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To unveil endlessly helpful editing tools and features for streamlining your PDF processing, you will need to sign up and log in for UPDF. Here is how you can begin!

Signing Up or Logging In for UPDF

Follow these simple and easy steps to sign up for UPDF Android:

  • Download and launch UPDF for Android, and then tap on the "Log In" icon.  
Log in to UPDF Android
  • You can log in or sign up via your Email, Google Account, or Apple ID to reveal the licensing options.
  • If you have purchased the license for the logged-in account, UPDF will auto-upgrade to the premium version; you won't need to indulge in the hassle of adding code.

Now, you can now access the amazing features of UPDF. You can also use UPDF as a guest user without signing up or logging in, but you will have to face the following limitations:

  • Watermarks will be automatically added to the PDF once you save it.
  • You can only get a mere 1GB of Cloud Storage with UPDF free, while the UPDF Pro provides entry to a more substantial 10GB of Cloud Storage. The free version is confined to a 1GB UPDF Cloud limit and 10MB for each document size. Subscribers, on the other hand, enjoy a generous 10GB UPDF Cloud capacity and can upload single documents of up to 2GB in size.

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