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Top 5 Free PDF Editor Android in 2023

PDF editors are necessary for every situation on your mobile devices so that you can easily make changes to your important documents without opening your laptops. Thus, if there is an urgent need to make some changes to your PDF file, you can instantly open the PDF editor app on your phone.

In this article, we will discuss the best free PDF editors Android that will assist in modifying and organizing your PDF files. By using any of the recommended PDF editors, make the editing process of your PDF documents fast and comfortable.

Part 1: What is the Best Free PDF Editor for Android?

Do you want to pick the best free PDF editor for your Android phone? Here are some of the primary key factors that should be present in your PDF editor.

  • Cost-Effective: Before choosing any PDF editor, you must check its affordability. Especially if you are considering a PDF editor for the longer run, it should be cost-effective so that you don't feel any financial burden.
  • Clean User Interface: PDF editors should have a delightful and clean user interface. If the interface is intimidating, it will directly impact your work efficiency and productivity.
  • Supports Multitasking: Multitasking is essential in every profession. That's why your preferred PDF editor should allow you to multitask to perform various tasks simultaneously, which can eventually save you time.
  • Advanced Annotation Options: If you want to annotate your PDFs to analyze your documents efficiently, the best PDF editor for Android must consist of advanced annotating options. Through these options, you would be able to add comments, suggestions, and text boxes to your PDF files.
  • Support PDF Organization: Organizing PDF pages can be hectic if you don't acquire an efficient PDF editor. Hence, you should choose a PDF editor that would comprise PDF organization options through which you can add, delete, and rotate PDF pages.

Part 2: Top 5 PDF Editors for Android

Do you want to manage your PDFs conveniently? In this section, you can find some famous PDF editor's free APKs that are compatible with Android devices.

1. UPDF for Android

UPDF is an effective PDF editing tool that can help you edit and organize PDFs on your Android devices. It has a modern and delightful interface that can be highly beneficial for beginners. It won't take up excessive storage space on your Android and will function at a blazing-fast speed. If you want to enhance your PDF reading experience, UPDF also acts as a professional PDF reader. It consists of multiple reading modes that you can choose to reduce your eye strain.

UPDF also consists of multiple annotation features that are necessary to review and analyze PDFs. Through annotating tools, you can insert highlights, underlines, text boxes, sticky notes, and comments into your PDFs. Furthermore, this best PDF editor for Android has weekly updates to fix bugs and bring constant improvements to the app.

free pdf editor android updf

Key Features

  • You can execute multitasking on UPDF as you would be able to open and edit two PDF files in a split screen.
  • Using UPDF, you can effectively reduce the PDF size through the compression feature. Moreover, it does not affect the quality of PDF files during compression.
  • Once you have edited a PDF file, easily share it via email or your social media platforms.


  • UPDF has a professional file manager through which you can rename, move, copy, delete, print, or duplicate PDFs.
  • On this tool, find more than 100 stickers and stamps that you can add to your PDF for custom designing.


  • UPDF does not provide various editing features yet. However, with constant upgrades, users would be able to use new features.  

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is also a great example of a free PDF editor app that will go highly compatible with your Android phone. Installing this app allows you to open and view your PDF file without hassle. By buying its premium subscription, you can use this app to edit your text and insert images in PDF files professionally. This app updates itself on a monthly basis to eliminate bugs which is a significant drawback because it can affect the user experience.

adobe acrobat reader for android

Key Features

  • This PDF editor APK provides a comfortable reading environment. Through its Liquid Mode, you can read and navigate your PDF document easily.
  • It offers an easy collaboration space where you can share your PDF with others for commenting or viewing.
  • This tool also consists of a form filler feature that would allow you to fill in PDF forms effortlessly.


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader also allows you to connect with Google Drive. This will enable you to access all your PDFs with ease.
  • You can also start your frequently used files on this tool so that you can locate them instantly.


  • The interface is intimidating, and sometimes hard to edit the text in a PDF.

3. Xodo PDF

This PDF editor is a simple yet efficient application that provides the user with powerful features. If you are encountering large-size PDF files, you can use its compression tool to decrease the size. Moreover, it allows you to crop PDF pages to fit them accurately on small screens. Apart from cropping, it also provides an option to move, delete, and resize PDF pages on this proficient tool. This app gets updates monthly or after every two months.

xodo pdf android features

Key Features

  • Xodo PDF enables you to flatten your PDFs by merging multiple layers into one. This will also help you to reduce the file size.
  • It also consists of a redaction feature that can assist you in removing sensitive or confidential information from your PDF.
  • You can enable dark mode on this tool to read your PDF files in low-light ecosystems.


  • This tool offers continuous vertical scrolling while viewing PDF documents on a single page, two pages, or cover page modes.
  • Using this tool, you can add a signature to your PDF by either typing or drawing.


  • The multitasking feature on this app is only available with a paid subscription.

4. iLovePDF

iLovePDF is an efficient tool that brings all the editing and managing features for your PDF files in one place. Using its converting feature, you can easily convert JPG and Office files to PDF at a fast processing speed. Furthermore, this tool also allows you to extract images from a PDF file while preserving its original resolution. This tool gets updates on a monthly basis. Hence, this free PDF editor Android functions properly and assists the user in editing and managing PDF documents.

ilovepdf android version

Key Features

  • This tool consists of merge and split options. With the help of these two options, you can easily combine and split PDF documents within a few taps.
  • Using this Android-compatible PDF tool, you can add passwords to your PDFs to protect sensitive information effectively.
  • It also allows you to add a watermark to your PDF by selecting any image or text. After selection, you can adjust the position of the watermark.


  • This tool allows you to add page numbers to PDF documents effortlessly. You can choose the typography and position of the page numbers from this tool.
  • You can also rotate specific pages of your PDF document and adjust their fit according to your choice.


  • During multitasking, this app sometimes crashes, which can also corrupt or damage your PDF file.

5. Smallpdf 

Do you want to use an advanced PDF editing tool for your Android phone? Smallpdf uses advanced algorithms that allow you to execute various tasks on PDF files efficiently. Using its editing mode, you can conveniently highlight and add text to your file. Moreover, it allows you to draw on your PDFs to add artistic illustrations. This tool also allows you to activate the reading mode for a comfortable reading space. This free PDF editor app for Android gets updates after some months, which can disturb your user experience.

smallpdf for android users

Key Features

  • Using Smallpdf, you can create a scanned PDF and rename it efficiently.
  • It supports various file formats for conversion purposes. You can quickly convert PPT, Word, JPG, and Excel to PDFs.
  • It offers two compression modes that allow you to reduce the file size by 40% and 75%.


  • On this tool, you can upload images from the gallery and convert them into a PDF format.
  • To draw on PDF, it gives you the option to select the size and color of the pencil on this tool accurately.


  • This app has some navigation issues as the app gets slower during the editing process.

Part 3: FAQs on Free PDF Editor for Android

1. Which is the best free PDF editor for Android?

UPDF is the best free PDF editor that is compatible with all Android devices. If you are a student and want a PDF editor app having an easy-to-use interface, UPDF is the best choice. It functions at high speed and does not interrupt users with bugs and slow performances.

2. Can you edit a PDF file on an Android phone?

Yes, you can edit a PDF document on your Android phone using UPDF. This tool can be easily launched on your phone without demanding extra storage space. So, being a professional, you should use this best free PDF editor for Android on your phone to modify your PDF document anywhere and anytime.

3. How can I add text in a PDF file on Android for free?  

To add text to your PDF document on Android devices, you should try UPDF. By installing this app on your Android phone, you can write text in PDFs in the preferred font. Moreover, it can help you add annotations like inserting comments, text boxes, and sticky notes into your PDF files.

Part 4: The Best PDF Editor on All Platforms

UPDF is an all-rounder PDF editing software designed for every major platform. By buying its one-time license, you get access to all the premium features of UPDF for every device and platform. Unlike other PDF editors, you don't have to buy licenses for each platform. Once you have launched UPDF on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, you can write and edit the textual content in various styling fonts.

Furthermore, it allows you to edit the inserted images in a PDF by cropping or rotating. You can also add hyperlinks to your PDF and edit them anytime you want. This tool also has a unique collection of stamps and stickers that can help you with customization. Moreover, UPDF can help you insert headers and footers to add further modifications to your PDFs. Thus, UPDF is a must-have tool for students and all professional users.  


By installing a compatible PDF editor on your Android devices, you can carry out your workflow without wasting paper. Moreover, you can edit PDFs on your phone without navigating to your laptops or computers. In this article, we have highlighted the top 5 free PDF editors Android, along with their key features. However, if you want to utilize a friendly and reliable PDF editor, UPDF is our recommendation.