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How to Create a Digital Signature with 2 Simple Methods in 2024

Are you interested in learning how to create a digital signature? Explore UPDF, the hub of digital signature speed and safety. A digital signature isn't just nice to have in the business world today; it's necessary. It's the basis of safe document identification and lets you sign documents instantly and legally with just a few clicks.

In light of that, you will learn how to make a digital signature in this article by utilizing our comprehensive guide. This guide will walk you through the steps for creating a digital signature, show you around the many capabilities of our UPDF application, and compare classic and modern techniques using other software alternatives. Let's get right into it…

How Do I Create a Digital Signature with UPDF?

If you're looking for a simple solution for creating digital signatures, UPDF is your go-to platform. UPDF is more than just a signature app; it's also a top-tier AI-powered PDF editor. It allows you to edit, sign, convert, and do much more with your PDFs across several platforms. That said, with UPDF's user-friendly interface, you can quickly and simply add digital signatures to your PDFs. Download this solution and begin the creation process immediately.

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create digital signature with updf

Its easy-to-use layout ensures that safe, legally binding signatures are used for both work and personal needs, speeding up the process of digitally signing your documents.

If you've been wondering "How do I create a digital signature?", this guide will teach you how to correctly sign your documents using UPDF's advanced features while minimizing the amount of effort required to do so. The following are a few simple steps that you can follow:

Steps to Creating Your Digital Signature on UPDF

Step 1: Download UPDF

Start by downloading UPDF and setting up your account if you haven't already. The program can be downloaded straight from the button below, and setting it up is easy and quick.

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Step 2: Creating a Digital Signature Field (Optional)

Open the UPDF interface and upload the form template you want to use. After that, click the "Prepare Form" icon to get a list of PDF field choices that you may customize in the document.

Once you're in the "Prepare Form" mode, click on the "Digital Signature" button. Pick a spot for the name field, fill it in, and change the size of it. You can also explore its settings in further detail to alter its appearance and function.

how to create a digital signature

Step 3: Create a Digital ID

Next, change to "Preview" mode to view your document as if you were a user. Here, click on it and you will see the "Sign Document" window for the following stages.

Setting up your digital ID on UPDF is simple and quick. Begin by clicking the "Create" button in the upper right corner of the "Sign Document" screen.

how to make digital signature

A pop-up window will appear "Create a New Digital ID", requesting personal information such as your name, email address, and organization. After providing this information, click "OK."

how do i create a digital signature

Configure Signature Appearance (Optional):

You can also customize the appearance of the signature. In the Appearance section, click the "Create" icon.

how to do digital signature

When you click "Create," you'll be sent to the "Configure Signature Appearance" screen, where you may personalize your signature and set the signing date. To finish and save the signature once you're done, simply click the "OK" button.

how to create digital signature in pdf

Step 4: Complete with a Digital Signature

Once a new document has been opened, log in using your digital ID. Just click the "Sign" button after logging in. By doing this, your digital signature is officially added to the document, proving that it is authentic and ready to be shared.

UPDF is your go-to option if you want the best AI-powered PDF reader available. Download it now and you'll realize that everything from editing to creating digital signatures is made simple with UPDF.

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How to Create a Digital Signature in Adobe Acrobat

Now that you're familiar with UPDF, let's briefly look over how to create a digital signature in Adobe Acrobat:

Steps to Creating Your Digital Signature on Adobe Acrobat

Step 1: Start Adobe Acrobat

On your computer, launch Adobe Acrobat. You can download it from the Adobe website if it's not already installed. Once it's launched, navigate to the "Edit" menu on the top bar and choose "Preferences".

Step 2: Create and Manage Your Signature

Go to the "Categories" section and pick "Signatures." Following that click on "Identities & Trusted Certificates," and click "More."

create digital signature adobe

Step 3: Create a Digital ID in Adobe Acrobat

Your next step is to click "Add ID," then pick "A new digital ID I want to create now," and finally click "Next." Make sure that the option labeled "New PKCS#12 digital ID file" is chosen. Then proceed to click "Next."

create digital signature pdf

A pop-up will appear and prompt you to fill out your information. Don't adjust the Key Algorithm, Use digital ID, or Country/Region. Select "Next."

From there, choose a password for your digital ID. Once you've pressed "Finish" you'll see your new signature.

create digital id adobe

Step 4: Signing Your Document

When you're ready to sign your freshly edited document, simply click on the section you want your signature and click on "Certificates" on the right vertical bar.

Step 5: Place Your Signature

Click on "Digitally Sign" and follow the prompted instructions. You can resize and reposition the signature once it has been placed if necessary.

Step 6: Save Your Document

In order to use the digital signature, save your document. Now that it's safely signed, you can download it or share it with others.

Creating Your Digital Signature: UPDF vs. Adobe Acrobat

Comparing UPDF to other platforms like Adobe Acrobat will help you make an informed decision when choosing a digital signature system. Here are a few factors to compare the two:

 UPDFAdobe Acrobat StandardAdobe Acrobat Pro
PricingYearly Plan: US$32.99
Perpetual Plan: US$49.99
Yearly Plan: US$155.88Yearly Plan: US$239.88
Digital Signature
100+ Stickers
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidWindowsWindows, Mac, iOS, Android


UPDF: UPDF is an affordable option that delivers top-notch services and features. UPDF helps businesses and individuals receive outstanding results at little cost. That said, UPDF packages start at $32.99 USD a year and offer numerous beneficial features. As a bonus, here is an exclusive discount for UPDF and you can upgrade it now with the best price of the year!

Adobe Acrobat: Adobe Acrobat has its own features, but its greater price may make it less viable for some consumers. Depending on the plan, Adobe Acrobat can cost around $239.88 USD a year.


UPDF: UPDF has a user-friendly and effective interface that offers a quick and easy production of digital signatures with a wealth of customization choices. In addition, UPDF offers various packages available to meet the budgets of clients who are only looking for safe and effective digital signature services.

Adobe Acrobat: With its extensive toolbox, Adobe Acrobat offers more than simply digital signatures; it allows users to manipulate, transform, and engage with PDF documents in complex and sophisticated ways.

create your digital signature updf vs acrobat


UPDF: UPDF is great at managing documents and digital signatures, but it is as famous as Adobe Acrobat currently.

Adobe Acrobat: The wide feature options of Adobe Acrobat may be intimidating to users who are mainly looking for digital signature capabilities, and it may even be more than they need. In addition, Adobe Acrobat's yearly cost may not match clients' requirements when looking for just the signature feature.


UPDF: UPDF is well-liked by many clients due to its emphasis on digital signatures, speed, and user-friendly layout.

Adobe Acrobat: Despite being praised for its versatility, Adobe Acrobat's extensive features may be a little difficult to manage for individuals with specialized needs.

Can I Create a Free Digital Signature Online?

Even while you may create what seems like a handwritten or electronic signature online for free with a tablet, pen, mouse, or signature-like fonts, they are not digital signatures and should not be considered as such. There is currently no secure way of creating digital signatures online. To set themselves apart from simple handwritten or electronic signatures, digital signatures online use a secure and encrypted authentication mechanism.

To put it simply, digital signatures, when legitimate, employ hash functions to ensure the authenticity of a document. They require top-tier protection and a unique digital ID issued by an established authority. With this digital ID, it makes sure that the signature is authentic and not fake.

It's understandable why some internet platforms don't offer free digital signature generation given the complexity and security required. However, this is where UPDF excels. UPDF is a smart and useful choice for security and efficiency.

UPDF simplifies safe digital signatures and offers a digital ID option that can safely store your digital signature. Not only does the UPDF platform provide you with a system to create a professional digital signature but it also helps you import the digital signature certificate from third parties to future-proof your documents in the ever-changing digital world. Download the software now.

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Getting Started: Create Your Digital Signature with UPDF

We hope that this step-by-step guide to creating your digital signature was helpful in learning how to make a digital signature. While Adobe Acrobat is widely used in the digital age, we recognize that sometimes the most helpful tool is a simple and straightforward digital signature platform; and this is where UPDF comes in.

UPDF is your ultimate ally for safe document management. Its easy-to-use interface and legal compliance make it the best choice for all your signing needs. If you want to get started on creating your very own digital signature with UPDF, download our platform for free and sign up today!

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