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Search in PDF with UPDF for Android

UPDF has an intuitive and friendly interface to ease the user's operations. One vital feature found in UPDF for Android is the Search feature. This feature allows users to efficiently search for keywords, phrases, and specific content within PDF files, enabling quick and precise access to information. Let's explore the powerful search capabilities offered by UPDF software and streamline your PDF document searching experience on Android.

Here are the steps to follow while using this feature:

  • Open the PDF file you want to search for a word or phrase.
  • On the toolbar, tap the search icon. Then, enter the name of the word or phrase you want to locate in your PDF file.
search icon
  • Hit the search button or the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • If the word(s) are on your document, they'll appear on the result screen. Tap the result to view the word(s) in the PDF file.
enter keyword to search
  • Use the Right and Left arrows to move from one word to another.
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