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Check Out the 7 Free Photo to PDF Scanner Apps for iPhone and iPad You Need Now!

Let's face it - there are times when we have to scan some photos and convert them to PDF documents. A while back, I had the same requirements that made me look for a free and reliable photo to PDF scanner app as well. Therefore, after testing and trying all kinds of solutions, I finally handpick the best image to PDF scanner app for iPhone. Here, I'm going to list 7 of these reliable picture to PDF scanner apps that you can also readily use.

Top 7 Image to PDF Scanner App for iPhone and iPad

1: UPDF: The Best Photo to PDF Scanner App

Out of all the available options, UPDF for iOS is the best photo to PDF scanner that you can use on iOS devices. From batch processing of documents to the direct scanning of photos, there are tons of features that are provided in this PDF scanner and file management app.

UPDF for iOS supports scanning images to PDF. Users can also scan multiple images and combine them into one PDF. Additionally, UPDF is also a one-stop solution for PDF documents, it provides all features for managing PDFs, including editing, annotating, converting, AI chatting, and more. Most importantly, it is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Download it and give it a try!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

UPDF photo to PDF scanner
UPDF photo to PDF scanner
UPDF photo to PDF scanner
  • Photo to PDF Scanner

The best feature of UPDF is its scanning tool that would let you scan any image using the camera of your device. In this way, you can scan almost anything (documents or take photos) and convert images to PDF documents.

  • Image to PDF Conversion

You can import the photo into the UPDF, and then long-press the file or click the "…" to open the new window. Click the "Convert to PDF" option. This will convert the photo to PDF directly.

  • File Management

Apart from being a picture to PDF scanner, UPDF can also be used to manage your documents and protect them. You can import, open, and read any file formats that iOS support, including docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf, png, heic, jpg, video and more. You can rename, move, duplicated, compress, print the files easily.

  • Make Annotation

You can make annotations as you want while reading PDF, which will be much convenient for users to archive their creative ideas down. Tapping "+" symbol on the right corner will simply achieve that for you.

  • UPDF Cloud

You can upload files to the secure place - UPDF Cloud to get a copy of orginal document. Also, UPDF works on 4 platforms, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, you can download it from UPDF Cloud to any 1 of these four platforms to edit it.


  • Instant photo to PDF scanning and conversion
  • Can also secure your files with Security Space
  • Fast and convenient file management
  • Mark up and add text to PDF files. You can also sign a PDF document.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Here is a complete video introduction to UPDF for iOS:

2: Scanner App: PDF Editor

If you are looking for a photo to PDF scanner app with inbuilt OCR features, then you can also try Scanner App. As the name suggests, the application can scan any image and convert it into PDF files.

Since it comes with an inbuilt OCR PDF feature, it can also scan all kinds of characters in your photos. Besides that, the scanner App also comes with numerous add-on features like PDF editing, batch processing, and electronic signatures.

image to pdf scanner
Source: app store



  • A bit complicated to use
  • Not available for free

More info about Scanner App PDF Editor >>

3: Microsoft Lens: Scan Photos to PDF

Developed by Microsoft, Lens is another popular image to PDF scanner app that is available for free. It provides excellent options to directly scan any image (by taking its picture) and convert it to PDF files.

Also, you can access an inbuilt OCR feature in Microsoft Lens that would let you scan handwritten notes or machine-generated bills easily. The application can also be integrated with other Office Apps like Word or PowerPoint.

picture to pdf scanner
Source: app store


  • Easy to use
  • Freely available


  • Limited PDF-related features

More info about Microsoft Lens: Scan Photos to PDF >>

4: iLovePDF: PDF Scanner and Editor

For all those who are looking for a sophisticated picture to PDF scanner, iLovePDF is worth a try. You can load the application, grant it needed permissions, and directly scan an image from your phone.

There are tons of other features that you can also access in iLovePDF to protect, edit, and sign your documents. You can also upload photos that are stored in your iPhone and directly convert them to a PDF file in one go.

photo to pdf scanner
Source: app store


  • iLovePDF offers a wide range of PDF-related features
  • The overall interface of iLovePDF is easy to use


  • Most of its advanced features are reserved for premium subscribers only.

More info about iLovePDF: PDF Scanner and Editor >>

5: PDF It All: Document Scanner and Converter

Developed by DigiSet, PDF It All is an all-rounder photo to PDF scanner tool that offers a wide range of features. For instance, you can load saved images from your phone to PDF It All and convert them to a preferred format (like PDF).

If you want, you can directly scan any image using your device's camera and convert it as a PDF file. There are also options to clip anything from the web or convert Word/PPT/Excel files as PDF too.

image to pdf scanner
Source: app store


  • Multiple PDF conversion features
  • Fast processing of PDF documents


  • Not available for free (can be a bit expensive)

More info about PDF It All Document Converter >>

6: Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner with OCR

Adobe is already known to come up with some of the best PDF-related solutions and its picture to PDF scanner is no such exception. Even though the application is paid, it offers some of the best features to scan, edit, and manage your documents.

Using Adobe Scan, you can directly load images from your iPhone's storage or use its camera to scan anything. The application can automatically detect characters (with its OCR feature), letting you edit them before exporting the content as a PDF file.

picture to pdf scanner
Source: app store


  • Excellent PDF creation options
  • Comes with an inbuilt OCR tool


  • Expensive (available for $9.99)

More info about Adobe Scan >>

7: Scanner Vault: PDF Scanner and Manager

Lastly, you can also take the assistance of Scanner Vault as an ideal photo to PDF scanner on your iOS device. Apart from scanning images as PDF files, you can also use the app to keep your documents safe.

The picture to PDF scanner has advanced features that can automatically detect characters from an image (and even its borders). You can also manage your PDF files using Scanner Vault and even share your PDF documents with others.

photo to pdf scanner
Source: app store


  • Fast processing
  • Social sharing options


  • Its Pro version is expensive ($69.99)

More info about Scanner Vault >>


I'm sure that after reading this guide, you can easily pick the best photo to PDF scanner app. While there are tons of image to PDF scanner apps out there, I have handpicked the 6 most popular and expert solutions. Out of them, I would recommend using UPDF as the best picture-to-PDF scanner. The application is extremely easy to use and offers a wide range of PDF scanning and document management features that are sure to help you create and manage your files in one place.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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