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A Guide to Lock Foler on iPhone With An Amazing Tool [iOS 17 Supported]

If you allow others to use your iPhone 15, but you have some sensitive files that you don't want them to see, you can choose to hide them in a locked folder. Anyone without authorized access to this folder would not be able to see any of the files within.

But how do you protect a folder in this way on your iPhone 15? Here, we will show you how to lock a folder on your iPhone using one of the best document managers for iOS. This solution is as easy to use as it is effective and we'll show you how to use it shortly.

Can I Lock the Folder on iPhone

Unfortunately, there isn't any systematic locking of folders supported. But you can rely on third-party platforms, like UPDF, to lock your folders, ensuring optimal data privacy.

The Best Folder Lock App for iPhone

UPDF for iOS is a document management app for iOS that does more than just allow you to move one file from one folder to another. Once it is installed on your iPhone 15, you will find it easier than ever to download, upload, view, share, secure, and organize all the documents on your device. It has the necessary features to make document management easier and more efficient. So, why wait more? Before hopping onto the details below, download UPDF now and have fun exploring all the necessary features to make document management easier and more efficient.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

lock folder on iphone updf

Here are just some of the things it can do:

  • UPDF provides one of the most secure options you have when it comes to protecting your documents by allowing you to use high-level security features like Face ID and passcodes to protect files and folders.
  • The freehand drawing tool that comes built into UPDF gives users the unique ability to not just sign documents easily using a finger or stylus, but also add text, and notes, draw a line or even mark up the document in numerous ways.
  • It is also one of the best ways to create a PDF document. You can use the PDF scanner app to easily and very quickly create a PDF document from a scanned photo, note, or document.
  • You can also use it to easily organize and access your document. And, it works with all types of documents including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photos, Videos and so many more.
  • The user-friendly interface with virtually no learning curve means that you can manage and protect your documents in a few minutes and just a few simple steps.

How to Lock a Folder on iPhone

There is a particular feature on UPDF that you can use to lock any folder on your iPhone 15. This feature is appropriately named the Security Space and any files contained in this "space" will be inaccessible to anyone who doesn't have the passcode used to contain the folder.

It is by far the best way to restrict access to any documents on your iPhone 15 by restricting access to these files. It is also very easy to use. You can you're your folder with this method in two different ways. Hop on below to explore each method step-by-step!

Open UPDF and opt for any of two ways:

  • Way 1: Tap on the avatar at the bottom right corner to create a folder and then tap three dots of the folder and put it into security space by selecting "Move into Security Space".
move into security space

If you haven't downloaded UPDF yet, download it now to avail yourself of the exclusive discounts.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

  • Way 2: Alternatively, you can create a folder in the Security Space by clicking on the "+" icon and selecting the "Create Folder" option. Later, you can import the files that you want to include in security space into this folder, by hitting the Add Files option.  
create folder on security space

Set the authentication password for your security space. Now, to access these files, you will have to click the "Security Space" option and provide the authentication password. For example, if you use Touch ID to access your device, complete the authentication process.

can you lock a folder on iphone

And just like that the files added will only be accessible when the correct authentication is provided. In this case, they can only be opened when you provide the correct Face ID or Touch ID authentication.

Bonus Tip: Besides locking the folder, you can also rely on UPDF to add an open and permission password to the file. Tru to use UPDF and upgrade to UPDF Pro.


It is essential to keep your data safe from unauthorized access. For this, iPhone 15 provides a consistent option of locking the entire folders on the device using a third-party solution. This article has stated the best option for locking folders on iPhone 15, it has provided the option of UPDF, an exquisite PDF editor designed to provide multiple functionalities. It also offers the option of managing entire PDFs, which includes locking the folders on your iOS device.

However, if you haven't purchased a UPDF license yet, get yours now, as the platform currently offers exclusive discounts. For more insights into the inclusiveness of this platform, read out how AI-powered UPDF still beats iPadOS 17 and macOS Sonoma's new PDF features!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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