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How to Transfer Photos from Mac to iPhone in a Few Minutes (macOS Sonoma Compatible)

Are you looking for a way on how to transfer photos from Mac to iPhone? You don't have to worry if you have high-quality photos that you would like to send from Mac to iPhone 15. The best thing is to look for the easiest and most efficient ways to do it. Using UPDF for iOS is the best option for you. You can easily move your photos with no cables involved. This article offers you a detailed guide on how to move photos from Mac to iPhone 15 with UPDF for iOS.

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How to Transfer Photos from Mac to iPhone

UPDF is a simple app that can help you manage and organize your files more efficiently. It has vast features that allow you to organize your digital documents and keep them fully secured. The features enable you to view, organize, share, upload, and protect digital files on your iOS devices.

how to export photos from mac to iphone

The app makes it possible to transfer documents from your Windows or Mac to your iPhone 15 or iPad and vice versa without the use of cables. This is made possible if you connect your two devices with the same Wi-Fi connection. UPDF for iOS has a friendly design that allows for a smooth connection to your Mac to allow the file imports and management safe and easy.

When you import photos from Mac to iPhone 15, you should make sure that you connect the iPhone 15 and the Mac to the same Wi-Fi connection; otherwise the process won't be possible. Here are the easy steps on how to send photos from Mac to iPhone 15 with UPDF.

Step 1. Click "+" and then "Computer"

Begin the photo import by clicking the "+" symbol on the bottom right side of the UPDF app on your iPhone 15. Clicking the add button enables the app to be ready to receive all the photos that will be sent from your Mac. Then choose "Computer" as the source. You will find the computer from the "IMPORT FROM" option next to the "Photos" and "Files".

how to copy photos from mac to iphone

Step 2. Connect UPDF to Computer with the Browser

Since you don't have to use cables to connect your Mac to your iPhone 15, you need to connect the app to the computer using the browser. When you connect UPDF with your Mac device using the browser you get a URL on your iPhone 15 screen. After getting the URL, open a new browser tab. Enter the URL into the address bar of the new tab. Then click enter.

how to sync photos from mac to iphone

Step 3. Upload the Photos from Your Mac to Your iPhone

After you click enter, you will find the UPDF folders in your browser window. Choose the photos you want to upload on your UPDF for iOS. Click the "Upload Files..." button to move your photos from your Mac's local computer memory to the iPhone 15. After you click the "Upload Files..." button, you will have your photos moved to your iPhone 15 within a few seconds. You are not limited to the number of photos that you can move from Mac to iPhone 15.

how to get photos from mac to iphone

An important thing to note is that the photo transfer from Mac to iPhone 15 should not be interrupted. The UPDF for iOS tab should be open from the start until all the photos are imported. Besides, you should also not lock the screen since this can make the import process abort.


Now that you know how to get photos from Mac to iPhone 15 you will find the process hassle-free. All you need is to download and install the UPDF for iOS onto your iPhone 15 and enjoy the great features. It can easily edit PDF images and text, annotate PDFs, compress files, write on a PDF on iPhone, etc.

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