How to Remove Password from PDF on Windows? 3 Ways

PDF files sometimes have passwords to keep them safe from unauthorized access. These passwords stop others from opening, changing, or printing files without permission. However, there might be some instances where we do not need password-protected PDFs anymore. In that case, you can remove the password from PDF on Windows using the three simple tools mentioned in this guide.

Part 1. Remove Password from PDF on Windows Via UPDF

UPDF PDF editor tool for Windows offers a speedy solution for editing text and images within PDF files. Its user-friendly interface and powerful functionality make tasks like annotating, converting, scanning, and organizing PDFs enjoyable and productive. Additionally, the main feature that UPDF provides is to remove PDF passwords on Windows.

Supports Windows 7 or later100% secure

Supports macOS 10.14.6 or later100% secure

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100% secure

Remove Password from PDF on Windows Via UPDF

Users can now extensively remove passwords from their PDFs with just a few clicks. Whether you have open or permission passwords on your PDFs, UPDF can handle it. This, however, simplifies the password-removing process for you and grants you easy access to your files. Even if you need to share your PDFs after removing password protection, you can do so by sharing it via the built-in email feature.

Move on to the steps highlighted below to make it easier for you to use this tool. These steps are easy to follow and make your task much easier:

Step 1: Open the Password Protected Document

Install and launch the UPDF robust PDF toolkit on your device and open the password-protected PDF by clicking the “Open File” option. If the password is open password protected, then UPDF will ask you to enter the password to open it. You will have to enter the required password to access the document.

 Open the Password Protected Document in UPDF

Step 2: Remove the Document Password

Hover your mouse on the right sidebar of the UPDF’s interface and select the “Protect Using Password” tool to proceed with the “Remove Security” feature. Click on the “Remove” button, and if it is permission password protected, it will ask for the password to unlock the document. Unlock the document and click the “Save” button to save your PDF file without an open or permission password.

UPDF protect using password

Supports Windows 7 or later100% secure

Supports macOS 10.14.6 or later100% secure

100% secure

100% secure

Part 2. Remove PDF Password on Windows 10/11 Via WPS Office

WPS Office offers an amazing tool called WPS PDF Tools that helps you remove PDF passwords on Windows 10/11. This tool not only lets you remove passwords but also enables you to convert them to various formats, including Word and PPT. Moreover, with WPS PDF Tools, you can manage your PDF documents easily with just a few clicks.

In addition to password removal, WPS PDF Tools has other helpful features. Along with that, you can even merge multiple PDF files, split them into smaller ones, and even compress them to make them smaller in size. This means you have all the tools to work with PDFs efficiently. Head to the steps guided below to remove the password from your PDFs without any hassle:

Step 1: Open the password-protected PDF in WPS Office by adding the password in the box. Then, access the “Protect” tab from the toolbar and click on the “Encrypt” tool.

tap on the encrypt tool in wps

Step 2: From the dialog box of Encryption, disable the option of “Set the open password” or “Set password of editing and extracting” according to your document. Afterward, confirm your action by pressing the “Confirm” button and save your edited document.

remove password using wps pdf

Part 3. Remove Password from PDF on Windows Via Adobe Acrobat

Need to remove PDF password on Windows? Adobe Acrobat is another helpful tool that can do just that. It is famous for working with PDFs and lets you easily view, edit, and make new ones. You can even use it to fix strikethroughs in PDFs if needed.

The pro version of Adobe Acrobat is super powerful and can remove password protection from your PDFs without any trouble. In case you are searching to get rid of passwords on your PDFs, Adobe Acrobat is also a reliable choice. Furthermore, you can also keep a check on the given steps to make the process easy for you:

Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat on your device and add the password-protected document to it. This tool will also for the password if the document is open-password protected. Then, from the “Tools” tab, access the “Protect” tool and choose the “Remove Security” feature from the left panel.

click on remove security option in adobe acrobat

Step 2: Adobe Acrobat will confirm from you whether you want to remove the password or not. Press the “OK” button if you want to proceed and enter the password if your document is permission password protected.

press ok to remove passdword from PDF in adobe acrobat

In The End

All in all, removing passwords from PDF on Windows is simple and hassle-free with the three efficient tools mentioned above. Still, if you want a tool with a user-friendly interface and productive features, we highly recommend UPDF.

This tool stands out as the top-rated tool for password removal, offering easy-to-follow steps and a smooth experience. Not only can you remove passwords from your PDFs effortlessly, but UPDF also comes with built-in AI tools that enable you to summarize PDFs for concise reports.

Supports Windows 7 or later100% secure

Supports macOS 10.14.6 or later100% secure

100% secure

100% secure