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How to Compress a Video on iPhone and iPad

Video files are quite large even at relatively low resolutions, but with the introduction of 4K and 8K video formats, even short videos captured on mobile phones can run into several MB or GB. That makes them harder to share because most email clients and chat applications have file size limits. To counter this problem on iPhone, you can learn how to compress a video on iPhone or iPad so it's easier to share online. Today, we're introducing a robust iOS/iPadOS app to compress video on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It's fully protected with a passcode as well as your Face ID and offers a special Security Space to store private documents, media, and other files.

The Best App to Compress a Video on iPhone

The UPDF app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch models is a versatile suite of file management, compression, organization, security, sharing, and other tools bundled into a sleek, user-friendly, and functional iOS/iPadOS app. A highly intuitive interface is the virtual icing on the cake, and the cherry on top is the powerfully secure environment it provides in line with Apple's stringent policies on user privacy and data confidentiality.

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how to compress a video on iphone

Here's a peek at some of this app's more 'muscular' features in terms of helping you manage your device and network files.

Mission-critical Features of UPDF for iOS

  • File Compression: Learning how to compress video in iPhone models or iPad editions is as easy as importing a file, compressing it, then sharing it with others via email and multiple other channels.
  • Secure File Management: Upload files and organize your local files into folders and secure them with a passcode to complement conventional iOS security features.
  • File Imports/Transfers: Fetch files from or save files to Photos, the Files app, or even your PC or Mac over the same Wi-Fi network. 100% wireless experience.
  • Mark Up Images or PDFs: Make hand-drawn or conventional annotation tools to add your thoughts to images and PDF files. Share and collaborate with others and get a conversation going with UPDF for iOS!
  • Scan to PDF: Leverage the power of your iPhone camera to directly create PDFs from physical documents that you come across on a daily basis - invoices, receipts, contracts, notices, circulars, and so on.

How to Reduce Video Size on iPhone and iPad with UPDF

Step 1: Import the Video into UPDF

To fetch it into UPDF, tap the + symbol on the app interface, where you'll see three import options: Photos, Files, and Computer.

compress video on iphone

Select the source and then find and tap on your video file to import it.

Step 2: Access the Extended Menu

You can do this by clicking the "..." near the video file, after which you'll see the extended menu, which includes an option to Compress.

reduce video size iphone

Note: If you need to compress multiple files, tap the checkbox icon on the top right to enable multiple selections, then tap on More from the bottom menu to see the Compress option.

Step 3: Click "Compress" to Compress the Video on iPhone

Tap the "Compress" button and the job's done. The file is saved as a ZIP file to a local folder, and your compressed video is now ready to share.

how to reduce iphone video file size

Step 4: Share or Email the Compressed Video

The ZIP file can be easily shared by accessing the extended menu again and tapping on Share or Email, depending on how you want to send it.

how to reduce video size on iphone

It will either automatically trigger your default email client to compose a message with the zipped video file attached, or you can choose another action - save the file to the device, share via AirDrop, etc.

Versatile, secure, utilitarian: that's UPDF for iPhone and iPad.

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