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Signing PDFs in Adobe Acrobat Using Online & Offline Methods

Ensuring the genuineness of digital stuff is important for everyone, whether someone is a businessperson or a legal expert. Nowadays, almost every aspect of our lives has transformed into a digital field, so the need to secure its authenticity is greater than ever. To address this need, Adobe Digital Signature has emerged as a fundamental solution for document validation and authorization.

Digital signatures provide a vital layer of security and trust in our interconnected world. This article will shed light on the importance of Adobe digital signs and how to use them in both online and offline ways.

Part 1: How to Use Digital Signature with Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe is a document tool that supports digital signatures by placing the digital signature field on a form. To learn about its usage, read this section to the end, which will guide you step-by-step on how to create a digital signature by Adobe.

Step 1: Start by launching Adobe Acrobat on your device and then click on the "See All Tools" button. Then, scroll down a bit on this new window to reach the "Forms & Signatures" section, where you have to choose the "Prepare Form" option.

adobe digital signature choose to prepare a form

Step 2: After clicking this button, upload the file to which you want to add the digital signature. Once the file is uploaded, you will see a new toolbar with various signature fields. From here, hit the "Digital Signature" icon to add a new signature field anywhere on the PDF document.

adobe digital signature add a digital signature

Step 3: Upon adding this signature field, click the "Fill & Sign" button on the right toolbar on your screen. After accessing this feature, double-click on the signature field you have recently added, and in the pop-up menu, choose "Configure Digital ID." Afterward, select the "Create a New Digital ID" option and tap the "Continue" button.

adobe digital signature create digital id

Step 4: Now, fill in your information to create a new digital ID and add a password to protect your ID. Once the digital ID is created, put in your password in the "Sign As" screen and press the "Sign" button to add the digital signature to your document.

adobe digital signature sign your pdf with a password


  • The rich feature set of Adobe can be challenging to understand for new users to navigate through.
  • Most of the essential features of Adobe are in the Pro version, which is quite costly to afford.

Part 2: How to Create Digital Signature with Adobe Online?

The online version of Adobe cannot add digital signatures to your PDF documents. However, it offers an online service that allows you to create electronic signatures on your documents. Follow these simple steps to learn about using the Adobe online website for e-signatures:

Step 1: To begin with, access the Adobe Acrobat online website on your preferred browser and log in with your Google account. Then, click on the "E-Sign" tab on the top toolbar of your screen to access different electronic signature options. From here, choose "Fill & Sign" and upload the document to which you want to add the signature.

adobe digital signature e-sign pdf online

Step 2: Wait a bit till your document uploads on this online version of Adobe Acrobat. Afterwards, hit the "Add Signature" button on the left side of your screen to access a new window. Here, you can either type, draw, or add an image as a signature to your documents. Afterward, hit the "Save" button to get this sign.

adobe digital signature type and save the sign

Step 3: After you are done with the steps mentioned above, click anywhere on the screen to place this newly created signature on the PDF document. You can even select the sign and further customize it.


  • The online version doesn't allow you to insert an Adobe digital signature on your desired document, so it cannot be used for this purpose.
  • Users may face slow processing speed and file size limitations in the online version, making it annoying to use.

Part 3: How to Create Digital Signature Without Adobe

Now you know about both the online and offline ways of Adobe Acrobat digital signature and some prominent cons of these methods. However, you must be wondering about some better alternative that may provide you with similar functionality at a lesser price. UPDF is an all-rounder, cost-effective tool that offers many great features, including a digital signature, which you can use on any document with full functionality. See more objective reviews of UPDF at reputable media sites.

All you have to do is access the "Prepare Form" feature to add a digital signature field to your document. In this section, we will discuss creating digital signatures without using Adobe, with the help of the most suitable alternative. By going through these simple steps, you can learn how to use UPDF to generate digital signatures.

Step 1: Access the Digital Signature Field using the Prepare Form

Download and open UPDF first. Once your document is imported to UPDF, click on the "Prepare Form" icon to gain access to the digital signature field. Then, select the "Digital Signature" icon, enabling you to add this field to your document by clicking anywhere on it. Afterward, you can change the style and settings of your signature field according to your preferences.

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adobe digital signature add digital signature updf

Step 2: Sign Your PDF Using Reader Mode

After placing the signature field on your document, click the "Reader Mode" icon. To initiate the signing process, simply double-click on the signature field, causing the appearance of a "Sign Document" window. From there, you can generate a Digital ID by selecting the "Create" icon.

adobe digital signature sign document updf

Step 3: Finalize the Digital Signing Procedure

Upon creating your Digital ID, select the "Create" icon in the "Appearance" section to access the "Configure Signature Appearance" window. In this window, you can opt for the text or image to be used for your digital signature, in addition to various other customization options. Finally, click "Okay" to confirm your settings, followed by the "Sign" button to put your digital signature onto the document.

adobe digital signature digital signing procedure updf


In conclusion, we have discussed in detail the importance of Adobe digital signatures on your valuable documents. Also, you have been told in step-by-step guidance about how to use Adobe Digital Sign in offline and online ways. However, to compensate for the high cost and other disadvantages of Adobe, you have been familiarized with an alternative to use digital signature with maximum functionality.

To use this efficient feature of UPDF, download this tool for free by clicking on the "Free Download" button below. You can also achieve unlimited features of this tool by purchasing the UPDF Pro version at a discount right now.

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