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How to Whiteout PDF Online? (3 Ways)

Sometimes, we have some sensitive data in PDF documents along with other text that we need to share. The easiest way to prevent other people from seeing that sensitive data is using PDF whiteout methods. If you want to whiteout PDF online, there are multiple tools, but usually, they lack reliability and features.

So, we shortlisted the 3 best online options that you can use with their complete guides so that you may learn how to use each one of these options. However, in case these online tools cannot meet your requirements, we will introduce two offline methods to white out PDF offline in part 4.

Part 1. White Out PDF Online Free Using Sedja

Sejda offers a variety of online management services and tools including specific features for concealing information in the document. It has a very simple user interface that allows you to upload the file and select the images or text you need to cover using a white box. The underlying content will remain secure and unreadable.

It offers a free version that comes with certain limitations. There will be restrictions on how many tasks can be performed per day. Moreover, there will be a maximum file size and number of pages that can be uploaded. Its free version allows limited access to advanced features that are only available in the paid version. Despite these restrictions, its free version is perfect if you need a secure, quick, and easily accessible solution.

Step 1: Go to Sejda website and click "Edit a PDF Document" > "Upload PDF File" then select PDF that you need to whiteout.

whiteout pdf online sejda upload

Step 2: Select whiteout tool from top then click and drag over text to whiteout. Click "Apply Changes" > "Download" to save that document on your PC.

whiteout pdf online sejda download

Part 2. White Out PDF Free Online Using PDFzorro

PDFzorro is a reliable tool for managing, editing, and applying whiteout features on documents online. The platform allows you to quickly conceal your confidential information without any hassle. All selected areas that may include images and texts are easily covered using the white box so that this text will no longer be visible.

However, there are certain limitations to using the free versions that include specific file size limitations and a specific number of pages that can be edited in a single session. Moreover, advanced editing services are only available in the paid version.

Step 1: Open PDFzorro website then click "Edit PDF" > "Upload" > "Start PDF Editor" to upload a PDF document. When it uploads, you need to click a page to select it for editing purposes.

whiteout pdf online pdfzorro upload

Step 2: From tools click "Rect", select "white" color in above part,  and then click + drag the cursor over the text to whiteout it. After editing click "Save" > "Download" from the top and you will be done.

whiteout PDF online with PDFzorro

Part 3. White Out PDF Free Online Using PDF2go

PDF2GO allows you to white out images and text from your files by simply using your web browser. It is a hassle free platform where you upload your file, select the area you need to white out and apply the white box. The underlying information will be unreadable, and your confidential information will be concealed.

It offers a free version, but there are certain limitations you need to consider. Advanced editing features will not be accessible and for single session there will be limited file size and number of pages that could be edited. However, if you need a quick solution, PDF2GO free version is the best solution because of easy accessibility and user interface.

Step 1: Go to PDF2Go website, then click "Edit PDF" > "Choose File" and select PDF file from PC to edit it.

whiteout pdf online pdf2go choose tool

Step 2: Choose "Whiteout" from the editing options, then whiteout PDF content by clicking and dragging the cursor over the content. Click "Save as" and complete file file-saving steps to save that whiteout PDF document.

whiteout pdf online pdf2go save as

Part 4. White Out PDF Offline(2 Ways)

The only benefit of using online tools to whiteout PDF documents is that you can use them on the go. On the other hand, there are multiple limitations like waiting in queues, file size limitations, reliability issues, etc. One solution to all these issues is using UPDF since it works offline. You can use this tool on the go as well since it is available on computers and smartphones.

When you use UPDF to whiteout PDF documents offline, you can use 2 methods: one is Redaction, and the other one involves adding a shape on top of the content in PDF documents. This part contains details and guides about both these methods so you may use them effortlessly.

Way 1. White Out PDF using Redaction

Redaction is the most reliable way of removing contents from a PDF document, so if you need to remove data permanently, you can use it. Remember that Redaction is permanent. So, you cannot get the information from that section back once you redact a PDF document. Similarly, no one else can search for or recover that information.

Step 1: Launch UPDF on the computer by double-clicking the desktop icon, then opening the PDF with "Open File" before you click "Redact." You will see a popup window that shows 2 steps for redacting that you need to "Accept" before proceeding with its steps.

Step 2: To redact a specific part in a PDF document you will select "Mark for Redaction" from the top then use your cursor to mark a specific area in a PDF document. The area that will be redacted will become black.

As you do not need the black color, you can change the properties. Right-click on the redaction part, and select "Properties".

Step 3: In the pop-up window, select "White" color, and to save redaction changes, you need to click "Apply" from the top right, then click "Continue" and save the PDF document. Once you save PDF the content under the redacted area can never be recovered or searched.

Whiteout PDF with UPDF

Way 2. White Out PDF Using Shape

Say that you want to hide some information from a PDF document, but you don't want to permanently remove it. That's where you can use a shape and cover the information in PDF. It is better for the cases when you may need the information back since you can get that back by simply editing or removing the shape from its location.

To ensure that this shape blends in perfectly with the document and contents under it get completely hidden, you must match the fill and border color of that shape with the color of PDF page.

Step 1: Click the shape option from the top select the rectangle shape with your desired border, and fill color. It is recommended to keep both these colors the same as the color of your PDF page.

whiteout pdf online updf shape option

Step 3: Click and drag the cursor over the content to hide it and once you have covered all sensitive content, you may save the PDF. Remember that this shape can be edited and removed in PDF, which will reveal sensitive information under it.

UPDF is very efficient when it comes to whiting out PDF documents, but there are several other things that it is great at. The top functionalities and features of UPDF include:

  • Edit PDF with options to edit images, text, and hyperlinks in PDF documents
  • Annotate PDFs with commenting, highlighting, underlining, and many more options
  • UPDF AI for translating, summarizing, and rewriting text for PDF documents
  • OCR PDF feature for converting non-editable text in PDFs into editable text
  • UPDF Cloud for syncing and saving PDF documents across your devices
  • Batch process to work on PDFs in bulk
  • Organize PDF pages by extracting, deleting, merging, and splitting
  • Fill and sign PDF forms
  • Protect PDFs with secure passwords, etc.

You can learn more about everything you can do with UPDF by reading this wccftech review of UPDF. Here is a video review of UPDF that you can watch to learn more about it.


If you want to ensure that nobody can access some sensitive information present in your PDF document, then you can use the Whiteout feature in your PDF editor. Since you may need to use this feature on the go, we discussed 3 most effective ways to whiteout PDF online. However, those are not the best in terms of features and use case and that's where UPDF makes a much better option that even works offline. Download UPDF to whiteout your PDF documents and use other editing features on them offline.

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