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How UPDF Helps you Study from Home

The concept of an online education system was always in consideration, but with the arrival of COVID-19, practically all the systems, businesses, and education systems were shifted to the online world. Students were graduating from top universities and taking online courses and lectures from experts and renowned institutions worldwide.

However, studying from home requires basic equipment and software such as online meeting applications, a stable internet connection, a laptop or a tablet, and a PDF editor. These things help the student to create and submit their assignments in a compatible and secure format way. This article will discuss UPDF as a reliable PDF editor for students studying from home.

Part 1. What is the Best Environment to Study from Home?

While studying in a classroom, the environment and setting of the class are already designed to perceive, learn, and grab new information easily. However, at home, the students have to build a learning environment on their own by making a few changes in their environment or the room in which they are studying.

The environment which offers a great learning outcome is said to be the one that is isolated from the rest of the family in such a way that it is noise and distractions free. In a noise-free space, students can focus more on their work. A room with a bright light set up or facing the window offers the most focused environment as your room remains bright and keeps you motivated and active.

Part 2. How UPDF Helps you Study from Home?

UPDF is the best PDF editor compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Besides its fast operation and processing, it also allows users to perform premium features on their PDF documents. It includes editing images and text, converting them into various formats, and adding customized and electronic signatures on PDF documents.

UPDF is ideal for students because they can effortlessly manage their PDF documents under one program. You can download it for a trial.

2.1 Premium PDF Features of UPDF

UPDF offers practical features which increase the efficiency, quality, and productivity of students working from home. Some of the key features of UPDF are discussed below:

1. Effortlessly Edit a PDF File

UPDF allows users to edit images, text, and links in a PDF document, such as users can add, replace and delete text in a PDF document. It allows users to edit the properties of text, such as the color and the style, along with altering the size of the text in a PDF document. UPDF also allows users to add and edit a link in a PDF document. Users can also edit images in a PDF by changing the position or rotating or cropping an image from a PDF.

2. Whimsical Annotation Feature

It is one of the top requirements of students, especially the ones working from home on PDF documents. "Sticky Notes" and "Text Box" tools are available to add additional material or text to a PDF document. Different "Stickers" can be added to the notes to make them attractive and colorful.

Besides that, "Shapes" can be added to demonstrate a chart or diagram to help understand the concept, or users can also draw a free-hand shape according to the requirement. The important text in a PDF document can be highlighted or underlined using the "Highlighter" or "Underline" tool.

3. Smoothly Organize PDF Files

While studying, students are required to manage their notes along with the notes recommended or sent by their instructors. That is why they are left with a bunch of PDF documents to manage at the end of the day. UPDF comes to the rescue as it offers smooth PDF file organization features in which users can add new pages to a PDF document, replace selected pages, and reorder pages. Users can also split a large PDF document into multiple PDF documents with a click.

4. Robust PDF Conversion

UPDF offers a conversion feature with which users can easily convert PDF documents into various formats: Word, PPT, Excel, JPG, and Rich Text. Besides this, the OCR feature can also be used with UPDF, a helpful tool for converting a scanned PDF document into an editable and searchable file.

2.2 Step-by-Step Guide to Edit a PDF File

Step 1: Edit the PDF Text

Launch UPDF on your computer and import a PDF document by clicking on the "Open File" button, or you can also drop the PDF document on the UPDF interface. After opening the PDF in UPDF, navigate to the left panel and click on "Edit PDF" to enter the editing mode. To edit text, click on the text or paragraph you want to edit and change the text's color, properties, and alignment. Users can also add new text to a PDF document by clicking "Text."

edit text in pdf

Step 2: Edit the PDF Image

To edit an image in a PDF, tap "Edit PDF" after opening a PDF document on UPDF. Click on the image in a PDF file to rotate, extract or crop the image. You can add a new image to a PDF document by clicking on "Image" from the toolbar.

edit image in pdf

Step 3: Edit the Link in PDF

To add and edit a link in a PDF document, copy and paste the link into your PDF file. Users can add links to a document in two ways, "Link to Web" or "Link to Page." Link to Web will direct the users to a website, and the other option will direct the users to the page number in a PDF file. Besides this, the link in the PDF document can also be edited.

Above are the steps to edit a PDF file. Students usually use this feature to edit learning materials. If you want to try it out, you can download it by clicking the download button below.

add link to pdf

2.3 Step-by-Step Guide to Annotate a PDF File

Step 1: Access the Annotation Tool

Import the PDF file on UPDF, and from the left panel, tap on the "Comment" feature. To add a comment to a PDF document, select the properties of text and the area where the comment should appear, type your comment on a sticky note or text box, and tap on your screen to save the comment.

tap comment icon

Step 2: Highlight the Text

To underline or highlight important text, tap on the "Highlight" icon from the top toolbar and select the color. You have to drag the cursor over the text to highlight it. In the same way, tap on the "Underline" icon from the toolbar and drag the cursor over the text to underline the text.

highlight pdf text

Step 3: Draw on the PDF

To draw a chart and diagram in your PDF file using the "Shape" or "Pencil" tool, click on the "Pencil" icon and draw any shapes freely with the cursor's pointer. To draw the shape in a PDF document, click on the "Shapes" icon and select the rectangle, oval, circle, or square shape to draw on a PDF file.

using pencil to draw pdf

Step-by-Step Guide to Organize Pages in a PDF File

Step 1: Insert PDF Page

After importing a PDF document on UPDF, refer to the left panel and click on the "Organize Pages" icon. To insert a page in a PDF document, click the "Insert" icon from the menu. Users can insert a blank page or a page from any PDF document.

insert a page to pdf

Step 2: Replace PDF Page

To replace pages from a PDF document, select the pages from a PDF file and click on the "Replace" option from the menu bar. UPDF will replace the first page of the PDF document with the selected first page of another PDF document.

replace the pdf pages

Step 3: Extract PDF Page

To extract pages from a PDF document, select the pages you want to extract and click on the "Extract" option to select the location. The extracted pages will be saved into a new file on the selected destination of your computer.

extract pdf pages

Benefits of UPDF PDF Editor

UPDF offers a full-fledged solution to PDF editors, both regular and occasional users, with diversified features and tools. However, listed are some of the unmatching benefits and additional specs UPDF offers its users:

  • Fast Speed: UPDF offers a high-speed performance because of its fast-processing system; the users can easily navigate from one feature to another within seconds without lagging.
  • System Compatibility: One of the plus points UPDF offers over other PDF editors is its compatibility with different devices and operating systems, making it an ideal solution for students working on different devices. UPDF is compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Rich Features: Besides the annotation feature, various other UPDF tools are available that offer a complete and hand on solution. With UPDF, students can convert, edit and organize PDF documents in one place.
  • Enhanced Security: UPDF offers security to your PDF documents and files through its high-level encryption, which keeps your sensitive documents safe from malware and third-party attacks.
  • Stable Performance: It offers a stable performance whether you are working on large PDF documents or working on multiple PDF documents at a time. The performance rate of UPDF remains the same, and users can easily operate on large PDF documents without facing any performance issues.
  • Delightful UI Design: UPDF offers an attractive, efficient, and modern interface that keeps the users engaged and makes editing a fun and easy process with its colorful interface and easy-to-operate features.
  • Cost-Friendly Tool: UPDF offers an ideal subscription package for students because of its affordable monthly plans, which students can easily afford.
  • High-Efficient Operations: UPDF offers efficient operations as each feature offers qualitative and accurate results without damaging or corrupting the original formatting of a PDF document.

Part 3. Tips for Studying from Home

Studying from home is one of the challenges that students face, especially on how to create a productive and motivating environment at home. Besides using helping tools and software such as UPDF, which helps students stay mess-free, there are a few other tips you can follow to stay focused and indulge in your study hours.

1. Set your Routine

While studying from home, it is important to set aside dedicated hours for your study and visualize the routine in your head on how you will manage your chores of the day. It will help you stay organized by training your mind and eventually setting your body's biological clock with respect to your routine. Your mind will automatically start signaling you to return to your study desk based on your established routine.

2. Have an Isolated Study Area

To stay productive and active and make the most out of your study, choose the space of the house, which is isolated from other rooms. A calm, relaxed, and noise-free environment makes it easier to focus on your studies. Having an isolated study area impacts your brain activity and enhances your productivity. Also, set your study area outside your bedroom so your mind stays fresh and active during your study time.

3. Schedule your Day

Schedule your next day beforehand to keep your routine organized and clear of distractions. Write your schedule in a notebook regarding how much time you will dedicate to which subject and which chapter. It helps you to stay on track, and you can also easily measure your progress. To stay self-motivated, set targets and remind yourself to achieve them on the scheduled days.

4. Stay Physically Active

Physical exercise helps you practice determination and keeps you active and healthy. Take 15 minutes to walk around your home during your break or grab a coffee from the nearest coffee shop. This helps freshen your mind and ensure a focused and productive mind when you return to resume your study session.

5. Write Down Notes from Online Class

Taking notes during online lectures is important as it keeps your focus and helps you better understand the concept. One of the plus points of taking notes during online class is that it makes it easier for the students to understand the concept and you are basically memorizing and learning side by side. The hand-taken notes stay in mind for a longer period, and you can understand what the topic is referring to in one glance.

Final Words

Studying at home offers the peace and comfort of learning from home and unwelcomed thousands of distractions. However, certain tips and software such as UPDF help you to stay organized and on track with success and productivity. Being a student, you can manage your PDF documents, lectures, and assignment on UPDF smoothly. To encounter a premium user experience, download today and boost your learning experience with UPDF.