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Amazing File Sharing App Android Users Should Know About

In this digital age, sharing files is a crucial element for every user—especially through smartphones. There are multiple files shared among Android users in a given day—mostly in the form of PDFs. And most utilize reliable file-sharing apps to get the job done.

In this blog, you will learn about an amazing file-sharing app that Android users should know about and also seven other useful apps.

Moreover, you will get a good overview comparing these apps to know which can be the most helpful for your day-to-day tasks. Hence, make sure you read the blog till the end to learn about every app.

Part 1. Top 8 File Sharing Apps for Android: Share, Sync, or Send Large Files Instantly

Whether it is for sending large files within seconds or file sync for Android, these 8 apps can help you with that. They are as follows, starting with our highlight app of this blog:


The first on our list is UPDF. UPDF is an effective PDF editing and management tool available on all platforms besides Android such as Windows, Mac, and iOS.

UPDF allows Android users to easily upload and store PDFs in UPDF Cloud, and make sharing large files very accessible through its share features. You can send PDFs and other documents to others using a PDF link or send PDFs directly to their email—all in the comfort of your Android phone.

What makes this even more convenient for you is that you can use just one account and access your files on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, anytime and anywhere because the files are safely stored in UPDF Cloud.

file sharing app android updf

Besides this awesome sharing feature, UPDF also provides:

  • PDF editing tools so that you can customize and optimize your PDF content.
  • Annotating tools such as highlighters, sticky notes, etc., for highlighting key information in your PDF.
  • Split-screen reading view to have a pleasurable reading experience of long-form documents.
  • Ability to import files of different formats using UPDF's Create option. So, you can convert an Excel file to PDF and open it with UPDF instantly.
  • Ability to export files in different formats. So, you can convert your PDF and send it as a Word document to someone.
  • UPDF AI assistant that can help you summarize, translate, explain, and rewrite PDF content within seconds.

With most Android apps having limited features, why not use UPDF–an app that offers almost everything—and The best part is you can start for free. Download UPDF now for free and enjoy its benefits.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

#2 ShareMe

Xiaomi Inc. introduced ShareMe and it is a pivotal app when it comes to instantly sharing files, images, videos, and even apps. The big positive of using ShareMe is that you wouldn’t even need an internet connection to share files as it is a simple wireless file-sharing app. It is also available for iOS and PC, thus, making it easy to share from any location and from any device apart from your Android.

file sharing app android shareme


  • You can start using this app for free without any paid plans.
  • Another major positive of using this app is you don't require an internet connection to share files.


  • Probably a big headache when it comes to using this app is the countless times of permissions you need to give access to make it work properly. This includes turning on your precise location, and network settings which can affect your privacy.
  • ShareMe’s file management isn't the greatest and it can occasionally require you to manually intervene during and after transferring files.

#3 Google Drive

The next one on the list is Google Drive. If you have a Google account (which most Android users have), then you can use the power of Google Drive to store your files and share them with others using a link. You can easily install a Google Drive app on your Android phone and start sharing files with others on various platforms.

file sharing app android google drive


  • The biggest pro of using the Google Drive app on your Android phone is that you can share files instantly with others using a link and paste them into different platforms.
  • Of course, because it is Google and using your Google account, you can access files anywhere and anytime with this app.
  • Another positive of using this app is you can edit files and have them auto-saved, hence, you do not lose any progress when working on your files.


  • When it comes to its cons, the biggest one is it cannot work offline, so you would need an internet connection to access and share files.
  • Apart from the internet connection, it only provides 15 GB of free storage space—which might not be enough to use it for the long run.
  • When it comes to the daily limit, there is one when it comes to the file size you upload per day.

#4 SHAREit

This app is probably one you might have heard of before and is a popular choice among many Android users because of its Wi-Fi file transfer capability. Apart from Android, you can even install this app on iOS, Windows, and Mac, and moreover, have multiple users connected under the same network and transfer files instantly.

file sharing app android shareit


  • Just like ShareMe, you can also get started for free using this app.
  • It is a safe and secure file transfer app as you can use the same Wi-Fi network, and transfer files immediately with anyone under the same network.
  • Besides transferring regular docs, you can also share files of different formats, which include even mp3 and mp4.


  • The biggest complaint of using SHAREit by many users is that it can be hard and tedious to keep pairing two or more devices and transferring files.
  • You can encounter some glitches when using SHAREit such as having some file content missed or the transfer interrupted in between.
  • Another con is that its basic version is limited and its premium version will cost around $9.99.

#5 Android File Transfer

file sharing app android android file transfer

This is a unique app that allows you to browse and transfer files between your Mac and your Android phone. Despite this app allowing you to easily transfer files between these two devices, it is, however, limited in many ways, since it doesn’t operate on other platforms, and this could be a challenging aspect.


  • The only positive here is that Android File Transfer makes it easy to transfer files between your Mac and Android.


  • This can be a major con when you compare other apps on this list since you may require using a USB cable of your Android phone to connect to your Mac and transfer files.
  • Moreover, it only allows you to transfer files between your Mac and Android, and not with other devices. That’s a major limitation right there.

#6 Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere helps you to transfer large files over long distances. Besides Android, it is also available in iOS, Windows, and Mac. Moreover, this app doesn't require you to create an account and you can utilize a six-digit code to pair two or more devices together.

file sharing app android send anywhere


  • Send Anywhere is another app that is free to get started and start transferring files.
  • The unique pro of using Send Anywhere is that you can securely transfer files using a six-digit security key between the paired devices. You wouldn’t find this in any other file-sharing app on this list.


  • One of the big cons of using Send Anywhere is that it is not quick when it comes to transferring files compared to other file-sharing apps on this list.
  • In addition, users can get interrupted in between by loads of ads when they are transferring files. This can be irritating when used in the long run.

#7 Xender

Xender is a popular file transfer app that is widely known for sharing large files—from documents to videos. Its app is available on Android and iOS. It doesn't have a separate app for Windows and Mac and it is available on these two platforms as Xender Web. Xender makes use of your Android hotpot and allows you to share files from one device to another.

file sharing app android xender


  • You can transfer files easily across various platforms.
  • It ensures high-quality data preservation after transferring.
  • There is no file size limit when transferring files.


  • Sometimes, you can encounter connectivity issues.
  • Users can get interrupted by a flurry of ads and pop-ups.

#8 EasyShare

file sharing app android easyshare

This app made by Vivo allows Android users to transfer files such as documents, apps, photos, and videos, without an internet connection. It is also available on iOS, Windows, and Mac. You can utilize Bluetooth to transfer large files and the process is pretty quick too.


  • You can work offline and transfer files without an internet connection.
  • You can send files across various platforms besides Android phones.


  • Its file transferring process takes time and it is complicated.

Part 2. Comparison of the 8 Android File-Sharing Tools

In this part, let us compare the mentioned 8 apps above and find out which of these Android apps ranks the best when it comes to overall file sharing and having more features compared to others.

 CompatibilityCompression before SharingShare through Link and EmailCloud StorageOffline SharingEdit FilesEncrypt Files
UPDFAndroid, iOS, Windows, Mac1GB free cloud storage; 10GB on paid plans
ShareMeWorks across all platformsUp to 1 GB for premium account
Google DriveWorks across all platformsFree plan of 15GB
SHAREitAndroid, iOS, WindowsUnlimited data for premium plan
Android File TransferMacUnlimited file size
Send AnywhereWorks across all platforms10GB
XenderAndroid, iOS, Windows & Mac (Web)Unlimited file size for premium plan
EasyShareWorks across all platformsUnlimited file size

Part 3. FAQs About File Sharing Apps for Android

Q1. Does Android have file sharing?

One can share files on Android using Nearby Share through any application that supports the built-in Android Share feature such as Files, Gallery, Google Photos, and even OneDrive.

Q2. How do I turn on file sharing on Android?

On your Android phone, ensure your Bluetooth and location are switched on. Then open your device's Settings. Then, tap on Connected Devices Connection preferences. Then, toggle Nearby Share on or off.

Q3. What app can I use to share files on Android?

You can use many third-party apps to share files on Android. This blog covers at least 8 of them and they can fulfill your file-sharing requirements using your Android phone.

UPDF is More Than a File Sharing Android App…

We have learned about 8 useful and effective apps, but all of these have limitations and only offer the file-sharing aspect.

However, UPDF came out on top because it is more than just a file-sharing app. It can allow you to edit your PDF documents, read long-form documents, and also convert them into different formats, and share them with anyone.

Explore UPDF's benefits today and download it for free.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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