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The Easiest Way to Export PDF Form Data to Excel

Gathering information through PDF forms is seamless and convenient, making it an ideal choice for large-scale data collection. However, the real challenge emerges when you need to consolidate data from multiple PDF forms for analysis, which inevitably requires exporting the data into a more manageable format, like Excel. Traditional methods of data export are not only cumbersome but also time-consuming.

This guide will walk you through a hassle-free way to import data directly from PDF forms without the need for exporting, making your data analysis process smoother and more efficient. So, let's begin!

Part 1. An Easier Alternative Way to Export PDF Form Data to Excel - 2 Options Available

Option 1. Export PDF Form Data Easily with 1 Click and Import to Excel

While exporting a large amount of form data from a PDF file may initially appear complex, UPDF simplifies this process. UPDF is the latest and most up-to-date software designed to assist you in managing numerous PDF forms. Using UPDF, you can effortlessly export PDF form data with just a few simple clicks. Follow the steps below to do so:

Steps to Export PDF Form Data to Excel With UPDF

  • Download, install, and open UPDF.

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  • Open the PDF file in UPDF and head to the "Prepare Form" mode.
  • From the top menu bar, choose "Export Data". Choose a location to save the exported .fdf file.
export pdf form data to excel updf
  • Open a new Excel workbook on your computer and click on the "Data" tab in the Excel ribbon at the top of the window.
  • In the "Get & Transform Data" group, you'll see several options. Choose "Get Data" and then select "From File."
  • In the "Get Data" window, select "From File" and then choose "From Folder" or "From Text/CSV" depending on how your .fdf file is structured.
  • Navigate to the folder where your .fdf file is located and select it. Click "Import" or "Open," depending on the options presented.
  • In the "Navigator" or "Text Import Wizard" window (depending on your choice in the former step), you may need to adjust import settings to ensure the data is imported correctly. This includes specifying delimiters, data types, and column formatting.
  • After configuring the import settings, click "Load" or "OK." This will import the data from the .fdf file into your Excel workbook.
  • Once the data is imported, review it in your Excel workbook. Make any necessary adjustments or formatting changes. Finally, save your Excel workbook with the imported data.

Option 2. Convert PDF Form to Excel without Export

Exporting data from PDF forms, especially those with tables and columns, can be challenging and time-consuming, with potential risks of data loss. Alternatively, you can easily import PDF form data into Excel by converting the PDF, and there are many software options available for this purpose. One such tool is UPDF. It offers a direct and efficient solution to import data into Excel, streamlining the process and ensuring data accuracy, making it a standout choice in today's digital landscape.

With UPDF, you can also convert the scanned PDF forms into editable Excel or any other file format. After converting the file, you never find an error or mistake in the data. UPDF can export your bulk PDF forms to Excel with its batch convert feature.

Steps to Convert PDF Form to Excel With UPDF

  • Download, install, and open UPDF.

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  • Move and drop the PDF file in UPDF.
  • You can also click "Open File" in the UPDF to select the PDF file for export.
  • Next, simply click on the "Export PDF" button located on the right-hand side.
  • Select the Excel option.
export pdf form data to excel export pdf
  • Your PDF form will export in Excel format in just a few seconds.

UPDF has made exporting PDF form data more accessible and more accurate. UPDF's simple and easy-to-use interface allows you to easily export PDF files within a few seconds.

So, why wait? Try UPDF today for a seamless data export process!

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Video Tutorial on How to Create, Fill, and Sign PDF Forms

Part 2. How to Export PDF Form Data to Excel With Adobe

Adobe Acrobat is a paid complex software related to all PDF tasks. It can convert, edit, and export PDF forms to Excel or any other format. Its feature-rich interface can only be understood with effort. Moreover, you need to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro for this simple task. However, exporting PDF forms to Excel seems easy. To export PDF forms to Excel in Adobe, you have to follow the steps below:

Step By Step Guide to Export PDF Form Data to Excel via Adobe Acrobat

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat and open the PDF file containing the form data.
  • Search "export data" in the search box on the right.
  • Click on the option "Export data from a Form file".
export pdf form data to excel adobe
  • Specify the location where you want to save the exported .fdf file.
  • Follow the steps (starting from the fourth step) introduced in Part 1 > Option 1 to import the exported form data to Excel.

Adobe can export your single files, but exporting large files can be unwieldy.

Part 3. Bonus: A Comprehensive PDF Editor

Although Adobe is the most common PDF editor, but it has various drawbacks. It doesn't support multiple languages and PDF forms in bulk quantity. It is a complex, feature-rich software that is paid. On the other hand, in this digital age, we have many online tools that can work better with PDFs like UPDF. UPDF is a comprehensive PDF editor that can do all PDF-related tasks in seconds. It can edit, convert, and Annotate PDFs. It has numerous PDF features. Here, we enlist the most important:

UPDF Surprising Features

  • You can quickly read PDFs with UPDF.
  • You can view PDF documents with single or double-page views with UPDF.
  • Use the "Multi Tab" feature to read multiple PDFs. Also, search specific text from a huge document with UPDF.
  • UPDF's safest cloud-based storage lets you work seamlessly with PDFs on multiple devices and platforms.
  • With its annotating feature, you can share and cooperate with others. You can add comments, highlight text, and much more.
  • AI is a fantastic feature of UPDF that you have never experienced. UPDF AI can summarize your PDFs and ask for anything related or non-related to PDFs.
  • And many more.

You can never find PDF software anywhere like UPDF. Make your PDFs exporting, editing, converting, and annotating easily and quickly with UPDF now!

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Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions About PDF Forms

Q1. How do I import data to PDF form?

Sometimes, you must import data to PDF forms. It seems challenging because the files differ from each other. No worries, you need to download UPDF.

  • Drag and drop a PDF that contains fillable form fields in UPDF.
  • Choose Prepare Form Mode.
  • Click on "Import Data" and choose the .fdf file from which you want to import data.
  • UPDF will then automatically complete the procedure.

Q2. How to Duplicate Form Fields in PDF?

You may need to duplicate form fields while creating or filling out a PDF form. This step can save time. You can use UPDF for an easy duplicating method.

  • Open UPDF.
  • Now, open the PDF file where you want to duplicate form fields.
  • Go to Prepare Form Mode.
  • Choose Duplicate Across Pages or Create Multiple Copies (find the option from the top menu).


In the past, people mostly used Adobe, a paid, complicated tool. Now, you can use many PDF softwares that are highly cost-effective to export, import, and convert PDF form data to Excel and other formats easily. We give you the best option UPDF. UPDF not only assists you in exporting, importing, and converting, but it can easily do all PDF-related tasks in bonus. You can work with your PDFs with it more quickly than you have ever done before. For easy and seamless exporting of PDF data to Excel, download UPDF now!

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