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Edit Image

UPDF now offers an easy yet exciting way to edit images in your PDF files, including import, copy, paste, cut, delete, crop, and replace. 

1. How to Edit Existing Images in PDF

Follow the steps below to edit the existing images in PDF:

  • Open your desired PDF file in UPDF and tap the 'Edit' icon in the top menu. It will launch the editing mode.
editing mode of UPDF for Android
  • Tap to select the image that you want to edit, you can choose Copy, Cut, Delete, Crop, and Replace from all the given options.

2. How to Import/Add New Images to PDF

UPDF for Android also provides the option to import or add new images to PDF files, follow the steps below to do so:

  • Once you’ve entered the editing mode, select the 'Image' icon next to the 'Text' icon on the top toolbar.
  • Tap on the PDF — where you want to insert a new image — and a pop-up will appear asking for the image directory. Select any desired images you wish to make part of your PDF.
  • The image will instantly appear in your PDF, where you can also copy/cut/crop/resize and replace the image by tapping on the required option.
  • Tap on the three dots to flip it horizontally or vertically. Tap on the three dots to flip it horizontally or vertically.