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Adding and Removing Open and User Passwords Made Simple

There are basically two types of passwords set on PDF documents: User Password. User Password, also known as Open Password stops random people from opening a PDF document. This article will introduce what is user passwords and how to add and remove open passwords to PDFs.

What is a User Password or Open Password?

A User Password or an Open Password allows you to view the PDF document once you've entered the correct password. Nonetheless, you can't open and make changes within the PDF document. It's an excellent way of protecting your PDF documents. It prevents unauthorized access to your PDF document.

Nowadays, people are publishing their content online and they're charging money to allow you to access their PDF documents. Such PDF documents could be eBooks, tutorials, articles, and blogs. It's very convenient to set a User Password.

Plus, you're able to share the PDF file with as many people as you want. Nevertheless, they'll require a User Password to simply view it. Certain PDF documents are too important to leave without password protection. Businesses and even individuals are known to set User Passwords in order to secure their sensitive and private PDF files.

open password

What is an Owner Password, Master Password, or Permissions Password?

An Owner Password, Master Password, or Permissions Password is what you require in order to copy, edit, or print a PDF document. Without an Owner Password, you can't make changes within the PDF file. If you've got the Owner Password, you'll be able to edit, print, change, or copy data from the PDF document.

owner password

An Owner Password gives you a complete command of your PDF documents. There might be several reasons to put an Owner Password on the PDF files. Most likely if you're selling an eBook, you'll need to make it password-protected so that no copyright infringement is caused.

Hence, if you're leaving your important PDFs without an Owner Password, you're inviting people to copy your content, letting your precious efforts go to waste! It simply means that people can easily copy your vision and can call it theirs!

Although in a number of countries, copyright laws exist. Nevertheless, it's a hassle to visit the court, again and again, just to prove that the content belongs to YOU!

So, make sure to password-protect your important PDFs and save yourself from any major trouble. Also, it's possible to set both types of passwords on your PDF documents to make them more secure

How to Add a User Password to a PDF

If you're looking for the best PDF editing software that is bundled with extreme features and advantages, then don't worry, UPDF - PDF editor is your answer! It's a complete PDF text and image editor that allows you to view, annotate, OCR, convert, and edit PDF documents in no time at all. It also allows you to add user and owner passwords to protect your PDF files easily.

First of all, let's learn the detailed steps on how to add an open password password to a PDF file:

Step 1: Access the Password Protection Tool

Download and launch the UPDF on your device. Import the document you want to protect. Access the "Protect Using Password" tool from the right panel, which has a locked type icon.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

A new sub-menu will appear on your screen, from which you can select the "Document Open" option from the menu.

add password to pdf

Step 2: Add an Open Password to PDF

To add a user password, choose the "Document Open" option. Next, add the password for opening the document and confirm it by retyping it. You can also change the "Encryption Level" by accessing "More Options."

user password

Tip: You can also add a permission password if you need it. From the sub-menu, select the "Permissions" option to add some permission restrictions to the document. Add and confirm the password that you want to keep as your permission password.

You can also access different options like Printing Allowed, Changes Allowed, and Encryption Level by tapping "More Options."

owner password

If you are interested, here is the video on how to add a password to PDF with UPDF. Watch it to learn better:

UPDF has more features:

A number of other PDF software are available on the internet. However, not every PDF editing tool is as good as UPDF. Some might charge you very high like Adobe Acrobat or some might keep a very low speed when dealing with PDF documents. So, in such a case, UPDF stands out!

Let's have a look at the other features of UPDF:

  • View and Annotate PDF:

You can easily view and annotate PDF documents. The viewing and annotating tools are amazing and you'll simply fall in love with them!

  • Edit Images and Texts:

Now you can simply edit images or texts on the PDF documents. Adding, modifying, cutting, or pasting text is no big deal for UPDF. There's a variety of fonts, styles, colors, and typefaces so that you can choose the best!

  • Manage Pages:

UPDF allows you to effortlessly manage pages. You can add or delete pages as per your choice. Moreover, rotating, rearranging, or reordering the pages could be done in a swift manner.

As you see, UPDF can not only add the password to PDF but also can do everything you want to do in PDF. What are you waiting for? Let's download UPDF now. If you want to explore more functions about UPDF, click here to upgrade to the UPDF Pro version.

Also read the objective review of UPDF here: What is UPDF?

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

How to Remove User Password and Owner Password?

As mentioned above, you're able to set the user password and owner password on your PDFs. However, few tools are now available to crack such passwords. aJoysoft PDF Password Remover is one of the excellent password-removing tools that lets you decrypt the PDF file, removing all the restrictions.

Through aJoysoft, you can remove both User Password and Owner Password in just a few clicks!

Moreover, the software is capable of removing passwords from bulk PDF files. At once, you're allowed to decrypt around 200 PDF documents, boosting productivity levels!

Let's have a look at how to remove the User Password and Owner Password using aJoysoft:

Step 1. Add Your PDF Files

Click on the option of "Add Files" or simply use the drag-and-drop method to upload the PDFs.

owner password

Step 2. Remove Open Password or Permissions Password

If your PDF document is encrypted with an Open Password, then a padlock will appear. You need to click the padlock icon and enter the open password. Then click the "Remove Password" button.

If your PDF document is protected with a permissions password, then you can simply click the "Remove Password" to remove all the restrictions from PDF.

open password

Now, you'll be able to save the unlocked version of the PDF documents to any place on your computer.

The Bottom Line

After learning what is a user password and owner password in this article, you will be clear about which type of passwords to use and how to protect your PDF documents more securely. And if you want to use an all-in-one PDF software to protect, annotate, convert, organize, or edit PDF documents, UPDF will be your best choice. Download it and begin to protect your documents now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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