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How to Insert Page Break in a PDF [Guide 2024]

Students and professionals want a uniform layout and formatting to read and understand the document content entirely. Page breaks in the PDF file allow them to recognize where the page ends or starts and improve the readability. While printing the PDF document, page breaks define the boundaries of each page. However, PDF file format does not allow the user to add page breaks in PDF like the Word document.

Even removing the page break in a PDF file is also not possible because this format is not easily editable. This article will teach you if it is possible to remove and insert page breaks in PDF with different PDF handling tools.

Part 1: What is a Page Break in PDF?

A page break is a marker in the PDF document that indicates the end of one page and the beginning of another. It serves as a formatting element that is used to control the layout of the content in the document. Plus, this is vital for maintaining the structure and organization of documents, particularly when converting content from other formats.

Moreover, page breaks in PDFs ensure that content flows appropriately and is presented in a readable manner. Document creators can manually add the page break to manage the layout. Also, page breaks can be added automatically depending on factors like content length and format setting. While printing or viewing the document, these page breaks in PDF ensure that text and images are properly distributed.

insert page break in pdf what is a page break

Part 2: Can I Insert Page Break in PDF?

As we have discussed, a page break is a way to determine where one page ends and the other one starts in the PDF document. Moreover, it helps in preserving the format and layout to print the file. The format of the PDF is not editable, and you can't insert the page break in the PDF. However, if you want to divide one page into two in the PDF document, it is possible with specialized tools.  

The PDF editing tools can allow the users to add the page break in the PDF document after dividing one page into two. For this, follow the instructions below to add page breaks in a PDF document with the help of UPDF.

Part 3: How Can You Insert Page Break in a PDF Page?

Unlike other expensive PDF editors, UPDF supports the page break feature to split a single page into two different pages, either horizontally or vertically. In this way, you can precisely divide the information into 2 separate pages without damaging the page design of the PDF document. Following are the instructions to insert page breaks in PDF using the Crop Pages feature of UPDF:

Method 1. How to Insert Page Break in a PDF Page

Step 1: Access the Crop Pages Tool

Install the latest version of the UPDF toolkit by pressing "Free Download." If you are already a user of this PDF toolkit, upgrade it to the newest version.

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Afterward, press the "Open File" button to import your document and click on the "Crop Pages" tool from the left panel.

From the "Crop Pages" tool, tap on the "Split" feature from the top to access the "Split Pages" panel on the right side. This feature allows you to insert the page break in both horizontal and vertical ways.

insert a page break in pdf

Step 2: Insert the PDF Page Break

You can add a split line by clicking the "+" button. You can also specify these settings from the "Add Split Line" section, where you can tell the number of divisions you want and the required spacing.

insert page break in pdf

If you want to apply the settings on the complete PDF, then enable the "Apple Changes" options. You can also ask UPDF to delete the original page after splitting it.

Once done with all the Split Pages settings, press the "Split" button.

insert a page break in pdf

Method 2. How to Insert Page Break in a PDF Page Manually

UPDF is also the solution to add a break between PDF pages manually. You can split a page into two and add a page break to streamline the content and deliver a well-presented document. The easy-to-follow steps on how to insert page breaks in a PDF document are provided below:

Step 1: Download the UPDF and Open the PDF File

Start the process by clicking the "Free Download" button and installing it in your system. Then, hit the "Open File" option present on the main interface of the tool to choose the desired file from the device to import. Now, a new screen will open on the tool after importing the desired file.

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Step 2: Duplicate the Desired Page

After getting access to the new screen, you can explore the PDF page thumbnail on the left of this screen. Then, move toward the required page in the PDF file and "Right-click" on it to access the drop-down menu to manage the selected page. Now, scroll down the drop-down menu and click the "Duplicate" option to duplicate the content of the PDF page.

insert page break in pdf updf duplicate page

Step 3: Edit PDF as Requirements

Once you duplicate the desired page, click the "Edit PDF" option on the left toolbar to access editing mode. Afterward, remove the unnecessary elements such as images, text, and links from each of the two pages. This way, you can hide the content on two pages to manually add a break between the pages.

insert page break in pdf updf delete page

Step 4: Split and Add Page Break in PDF

After splitting the single page into two, each page will contain the required content. With the help of this, you can easily decide which part is divided into which page, and the page break will automatically appear. Moreover, it ensures that dividing the page does not cut the content or images in half across two pages.

insert page break in pdf updf split page

Users can make precise adjustments based on their requirements rather than splitting the pages awkwardly. Therefore, download the UPDF into your system to explore its advanced features and insert page breaks in the PDF page easily.

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Part 4. Can I Remove the Page Break in PDF?

No, you can't remove the page break in the PDF as the PDF format document is not fully editable. However, you can hide the page break in a PDF file with the help of Adobe Acrobat. Below are the steps on how to remove page breaks in PDF by hiding them from the file via Adobe Acrobat:

Step 1: Firstly, launch the tool in your system to hide the page break from your document. After this, import the required PDF file on which you want to perform this basic operation by pressing the "Open File" button.

insert page break in pdf import pdf document in adobe acrobat

Step 2: Once you have imported the file on Adobe Acrobat, navigate to the top toolbar and click the "View" option to get the drop-down menu. Now, hover over the "Page Display" option from this menu to open another drop-down list. After this, uncheck the "Show Gaps between Pages" option from the list to hide the page breaks.

insert page break in pdf remove page breaks by unchecking gaps

Part 5: Top 7 Additional Features That Make UPDF Stand Out

As we discussed, insert page breaks in PDF with the help of UPDF features. Now, there are some other features that the tool offers to manage and organize the PDF document. These key features of UPDF have been discussed in the section below to help you understand them well:

1. Edit PDF Content

One of the key features of the UPDF is the ability to edit PDFs to fulfill the user's editing needs and requirements. With the help of this feature, you can customize the font styling and crop and rotate the image in a PDF file. Furthermore, this feature lets users insert internal links and clickable web links in the PDF document.

2. Annotate PDF

This AI PDF tool offers a robust annotate feature to highlight and underline the text in the PDF document. It helps users mark up the document and allows them to engage with the document. In addition to that, you can use this feature to decorate the PDF by adding stickers and shapes to the PDF file.

insert page break in pdf updf multiple platform

3. Crop Document

With the help of this feature, you can crop the PDF page to trim the page as needed. Moreover, you can adjust the margins and change the orientation of the page in the PDF file. The crop feature enables you to select the custom page ranges to apply crop settings on those pages simultaneously.

4. Protect PDF Files

You may have confidential information in PDF, but UPDF allows you to keep data in lock with powerful encryption. Also, the user can choose the encryption level to completely secure the information in the PDF file. This feature enables individuals to define the permission to limit others from printing and editing the document.

5. UPDF AI for PDF Comprehension

UPDF provides innovative AI features for users to understand any PDF document with ease. You can summarize the long pages of PDF and get an explanation of technical terms. Besides that, the feature allows you to translate the content into other languages and refine the content. Moreover, you can ask anything about the PDF or outside the PDF with the help of innovative algorithms of UPDF AI.

6. Redact PDF

The redact PDF feature of the UPDF helps in hiding the specific picture or content in the document. Furthermore, it allows you to search the text from the document and apply redact settings to hide them. Plus, you can hide the whole page with the help of this redact PDF feature of UPDF.

7. Sign PDF

You can personalize the PDF document through the sign PDF feature to add electronic or digital signatures to the file. Additionally, it is helpful in ensuring the authenticity of legal and contract-based documents. This reduces the need to first print the PDF document and then sign it.  

Considering all these features, we recommend you get your hands on this efficient PDF management tool. For this purpose, hit the "Free Download" button below to enjoy its limitless functionality. Watch the video below to learn more about UPDF.

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Part 6. FAQs about Page Breaks in PDF

Q1. Why is there a page break in PDF?

Similar to another file format, the page break in the PDF indicates the end of the page and the beginning of the new page. It is necessary to maintain the visual structure and layout of the PDF document through page breaks. Also, you can improve the reading experience with the help of page breaks in PDF.

Q2. Can you insert a page break in Excel?

Yes, you can manually insert a page break in Excel by accessing the "Break" feature in the "Page Layout" tab. Excel allows you to insert horizontal and vertical page breaks in the sheet. Moreover, the page break appears automatically when the content on a sheet breaks or continues on a new page. This is typically performed when you are printing the Excel file.

Q3. Can you insert a page break in Word?

Yes, you can insert a page break in a Word document as it offers the page break feature. Also, the Word document automatically adds the break at the end of each page of the file. You can use this feature by tapping the "Insert" tab and choosing the "Page Break" tool.

Q4. Can I hide/show page breaks in PDF?

You can't remove the page break in a PDF file as PDF format is not editable as a Word document. However, Adobe Acrobat allows you to hide the page break with one of its offered features.


In conclusion, a page break is a way to organize and streamline the document's content. You can't insert page breaks in PDF online or remove the page breaks from the PDF file directly. However, many tools are available to split the pages or hide the page break from the PDF document. UPDF offers the duplicate and edit feature to add page breaks in PDF files manually. Read a full UPDF review on Make An App Like.

Other than that, this tool offers many key features to annotate, protect, and sign the PDF document. To explore and try these features, download the UPDF on your system by hitting the "Free Download" button.

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