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How to Download from Google Books to PDF? (The Detailed Guide)

Google Play Books can be your platform of choice for managing your online library of books. However, if you frequently need to read your book when you are offline, the experience may not be the best. That's why knowing how to download Google Books to PDF can be very helpful. Doing that not only gives you access for offline reading, but you can use those books on any of your devices without having to worry about an internet connection.

So, in this guide we will discuss how you can do that along with some other helpful things.

Part 1. How to Download a Book from Google Books as PDF?

Downloading a book from Google Books can be helpful in multiple use cases but downloading it in PDF instead of EPUB format will be even better. Luckily, the process is not very complex, and it only takes a few steps to get your favorite book in PDF form on your device for offline usage. So, let's begin with the steps to download any book present on Google Play Books in PDF format on your device:

Step 1: You will start by opening a browser on your computer and heading to the Google Play Books website by following this link "Books on Google Play" and sign in with your Google Books account to get your book library. Here you need to click on "My Books/Your Library" and all books added to your library will show up. Click on "3-dots options" button and select "Export".

Step 2: Now you will get 2 different options to download that book. One is export as EPUB while other one is for PDF, and you must click "Export as PDF"

Step 3: A new tab will open with the PDF copy of your book but it is still not downloaded on your device. To download it move the cursor to top right of browser interface to get PDF options and click "Download" button. It will open a file explorer window where you need to select name and file location for saving that PDF book and click "Save". The book will immediately start downloading now and will be shortly available on your device for offline reading.

google books to pdf download google docs

Once your download is complete ensure to recheck if the downloaded file has downloaded the book completely and there are no missing pages especially at the end. You may encounter this isssue especially if you have network connectivity issue. Also note that the downloading time may vary according to book size and connectivity strength.

Part 2. How to Take Notes When Reading Downloaded PDF Books?

After you download Google Books in PDF format you may need to take notes when reading it. Since PDF document readers do not support such extensive features, you will need UPDF for this purpose. UPDF is the all-in-one PDF editor that brings so many features but the ones we will be focusing on here are its Annotation features. There are options like highlighting, stickers, sticky notes, callouts, and many more that can help you take interesting notes on your PDF books.

UPDF also allows you to add bookmarks to specific parts of a PDF book so you can quickly access a specification section in the book. On top of everything, UPDF offers ChatGPT integration with its UPDF AI feature. It allows you to work on books with other languages or complex wordings.

UPDF AI can help you understand the whole book by summarizing it or you can ask it to explain a specific section of the book only. Download UPDF on your devices now to explore its amazing features.

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Step 1: Launch UPDF by double-clicking its desktop icon then click "File" > "Open" to select a PDF book from your device's storage and open it. The PDF book will open in reader view in UPDF interface.

google books to pdf open file

Step 2: Click "Comment" button from left menu and you will get all different note-taking options on the top. You can use any one of these, for example click "Highlighter" button and click+drag the cursor over some content to highlight it. Now right click on that highlighted area to add a note to that highlighted region. Similarly, you can add text comments, underline content, or use pencil button for freehand drawing or note taking in PDFs.

google books to pdf note option

Apart from taking notes on your PDF books UPDF can help you with many more tasks with the following features:

  • OCR that works on multiple languages and provides over 99% precision with every scanned document.
  • Edit PDF to edit not only the text in PDF documents but also the images or links.
  • Batch Processing feature lets you work on documents in batches increasing your productivity.
  • UPDF Cloud that not only provides you dedicated storage for your PDF documents but synchronizes across all devices with your account.
  • UPDF allows you to create and edit PDF Forms
  • It supports converting files to and from PDF file format
  • Easier sharing and collaboration with multiple ways
  • Read PDFs out loud like an audiobook
  • Encrypt and secure PDFs with password, etc.

Read the How-To Geek review of UPDF to learn more about what it can do on your devices or get a detailed introduction to UPDF by watching the below video. Since UPDF meets most of your daily document requirements, it is a must-have on your devices so download it for free trial. You may purchase UPDF Pro to access its premium features and get the best experience of working on PDFs.

Here is the review video of UPDF:

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Part 3. FAQS About Google Books to PDF

Q1. How to Convert Google Play Books to PDF on Android?

When you are using the Google Play Books app on an Android device you can convert these books to PDF for offline reading and sharing. To do that you will first open the Google Play Books app then select one book for converting it. Now some books will be available in EPUB format only. So, you can click the "Download" button and use "PDF" option if it is available otherwise you can download in EPUB format and then use a converter app like "EPUB to PDF Converter" to convert and read that book.

Q2. How to Upload PDF to Google Play Books?

Uploading a PDF book to Google Play Books is very simple. You can open Google Play Books website and login with your account then go to "My Books" and click "Upload Files" button. Now you can select a PDF book and upload it. It will take internet connection for that book to upload, and the time required may vary according to size of your book and connectivity strength.

Q3. Does Google Books support PDF?

Yes, PDF is supported by Google Books. You can add PDF files to your Google Play Books library and, if available, download specific books in PDF format. However, the PDF downloading option is not supported by all books on this platform.

Final Words

If you don't always have an internet connection, then you must download Google Books to PDF since that will give you offline access and peace of mind to read that book anywhere. Sometimes doing that alone is not enough and you need to actively take notes from the books that you read. UPDF is the software that can help you in that case with its annotation features. The best part is that you can download and use it on all your smartphones and computers. Download UPDF and start taking notes on PDF now.

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