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Top 5 PDF Annotator Android in 2023

People use their smartphones more than anything else and prefer to complete all their tasks on their phones. Android is the most common platform among smartphones. You no longer need a computer if you need to annotate a PDF and have an Android device. Many PDF annotators for Android are now available on the Play Store. Read this article to the end to learn about the best PDF annotation app for Android.

Part 1: 5 Best PDF Annotation Apps for Android

Google Play Store is full of many apps claiming to be the best annotation app for Android. However, most of these apps are a waste of your time and money. Below we have discussed the top 5 PDF annotation apps for Android along with their key features.


UPDF for Android is the best free PDF annotation app for Android to annotate your document on your phone. It has the most useful and upgraded annotation features compared to any other app. Its text markup features like highlight, underline, strikethrough, and the squiggly line can be used with customized colors. When drawing on your PDF file, you can choose between over 6 different types of pens. Try UPDF for Android from Google Play Store.

pdf annotator android updf

The color and thickness of drawing pens can be adjusted according to your needs. You can choose between more than 15 types of shapes to add sticky notes to your document. Similarly, it offers a wide range of stickers, shapes, and stamp options to annotate your document and give it a professional look. Learn more about how to annotate PDF on android with UPDF.

Other Key Features

  • It provides you with detailed info on your document. You can see details like name, type, location, page numbers, page sizes, author, subject, etc.
  • When organizing your PDF files in proper order, you can easily create a new folder with this tool. It also allows you to easily move your PDFs between different folders.
  • Accidental deletion of files is a major cause of PDF loss. UPDF has a trash bin feature where your deleted PDF files are stored for 30 days. These files can be restored to their original location anytime.

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a decent option when looking for a PDF annotator on Android. The annotation features available in this tool that you can use are highlighting and underlining text or drawing and adding comments. You can choose a customized color and thickness when using the drawing tool. Sticky Notes are used to add comments in PDFs in this tool.

best pdf annotation app for android adobe reader

Key Features

  • It allows you to sign PDF documents using customized signatures or your initials.
  • This tool can edit text and images in your PDF documents.
  • You can turn on the liquid mode when viewing a PDF file for smooth scrolling.

3. PDFelement

You can use PDFelement to annotate your PDF documents on your Android phone. Its annotation tool can be used to markup text in your PDF with features like highlighting, underlining, and strikethrough. You can use a pencil, marker, and eraser tools if you need to draw something on the document. Comments can also be added in the form of sticky notes.

pdf annotation app android pdfelement

Key Features

  • PDFelement allows you to sign your document using customized signatures on Android.
  • Using its PDF organizing tool, you can add, delete, or extract pages from a PDF.
  • You can create a copy of your document for modifications if you don't want to modify the original file.

4. Drawboard PDF

Drawboard PDF is anannotation app for Android that can be used to annotate your PDF files. It is a paid tool and cannot be used for free. The annotation features allowed by the app include highlighting, underlining, text callouts, etc. You can also insert different shapes, lines, and text into your PDF document. The appearance of annotations can be customized using different colors, fonts, and thicknesses.

pdf annotation app for android drawboard pdf

Key Features

  • It provides support for stylus input, making annotating PDF files easier.
  • The tool also provides different drawing tools like pen, marker, and eraser for you to use.
  • You can create new PDF documents using this tool with the help of different templates.

5. PDF Reader

PDF Reader is another annotator tool for Android that is available on the Play Store. With its help, you can highlight, underline and strikethrough text when annotating your PDF file. You can also use the squiggly line when using underline and strikethrough to differentiate between different parts. It allows you to add different shapes to your document during annotation.

best annotation app for android pdf reader

Key Features

  • Using this tool, you can split your long PDF file into multiple PDFs.
  • When using this tool, you can create new PDF files from different images.
  • If you need to secure your PDF file, you can protect it using a password with this tool.

Part 2: What is the Best PDF Annotator for Android?

After reviewing the top five PDF annotation app for Android, we believe UPDF to be the best PDF annotator for Android. It has many amazing features which differentiate it from other PDF annotation apps. These are the important factors that make UPDF an excellent PDF annotator for Android.

  • Blazing Fast: It provides extremely fast processing for PDF files on Android. Even though the tool is very lightweight, it offers fast PDF processing when annotating your PDF documents.
  • License: When using UPDF, you only need to buy a single license for all supported platforms. This PDF annotator is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS as well.
  • Interface: The interface of UPDF is dynamic, sleek, and user-friendly. It provides easy navigation between different tools and a simple process to modify and save your files.
  • Cost Efficient: UPDF is cost-efficient in two ways. Not only can you use this tool on all platforms with a single license, but it also costs a lot less than its competitors.
best free pdf annotation app for android

Part 3: FAQs About PDF Annotator for Android

1. Is there a free PDF annotator for Android?

When looking for a free PDF annotator for Android, the best app is UPDF. It offers excellent annotation tools like the highlighter, strikethrough, sticky notes, shapes, stickers, etc., for free. The process of annotating and saving your annotated files is quick and straightforward. You can also organize your PDF files through this app for free.

2. Which PDF annotator is best for Android?

UPDF is the best PDF annotation app for Android due to many reasons. It is a lightweight app that people with limited phone storage can easily use. The app’s interface is also engaging and easy to understand. You can also do many other things besides annotation on your PDFs, like PDF organizing, editing, etc.

3. Can I annotate PDF in Android without Adobe?

Adobe Acrobat can be an expansive tool for many users, and if you want to annotate your PDF, UPDF is the best choice. It provides excellent annotation features for PDF files at a very minimal cost. Using this tool, you can use features like highlight, underline, draw, sticky notes, etc., to annotate your document.

4. How do I annotate a PDF on Android?

You can use UPDF to annotate a PDF on an Android phone. This process to annotate PDF through UPDF is simple and quick. Install the app on your phone and open your PDF through "All PDFs." Now, click the "Edit" icon and select your desired annotating tool to annotate your PDF. You can save the annotated file using the "Three-Dots" icon and taping "Save."


It is possible to fully annotate a PDF file on your Android device with the right annotation app for Android. It saves time and provides great ease as you can annotate your PDF anywhere. UPDF is the best PDF annotator available for Android devices, which provides excellent annotating features.