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How to Scan Image to PDF with 2 Ways

Scanning image to PDFs is a great option to secure your files. PDFs are popular means to save scanned files since they provide high-level security and flexibility. You enjoy better flexibility since you can share documents with other people. Nowadays, it is easy to scan images to PDF using different apps. In this article, you learn how to convert images to scanned PDFs using UPDF which is the most effective tool. You also learn how to convert scanned images to PDF using the Notes app on iPhone.

Way 1. How to Convert Image to Scanned PDF with UPDF

UPDF for iOS is the best tool to use to convert pictures into scanned PDF documents. The app has a simple interface that makes the scanning process hassle-free and fast. The tool has a wide range of features that makes the conversion task more efficient compared to when you use other online tools in the process. Some of the features include password protection, PDF annotations, cloud sharing, and multi-finger selection. You can scan photos to PDF with UPDF using two ways. You can scan from photos or by taking the pictures that you want to scan to PDF. 

1. Scan Photos to PDF

You can scan pictures to PDF by scanning from the Photos app. Here are the steps:

Step 1. First, you need to tap the "+" symbol on the bottom right of the tool. In the new pop-up, tap the "Scan" option.

scan image to pdf

Step 2. Then you will see there is a photos icon in the bottom left corner. Click on that to choose photos. Pick the image or images you want to scan. You can select from your album or other image storage on your device. Tap "Add" at the top right to import the selected images to the UPDF.

scan photo to pdf

Step 3. Then you can perform all the edits such as editing, cropping, deleting, and filtering to ensure the PDFs meet your specific needs.

scan picture to pdf

Step 4. Finally, click the download icon at the top right and the PDF will be added to the UPDF interface.

2. Scan the Image to PDF by Taking Photos

The other option to turn a photo into a scanned document is to take photos of the images you want to convert. You can take the photos either automatically or manually. Follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Tap on the "+" symbol on the bottom right. This allows the import menu to open. Tap "Scan"

Step 2. Then, take a snapshot of the picture to scan into PDF. To take the photos automatically, tap on the "Auto-capture" in the top middle before you take the snapshot. All the components in the nearby area are identified automatically. You can also turn the "Auto-capture" to "Manual" and take the pictures.

image to scanned pdf

Step 3. Then you can make edits to the photos you take, such as cropping, deleting, and filtering. You can also arrange the page order.

Step 4. At last, click the download icon to save the PDF. This is how you convert images to a scanned PDF on iPhone.

convert image to scanned pdf

Way 2. How to Scan Photo to PDF with Notes App on iPhone

iPhone makes it possible for you to convert photos to a scanned PDF using the Notes App. It is easy to use the Notes App with its easy-to-use interface. With the Notes app, you can scan your picture and save it as a PDF. The sign and scan feature helps to store the files electronically. After you convert the scanned image to PDF you can then print from wherever you are, sign, and share them with others. Before you scan pic to PDF with the Notes App, you should capture your file as a new note. Here are steps on how to scan images to scanned PDF with the Notes App on your iPhone. 

Step 1. Open the Notes App on your device. And then select a note, or you can create a new note. Click the Camera icon on the bottom menu.

Step 2. In the submenus, select the "Scan Documents" option.

convert photo to scanned pdf

Step 3. Then you need to place your document in the view of the camera. And you can capture the document automatically or manually. You find a yellow rectangle over the file. If you hold your iPhone steady, it takes the picture automatically. You can also press the shutter button.

convert picture to scanned document

Step 4. The scan moves down to the lower left. You can click on it to find out how it came out and press "Retake" or "Keep Scan" at the bottom of your screen. To create one multi-single file, keep taking scans of the additional pages. After you finish, press the "Save" button located in the lower right. It shows you the number of pages you have scanned. By clicking "Save", it will generate a PDF file automatically. Then you can share the PDF with others by clicking the "…" icon on the top-right corner.

turn photo into scanned document

Step 5. Then you can share the PDF with others by clicking the "…" icon on the top-right corner.

convert scanned image to pdf


In this article, you have learned the two proficient techniques of converting an image into a PDF file. While you have observed UPDF to be an exquisite solution, the provided solution is evident that the PDF editor provides the perfect platform for a user to manage different types of data. Follow the provided guidelines to configure the best environment for converting a scanned image to a PDF.