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Remove Restrictions from PDF Instantly: 4 Effortless Ways

Everyone wants to keep essential documents secret, whether you work for a start-up business or a giant multinational, from home or a large organization. Password-protected PDF files are great for transmitting information between corporate partners or clients. Sometimes we need to adjust or eliminate PDF security privileges.

A protected PDF file can make it hard to do even simple things like copy or edit. Luckily, in this article, we'll present two ways to remove restrictions from PDFs.

Part 1: How to Remove Restrictions from PDF with Password?

To remove restrictions from a PDF, whether it's open or editing permissions, you can use UPDF, an all-encompassing PDF editor that offers one-stop solutions for eliminating various PDF restrictions. Simply click a few buttons to achieve this.

remove pdf restrictions with UPDF

Additionally, if you wish to add new permissions to your PDFs, the process is also straightforward.

add new permissions with UPDF

Furthermore, as a comprehensive PDF editor, UPDF provides all the standard features expected from a PDF editor. Integrated with AI, it can now analyze PDF documents using artificial intelligence to summarize, translate, explain, or rewrite the content within minutes.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Let's get started by downloading UPDF first.

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AI-powered UPDF

Next, let's move to the steps of removing restrictions from PDF using UPDF:

Step 1. Launch UPDF and Open the PDF File

Launch the UPDF app, and click the "Open File" button that appears on the main interface of the app. This button launches an explorer window from which you can select the PDF file into which you wish to remove the password from PDF.

Step 2. Enter into Security Mode

Now click on the "Protect Using Password" button that appears on the right sidebar. We will use this section to remove restrictions from PDF.

remove permissions from pdf by clicking protect using password icon

Step 3. Enter Password to Remove Restrictions from PDF

Now click on the "Remove Security" button and a window will pop up, please click "Remove" to remove the restriction.

remove permissions password from pdf with updf

Now enter the password in "Enter Password" and click "Unlock" to remove the password.

enter password to remove pdf permissions password

The above are the steps to remove the password from PDF using UPDF. If you think it is useful, you can click the button below to download it.

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Part 2: How to Remove Restrictions from PDF without Password?

With the help of aJoysoft PDF Password Remover, a professional PDF security application, you can easily decrypt and remove owner or master password protection from PDF files. This allows you to print, copy, and alter the PDF files in any way you see fit. You can access a PDF file for editing or any other purpose once the security has been removed from it.

If the initial password to a PDF file that has been secured with either a User password or an Open password is known, then one may use this program to decrypt the file. PDF Password Remover allows you to import many PDFs simultaneously and decode up to 200 of them in a single batch operation, significantly boosting the amount of work that can be completed in the allotted time.

For the procedure to successfully remove the protection from your account permanently, you will only need to enter the password once. You will no longer be prompted for a password, and your PDFs will be accessible.


  • One-click PDF decryption for all PDF versions
  • Windows and Mac support
  • Unlock all permissions instantly
  • Remove the Open password when the password is known
  • Supports bulk decryption of up to 200 documents

How to Use aJoysoft PDF Password Remover

  • Step 1: First, add as many PDFs as you'd want to decrypt in bulk by dragging them into the "Add Files" box or clicking the button.
  • Step 2: Select "Remove Password" to completely free your uploaded files from password protection.
  • Step 3: Now choose a destination for the saved files. If the file you want to read requires a password, either an Open or a User Password, then you must first enter the Open password.
remove permissions with ajoysoft

Part 3: Extended Reading About PDF Restrictions

As we explore practical methods to remove restrictions from PDFs in the preceding section, it's worth taking a moment to understand the basics. For those familiar with PDF restrictions, consider this a brief refresher. For those new to the concept, we'll start by addressing the fundamental question: What are PDF restrictions?

1. What are PDF Restrictions and Permissions?

PDF restriction limits modification, whereas PDF protection includes opening the PDF, printing, and form-filling. Adobe Reader's security features let you govern PDF access, modification, and reproduction.

Which version of Adobe Reader you use to produce a PDF determines its security. Standard encoding is used in Adobe Reader 7 and lower; 128-bit encoding is used in Adobe Reader 8, and 256-bit encoding is used in Adobe Reader 9. Please go to the Optimizing PDF Files page if you need assistance deciding which PDF version to operate.

Open passwords and permission passwords control security. Permission passwords let you print, edit, or copy files. As file owners, you may block changes. Password-protect files to restrict access. Set an open password on a PDF if it includes sensitive information and you wish to remove the permissions password from PDF. Accessing the PDF file and generating a new password is possible if an open password is set but no permission password is provided.

Accessing and editing a protected PDF requires a password (or the open password if no PDF permissions password is set).

2. Why Do You Need to Remove Restrictions from PDF?

Picture this. You just received a document as a PDF but could not make any necessary edits before printing as the owner of some legally binding PDF documents and forms has chosen to activate security for such documents by default. As a result, the PDF will be protected from being altered.

In some cases, an internally circulated company document needs to be modified but it's locked. You can view the contents but if the PDF's owner has enabled security features, you may not be able to make selections, copy text, delete the content, or send it for printing. There aren't many free resources available for doing it. But the good news is that you can use two tools - one to crack PDF restrictions (remove PDF restrictions) and one to edit them after you've unlocked them.


aJoysoft and UPDF strive to unlock PDF permissions, remove restrictions, and subsequently edit, annotate, and organize PDFs in a cost-effective and secure manner. They aim to create up-to-date and user-friendly solutions that adapt to the rapidly changing demands of their users, ensuring success in the software sector.

If you're seeking a comprehensive PDF management tool that goes beyond a simple PDF restriction remover, then UPDF is your choice. Click the button below to gain free access to a host of premium features now.

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