The Most Reliable and Best Note Taking App for iPad in 2023 (iOS 17 Compatible)

iPad is widely used by students to take academic and lecture notes effortlessly. By creating digital notes on your iPad, you can easily share them with your class fellows and teachers instantly. Moreover, you can zoom in on your notes on your iPad, along with inserting new information into them efficiently. For easy accessibility and multiple capabilities to edit notes on iPad, you should try an efficient iPad note-taking app.

In this article, we will introduce a powerful app for iPads like UPDF through which you can increase the efficiency of editing and modifying digital notes in them. Hence, discover the best notes app for iPad by reading this well-structured guide.

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Part 1: Benefits of Using a Powerful iPad Note-Taking App for iPad

If you use a note-taking app for your iPad, it can bring several advantages. Along with improving your work efficiency, the iPad note-taking app can also increase your productivity. Read this section to explore the several benefits of using a powerful note-taking app for your iPad:

  • Better Organization: Note-taking apps for iPad can make your information and files easy to access. You can create several notes for multiple lectures or topics and can organize them in a well-structured manner.
  • Easy to Share: One of the biggest advantages of iPad note-taking apps is that you can efficiently share your created notes with your friends. You don't have to hand over the notes physically; instead, you can email the digital notes from your iPad quickly.
  • Cost-Efficient: Most iPad note-taking apps are cost-efficient so that students can easily afford them. Moreover, you don't have to use paper to create notes for your work. By using a single note-taking app, you can prevent paper wastage efficiently.
  • Secure and Private: Some of the recognized note-taking apps give you the option to encrypt your notes by setting a password. By doing so, you can easily secure your confidential notes and information without any hassle.
  • Easy to Edit: Note-taking apps have a user-friendly interface along with formatting and editing options. You can easily add text, images, tables, or draw illustrations through such apps on your iPad.

Part 2: Overview of the Best Note-Taking App for iPad

Do you want to discover the best note-taking app for your iPad? UPDF for iOS is a popular app that you can use as a note-taking app and PDF editor for your iPads. It comes with a delightful user interface along with multiple distinct features. Due to its high compatibility, you can easily operate UPDF on Apple devices such as iPad. Using this professional platform, view files in multiple formats such as GIF, PNG, PPT, DOC, XML and etc.

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Moreover, you can also read, rename, copy, and rearrange multiple PDF files on UPDF. It also allows you to combine and merge PDF files within a few clicks. To learn more about this professional PDF editor and note-taking app for iPad, let's discuss its key features briefly.

Key Features of UPDF

  • Add Signatures: Through UPDF, you can efficiently learn how to add digital signatures to PDF files quickly. You can either type or draw a signature on the editor using multiple options. It also provides various pen options for customization.
  • Scan Files: UPDF has an advanced scanning option that allows you to scan invoices, business cards, or documents effortlessly. Once done, you can save the scanned document into PDF format efficiently.
  • Secure Tool: While using UPDF on your iPad, you can use Face ID and password to protect your essential files. Thus, you can restrict access to your confidential documents by adding a password through UPDF.
  • Professional File Management: File management is quite easy through UPDF. You can open, read, edit, rearrange, move, and compress your documents on this tool. Without any technical experience, you can use UPDF comfortably.

Part 3: How to Take Notes on iPad With the Best Note-Taking App

As you know now that UPDF is a user-friendly note-taking app through which you can efficiently manage your notes on your iPad. This section will provide you with a detailed guide through which you can create and manage notes on your iPad.  

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3.1 How to Create New Notes on iPad

Step 1: Launch UPDF and Start Creating a File

Launch UPDF on your iPad and then tap on the "Plus" icon. From the pop-up menu, select "Create PDF." Afterward, choose the paper format from the given options. If you want to rename the file, tap on the "Three-dot" icon to access the required option.

Step 2: Select Note-Taking Elements

Now open your file and select the "Pen" icon from the bottom right corner. From the given options, you can select the note-taking tool and color according to your choice. To save the notes that you have written, tap on the "Done" button.

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3.2 How to Manage and Take Notes on Your Existing Documents

Step 1: Select the Required Note-Taking Tool

While making notes with the pen, you can use different markers. Each marker has its thickness that you can select according to your preference. Moreover, you can also use the scale to draw diagrams.

Step 2: Change the Color of the Tool

To change the color of your selected marker, tap on the "Circle" icon. From there, you can choose the colors through the Grid, Spectrum, and Sliders options.

how to take notes on ipad using updf

Step 3: Organize Notes and Save

If you want to organize your notes, swipe right on your document, and the organizing panel will appear on your iPad screen. Tap on the "Three Dots" icon to access the option for managing a specific page. To rearrange a page, select and drag it to the position where you want to place it. Once you are done with all the edits, tap on the "Done" button and save your edits.

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Part 4: Why Should You Use Our Recommended iPad Note Taking App?

In this section, we will address the main features of UPDF that can compel you to use this tool as your note-taking app for your iPad:

  • All Platform Supported License: For UPDF, you don't have to buy separate licenses for each device. Using one license, such as yearly or perpetual, you can run UPDF on multiple devices. Thus, it's a cost-efficient and highly affordable note-taking app for students.
  • Various Features in Free Trial: Unlike other tools, UPDF provides multiple features in its free trial. Without buying its subscription, you can access its advanced features to scan, compress, and modify your documents.
  • Lightweight Tool: UPDF is a lightweight note-taking app as it does not make the performance of your iPad sluggish. Moreover, it has an ad-free interface so that you can take notes on your iPad without any interruption.
  • Blazing Fast: This iPad note-taking app is extremely fast and can handle documents of any size without any lag. It means you can open and take notes on all your eBooks without worrying about the slow speed or the app getting crashed.


iPads can be easily carried by students and are highly useful for taking notes. If you are searching for a compatible iPad note-taking app, this article has assisted you. We highly recommend UPDF as an efficient and affordable tool through which you can conveniently make notes on your iPad. Moreover, it has a delightful interface so that students who are inexperienced can use it easily.

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