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Step-by-Step: How to Save a Fillable PDF on Windows and Mac

In this digital transformational world, every industry and institute is going paperless. All the documents are now digitalized; the most common are PDFs. PDF fillable forms are also a common term to know these days because a user can use them in multiple ways. Whether you are doing your final year project survey by using it or taking reviews from your clients, these fillable forms come in handy.

However, it would be best to use an efficient and cost-effective tool to work with them. The best tool that fits this scenario is UPDF, a universal PDF tool that can work on all the major operating systems. Moreover, by the end of this article, you will know how to save a fillable PDF on your device.

Part 1. Can You Save a Fillable PDF?

Yes, you can expertly save PDF fillable forms on your device using a high-functionality tool called UPDF. While digital tools often have both merits and demerits, this tool eliminates any drawbacks by offering the best possible features for users. Editing and saving fillable PDF forms might seem like a tiresome task, but this tool exceeds your expectations by making it easy.

Not only can it save fillable PDFs, but it can also create, edit, and sign them effortlessly with its various tools. With 9 types of form fields provided, you can easily create interactive fillable forms. Additionally, the Form Recognition and Highlight Existing Field features allow you to effortlessly fill out forms. So, why not download it and give it a try now?

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how to save a fillable pdf with updf

Key Features of UPDF

This intuitive PDF tool supports all types of exemplary features so the user can do all types of work on PDF in one place. You can know what else UPDF can do for you by looking at the key features listed below:

  • Save and Fill Out PDF Forms: PDF format is widely used as fillable forms, and this tool can make it a special experience for you. You can open your PDF file and fill out it directly. The process is very smooth and simple. It can also help you to make the fillable forms more interactive. You can also easily customize text boxes, checkboxes, and a dropdown list of your fillable PDF forms. In short, it is the best tool to work on PDF fillable forms without interruptions.
  • Edit PDF: There are many leading editing metrics present in this tool that can enhance the outlook of your PDF fillable forms. Here you will not only learn about how to save a fillable PDF, but you can also learn how to edit PDF files. With it, you can edit text, images, and links in a file swiftly and smoothly.
  • Annotate PDF: Annotation not only makes your PDF more engaging, but it also helps in making essential points more notable. Every annotation tool in UPDF is advanced, which can also upgrade your file's readability. You can also use this feature to make the fillable PDF forms more user-friendly and engaging.
  • Convert PDF: Sometimes, you create a fillable PDF form, but because of institutional requirements, you have to change its format. Worry no more because this can also be done effectively with this PDF converter. It can help you convert PDFs into major formats like Word and Excel. XML, HTML, PDF/A, and many more.
  • AI Chat: Integrated with AI, UPDF can analyze your forms and extract key points for you. Additionally, it can translate content and explain intelligible sentences for you.


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Part 2. How Do I Save a Fillable PDF Form on Windows and Mac

If you want to save PDF with fillable fields, you need to work with a reliable tool to work on fillable PDF forms on Mac, and the same goes for Windows because Windows doesn't have any built-in PDF tool. This part will help you with a query like how to save a fillable PDF on Mac and Windows. For this, follow the steps listed underneath:

Step 1. Open your PDF with UPDF

Download UPDF on your Mac or Windows computer by clicking the button below.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

After this, launch this application and import the fillable PDF form into it.  

Step 2. Fill out PDF forms

Once the file is imported, read the form carefully and fill it out according to your understanding. With this tool, you can work with text fields, checkboxes, and dropdown menus in a fillable PDF form.

how to save a fillable pdf form with updf

Step 3. Save PDF with Fillable Fields

Now that the form is filled, you can save it on your device. For this, click on the "File" tab from the above panel and then click on the "Save As" button to save the filled form. If you want to implement changes on the original file, go to the "Save" button.

how to save fillable pdf as read only with updf

Video Tutorial on How to Create, Fill, and Sign PDF Forms

Part 3. How to Save Fillable PDF as Read-Only Protection

Sometimes a PDF fillable form is loaded with sensitive information that only authorized persons should see. You can customize the forms to read-only PDF with the help of UPDF. To know how to save fillable PDF as read-only without any problem, look at the steps listed here:

Step 1. Fill out the PDF form with UPDF

For initials, open UPDF on your device and import the form. After this, fill out the forms by following the instructions on them. Make sure you read all the instructions carefully before marking your answer.

Step 2. Add a Permission Password to PDF

After filling out the form, the next step is to make it read-only. Now, click on the "Protect Using Password" button from the right toolbar. From the prompt window, select the "Permissions" button. Following this, add the password and confirm it.

how to save pdf with fillable fields and read only

Step 3. Save Fillable PDF as Read Only

Afterward, click on the "More Options" dropdown menu and mark all the tabs as "Not allowed." Select "Apply," and following this, hit the "Save" button. Choose a path to save the form and again click on the "Save" button to create a new protected PDF form.

how to save a fillable pdf on mac with updf


As this article discussed, fillable PDF forms are very common in multiple domains, and users need to work on them with a reliable tool. The PDF tool should hold all the features to make the forms more creative and customized. A tool that fits this criterion is UPDF because it has all the advanced tools needed to work on fillable forms. It will also help with questions like how to save PDFs with fillable fields.

You can follow the simple steps discussed in this article to save fillable PDF forms on Mac and Windows. It can also help with making these forms read-only, as you can set permission passwords to them. Moreover, you can also rely on UPDF for modifying PDF files by editing, converting, and annotating them.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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