaccuracies in margins. If the margins are too narrow, the content could get trimmed, and if they're too wide, it might lead to inefficient paper use. A practical solution to tackle these challenges involves the adjustments of margins in PDFs. Furthermore, users can fine-tune the space around the content to ensure an accurate and visually appealing presentation.

Additionally, there is a multitude of PDF margin editors that simplify the process and customize the margins to elevate the layout and formatting of PDFs. In this article, you'll find the best tools to edit the margins of your documents for a smooth experience in printing and viewing.

Part 1: Top 5 PDF Margin Editors

There is a growing need for precise formatting and layout adjustments to share and present documents appealingly. Various tools edit margins in PDFs and let users customize their PDFs for better readability and a polished look. We've searched and enlisted the best PDF margin editors in the following section to provide user-friendly and strong solutions to personalize margins.


UPDF stands out as a dependable and easy-to-use tool for editing PDF margins and provides a smooth way to customize the look of the document. Users can easily change margins to fit their needs precisely with its crop feature. Moreover, this PDF page margin editor allows you to customize the margins on each side of the page, including top, bottom, left, and right. To maintain the height and width ratio during the resizing of a shape, you can activate the option to constrain proportions.

When constrained proportions are turned on, resizing the shape will preserve the original proportions of the page's height and width. Plus, UPDF lets you handle the page dimensions through its print capabilities with multiple size options. Therefore, we highly encourage you to download UPDF to access its exceptional features to edit margins in PDFs easily.

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pdf margin editor updf


  • UPDF is a cost-effective AI-powered PDF tool that facilitates precise margin adjustments.
  • With its user-friendly interface, anyone can personalize their document to specific organizational requirements.
  • A standout feature of UPDF is its capacity to maintain the height and width ratio during shape resizing to maintain visual consistency.
  • This PDF margin editor can also crop multiple pages simultaneously without slowing down the process.

Pricing Plans

  • Yearly Plan: US$35.99
  • Perpetual Plan: US$55.99
  • UPDF AI: US$59 per year

2. DeftPDF

DeftPDF serves as a PDF margin editor with online services that can resize your PDF pages or add page margins. You can securely upload your files, knowing that they will be encrypted and permanently deleted after processing. Additionally, the uploading process is straightforward and can be accessed through a computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or a website.

It enables you to choose between two resizing options: alter the page size or add margins and padding for a customized appearance. Furthermore, the adjustments for the resizing of the page include popular page sizes or custom dimensions for precise control. Additionally, you have the option to designate margins for individual pages by choosing them from the thumbnail view.

deftpdf pdf margin editor


  • Files remain private and are assured of automatic deletion after a secure duration of five hours.
  • DeftPDF lets you add multiple files to resize them at once with its batch processing features.


  • Sometimes it works slowly during the resizing process.

Pricing Plans

  • DeftPDF Unlimited Plan: US$4.99 per month

3. AvePDF

AvePDF gives you the power to customize your documents with its flexible ability to edit PDF margins online. The tool lets you adjust your document size using personalized dimensions in millimeters, inches, or percentages to give you unmatched flexibility. Plus, if you want specific measurements, you just need to choose the custom option and effortlessly modify margins according to your needs.

Furthermore, the key aspect ratio feature ensures your documents stay in their original proportions when you resize them. It caters to both measured and imperial unit preferences to provide an easy-to-use interface for precise adjustments.

avepdf pdf margin editor


  • AvePDF, a dynamic PDF page margin editor, enhances your document's appearance and ensures your content looks just right and is visually appealing.  
  • You have the option to select various file formats, including A0, A5, Letter, Legal, Tabloid, and Executive.


  • The absence of a thumbnail preview in the tool limits users' ability to visually assess and precisely select pages for accurate margin adjustments.

Pricing Plans

  • AvePDF Premium: US$55 per year

4. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a feature-packed PDF margin editor that empowers users to manage the margins with precision. It enhances the overall arrangement of a document with accurate cropping while editing a PDF. You can modify the space around the content and get adaptability in tailoring documents for specific requirements.

Users have the flexibility to personalize margins individually, managing top, bottom, left, and right dimensions with full control. Adobe Acrobat's advanced capabilities also cover the customization of margins for specific pages and excel in maintaining aspect ratios during resizing.

adobe acrobat pdf margin editor


  • Adobe Acrobat enables users to remove white margins automatically without worrying about the content.
  • The software preserves the original proportions of the content and ensures a polished outcome.


  • Its use comes with a higher price tag that makes it less suitable for users in search of a cost-free or more budget-friendly PDF page margin editor.

Pricing Plans

  • Acrobat Standard: US$12.99 per month
  • Acrobat Pro: US$19.99 per month

5. PDFelement

PDFelement offers versatile features to edit margins in PDF for precise customization within its platform. The tool effortlessly refines the layout of your PDFs by adjusting margins and makes modifying margins easy with careful control over document presentation. Plus, its advanced features give users the ability to customize margins for specific pages for targeted adjustments.

Whether you're modifying margins for printing, creating professional reports, or optimizing content for digital viewing, PDFelement simplifies the process. Within the "CropBox," you can enhance your PDFs with this comprehensive margin editor for a visually appealing document.

pdfelement pdf margin editor


  • PDFelement provides multiple options for cropping the PDF pages, such as CropBox, BleedBox, TrimBox, and ArtBox.
  • Users can simply drag and drop crop boxes to control the margins of the pages.  


  • The pricing plans of PDFelement are pretty expensive, and you cannot use most of the tools after the free trial.

Pricing Plans

  • Quarterly Plan: US$29.99
  • Yearly Plan: US$79.99
  • Perpetual Plan: US$103.99

Part 2: How to Choose the Best PDF Margin Editor

Selecting the right PDF margin editor is crucial for refining your documents to perfection. The perfect tool should provide an interface that is easy for users and exact customization features to improve the overall document arrangement. Evaluate the comparison chart mentioned below to make a well-informed choice for PDF margin editors by considering different aspects.

Metrics UPDFDeftPDFAvePDFAdobe AcrobatPDFelement
Pricing Yearly Plan: US$35.99
Perpetual Plan: US$55.99
UPDF AI: US$55 per year 
DeftPDF Unlimited Plan: US$4.99 per month AvePDF Premium: US$55 per year Acrobat Standard: US$12.99 per month
Acrobat Pro: US$19.99 per month 
Quarterly Plan: US$29.99
Yearly Plan: US$79.99
Perpetual Plan: US$103.99 
Enhanced Customization Features
Crop Pages with Cursor
Constrain Proportions
Easy to Use
Secure and Private
Offline Access
Fast Processing Rate
Ratings 4.9/54.5/54.4/44.8/54.7/5

Among the PDF margin editors reviewed, UPDF emerges as the preferred option. With its user-friendly design, flexible customization features, and intuitive interface, UPDF guarantees a smooth experience for users. Its distinctive capabilities enhance precision in margin editing, which makes it the prime choice for those seeking refined document layouts.

  • UPDF is crafted as a lightweight solution compatible with various computer systems to ensure efficient performance with minimal resource utilization.
  • It continually evolves to offer users optimized and reliable experiences to edit margins in PDF.
  • Users benefit from a versatile toolkit for managing margins, such as with the help of either the crop feature or the print feature of the tool.
  • Moreover, the UI design ensures easy navigation and seamless use to perform any task.

Therefore, we recommend you download UPDF now to discover the optimal PDF margin editing experience. Moreover, visit the Beebom website for an unbiased review and witness how UPDF can elevate your document customization process.

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Part 3: How to Edit Margins in PDF

UPDF is an interactive PDF editor known for its easy-to-use design and powerful features. It provides a platform that is friendly for users to effortlessly adjust margins in PDF documents. Besides, this lightweight PDF page margin editor is designed to work well on various types of computers. In the following section, you'll find a step-by-step guide to modifying the margins of documents using UPDF.

Step 1. Download UPDF and Open Your File on the Software

Follow the instructions for installation and launch the software on your device. Once it is opened, press the "Open File" button at the top middle of the window. Now, browse the desired file from the system and let it open on the tool.

Step 2. Enter the Crop Pages Feature and Select the Page You Want to Crop

After opening the file on a new window, head to the left toolbar and hit the "Crop Pages" tool. This action will give you the thumbnails of the document pages. Afterward, navigate through the file and select the page on which you want to edit margins in PDF.

pdf margin editor crop icon

Step 3: Crop PDF Margin to Optimize Page Size

Afterward, choose the "Options" icon located beside the page, which opens a setting panel on the right side of the screen. Here, manually input the margin control values in the boxes of top, bottom, left, and right. You can undo your changes at any time by hitting the "Revert Changes" button. You can also click on the "Apply Changes" icon to apply these margin control changes to a specific page range. Finally, hit the "Crop" button at the top right and save your changes.

pdf margin editor updf

You can access exclusive features and enjoy enhanced capabilities by upgrading to UPDF Pro today to edit PDF page margins seamlessly.

Part 4: FAQs About PDF Margin

1. How do I add a margin border to a PDF?

If you want to add margin borders to a PDF, you can take the help of DeftPDF, which is an online tool. Launch the Resize PDF tool of DeftPDF and press the "Select PDF File" button to upload your document for adding margin borders. Next, choose the "Add Margins and Paddings" option and click on the "Resize" button to initiate adding margin borders to your document.

2. How do I remove extra margins from a PDF? /p>

To remove extra margins from a PDF, open your file on UPDF. Within the "Crop Pages" tool of UPDF, you will find the option to manage the border with the help of a cursor. So, place the cursor in the required space and choose the "Crop" button to get the PDF without additional borders.

3. How do I change the margins on a PDF online?

You can edit PDF margins online with the help of DeftPDF. First, upload your file on the tool and choose "Add Margins and Padding" to modify or insert white spaces. You have the option to set margins for each side of the page, including Top, Bottom, Left, and Right. Once you specify the preferred margin size in inches for each side, press the "Resize" button and download the file.

4. Can you print a PDF without margins?

Yes, you can print a PDF without margins through UPDF. First, open your PDF on the software and choose the "File" tab at the top left. Now, from the File drop-down menu, scroll down and select the "Print" option. Then, from the Print window, under the "Page Sizing and Handling" section, hit the "Custom Scale" and customize the value manually. Afterward, hit the "Print" button and get your required output.


In conclusion, the selection of an appropriate PDF margin editor plays a crucial role in achieving a refined and customized document presentation. In this regard, we explored different online and offline tools, and among the various choices, UPDF distinguishes itself. Plus, its user-friendly design, versatile customization features, and dedication to ensuring optimal user experiences.

Moreover, UPDF enhances the document management process by allowing margin edits through its interface, which emphasizes simplicity. We highly encourage you to download UPDF and explore the functionality of this unique tool.

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