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Annotate PDFs On Android Effort-Free – Top Tools And Techniques

PDF files are mainly loaded with tons of valuable information, which you may need to point out. Adding annotations is the best way to furnish and highlight the explanatory points in a file. For Android users, you must look for a reliable app to annotate PDF android. UPDF is a great choice for you to add multiple annotations without a problem. Moreover, it enhances a PDF's outlook and maximizes its readability. To know more about UPDF annotation functions, continue reading the information provided in this article.

Part 1: How Do I Annotate a PDF On Android?

Scenarios like the urgent need to edit a PDF file without any PC or laptop can result in editing a file on an Android device. You need to work with the best PDF annotation app for Android, and UPDF for Android is your answer. With this application, you can add multiple annotation types in any PDF file to make it more interactive and readable. The procedure for annotating a PDF file is mentioned here:

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Step 1: Launch UPDF And Add the File

On your Android device, download UPDF from the Google Play Store and launch it. From the main interface, tap "All PDFs" and select the PDF you wish to add the annotations.

Step 2: Add Required Markups

Once the file is opened, tap the "Edit Comment" icon from the above panel; this will display all annotation tools above the file. Then, tap on the "Markup" tool, and you will see several other options by this. From here, select the "Highlight" or "Underline" icon and drag it across the important text. If there is any unrequired information, point it out using the "Strikethrough" option. For adding squiggly lines in a PDF, tap on the "Squiggly" option, choose the color of your choice then drag it across the text.

annotate pdf android markup

Step 3: Use Pencil and Sticky Notes

To add any customized figure to a PDF file, tap on the "Pencil" icon. This app allows you to choose from multiple pencil options and customize its transparency and colors. Moreover, you can select the "Sticky Note" option to add any important note. This app has multiple sticky notes that you can use according to your needs. To personalize them, hold the type of sticky note you want to insert and choose its color and style.  

updf best pdf annotation app for android

Step 4: Insert Shapes, Stamps, and Stickers

To make a PDF file more engaging, click on the "Shape" icon and select a shape of your choice. Then, add it anywhere in a file. Furthermore, hit the "Sticker" option, which will show diverse stickers that this tool supports. You can choose any sticker from here and place them in the file. To add stamps to make the file more valid, tap on the "Stamp" option, and you will see three types of stamps. Select the type of stamp you want and create a professional PDF outlook.

Step 5: Save Annotated PDF

When all the required annotations are completed, hit the "Close" icon, which will close the annotation tools. After this, tap on the "Three Dots" icon and select the "Save" option. By this, your annotated PDF file will be saved on your Android device.

save pdf annotation app android

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Part 2: What is the Best PDF Annotation App For Android?

When it comes to apps to write PDF Android, there is no better and more reliable option other than UPDF. It is one of the PDF annotation apps that can help you with both formal and informal PDF files. Some of the points which make it a reliable PDF reader are mentioned here:

  • This is a feature-rich application by which you can separate important PDF files as "Favorites" to access them easily. Moreover, when you delete a PDF file and need it again, you can access it from "Trash" because this tool will not permanently delete the PDF.
  • This feature-fledge application also allows you to access a recently deleted file easily within 30 days. With UPDF, you can not only annotate PDF, but you can also improve the productivity of a PDF file smoothly when reading PDF on Android.
  • The annotation tools of UPDF are very assistive. This application has multiple annotations, such as Markups, Pencils, Shapes, Stickers, and Stamps. You can use each one to make a PDF file more interactive.
  • As for the user interface, it is very well organized and tidy, so you can easily use every feature of this tool. It is compatible with multiple platforms, including Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • The features of Android PDF markup never fail to amaze you, as you can go to a specific page instead of navigating the whole PDF. No matter how large the file is, you can go to any page with just a few clicks.
  • It is a cost-effective PDF reader Android, and you can use one license of this tool on multiple platforms, which is a great deal. Moreover, all the pricing plans of UPDF are extremely budget-friendly, and you can make your PDF more professional without spending lots of money.
  • There is no need to worry about a slow internet connection because UPDF is an offline tool whose lag ratio is zero.

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Want to learn about the ultimate PDF editor for Android users? Watch this video:

Part 3: FAQs about Annotating PDF on Android

1. Can I Annotate a PDF for Free?

You can annotate a PDF file for free using an economic tool named UPDF. This tool can be used on several devices easily, and you can add multiple types of annotations like highlights, comments, and shapes in a PDF for free.

2. What is the Best PDF Annotation App for Android?

UPDF is the best PDF annotator for Android devices. This tool can help make your PDF file more up-to-date and engaging. With this application, you can customize the annotations according to your needs.

3. Can I Write on a PDF Android?

Yes, you can write a PDF on Android by using UPDF. This is one of the most ranked apps in the category of apps to write on PDF on Android. Using its Pencil feature, you can not just write but also draw the figures or shapes of your choice. Moreover, this tool allows you to customize the transparency and color of written text.

4. What is the Easiest Way to Annotate PDFs?

If you want to add annotations in a PDF without facing any difficulty, the best PDF annotation app on Android is UPDF. With this PDF app,  multiple types of annotations can be added to your document smoothly. Moreover, you can also add stamps in a PDF to make it more valid and legal. 


Considering all the discussion above, the best PDF annotator app for Android is UPDF. It is a cost-effective and reliable PDF app that can help you in many ways. The annotation features of this tool are very diverse, and they always lead to good results.

In addition, you can also see user features like Favorite to place all important files in one place. This app runs smoothly on all devices, including Windows, Mac, and iOS. You can annotate a PDF file by following the detailed steps mentioned above.

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