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How to Print Secured PDF

There is a need to decrypt the PDFs to satisfy various needs. If you take a closer look at the digital store, you will come across surplus programs. Choosing reliable tools seems to be a challenging task. In this article, you will explore the best applications to unlock PDFs for printing. You can enlighten with efficient ways to print password-protected PDFs flawlessly using unique platforms. Connect with this article and figure out the stepwise procedure for printing the protected format of the PDFs. Here is a quick guide for newbie users on the potential usage of the protected file-type PDFs.

How to Print Password Protected PDF

UPDF is an all-in-one PDF tool that brings you the best version of printing locked PDF files precisely. In this section, we will introduce how to print secured PDFs using UPDF step-by-step. Please note that you need to know the password in this method.

Step 1. Open Locked PDF with UPDF

Click the "Open File" button to open your document. If your PDF document is protected with an open password, you should enter the password to unlock it first.

how to print secured pdf

Step 2. Print the Password Protected PDF

Now, you can go to the "File" and then "Print". (Please note that if your PDF is restricted from printing, you will be asked to enter the permissions password now).

how to print password protected pdf

Then you need to choose the right Printer, Presets, Copies, and Pages for the printing. Click the "Print" button to start printing.

how to print locked pdf

Except for printing secured PDF document, UPDF also allows you to edit the PDFs professionally by adding extra texts to the existing content, customizing the images, highlighting texts, and editing the texts in the PDF hassle-free. You can perform desired changes on the PDFs using the in-built controls on the UPDF tool. It also allows you to convert PDF to other file formats easily.

how to unlock pdf for printing

These are the salient features of the UPDF tool and you can have a try on this by making a quick download of this application from its official website.

How to Unlock PDF for Printing without Knowing the Password

The aJoysoft PDF Password Remover serves as the perfect choice to unlock PDF for printing. It is a simple program with a user-friendly interface for the users to make the correct clicks according to their needs. It is a reliable tool to unlock PDF and you can work like a pro without any prior technical skills to handle it.

how to unlock print option in pdf file

This tool is your best choice when you don't know what the password is and it will help you remove the password. Here are the stepwise guidelines on how to unlock PDF for printing with aJoysoft:

Step 1: Add Files to the Working Interface

Download the app and click the "Add Files" button to add files to its working interface. Here, you can add any number of PDFs based on your requirements and perform batch decryption hassle-free.

how to unlock pdf file for printing

Step 2: Remove Password from PDF

If the PDF file is protected by a permissions password, you can press the "Remove Password" button available at the bottom right corner of the screen. It will help you remove the password directly.

unlock pdf for printing

If the PDF file is protected by an open password, you need to click the lock icon and enter the password first. And then click the "Remove Password" button. Finally, save the file at the desired target location.

(Important note: there are no tools that can remove open password without knowing the password.)

Step 3: Print the Unlocked PDF File

You can print the unlocked PDF by disclosing it in the Google Chrome interface and connect with the print option to make a hard copy of the PDF file.

These are the stepwise instructions to unlock PDF for printing. You have successfully decrypted the locked PDF using the efficient PDF password remover tool.

How to Print a Password Protected PDF with Google Drive

The process involved in printing a password-protected PDF with Google Drive is simple. You can use this application to decrypt the protected PDF files and make a hard copy of the content in no time. Here, you will be learning how to print a password-protected PDF with the Google Drive platform.

Step 1: Log in your Google Drive and then upload the password-protected PDF file into this working interface.

how to print secured pdf

Step 2. Then, make a double click on the protected PDF file to disclose the content in the PDF viewer.

Step 3: Finally, press the "Print" icon to trigger the print action followed by making a quick response with the system dialogue pop-up.

how to print password protected pdf

Use the above instructions to print a protected PDF with Google Drive hassle-free. You can decrypt the PDF content and print them as per your requirements.

How to Print Locked PDF with Google Chrome

In the Chrome browser, you can find special tabs to work on the protected PDFs flawlessly. In this platform, you can unlock the PDF with an open password and ensure the printing process. (Please note that if your PDF document is restricted from printing, you can't use this method. This method is only suitable for the situation that the PDF document is protected with an open password and you know the password.)

Step 1: Choose the protected PDFs from the system and right-click the file. Click "Open with" and then select the "Google Chrome" option from the displayed items.

how to print locked pdf

Step 2: Enter the open password to unlock your file.

how to unlock pdf for printing

Step 3. Next, press the "Print" icon in the Chrome browser and customize the printing attributes in the Print Dialogue box.

Thus, you have successfully unlocked the protected PDFs in the Chrome browser and initiated the Print action on the protected PDFs.

How to Print Secured PDF with Adobe Acrobat

In this section, you will learn how to use Adobe Acrobat to print the secured PDF file. It is a simple method and decrypts the protected PDF format flawlessly.

Step 1: Right-click the protected PDF file and select the Open with option from the displayed items. Choose Adobe Acrobat available in the expanded menu.

Step 2: Check out the "Properties" attributes of the file and hit the "Security" tab. Then, enter the permission password to change the file type to no security parameters.

Step 3: Soon after the above step, the protected file format of the PDF erases and now it is available to make a print of the encrypted PDFs hassle-free by tapping the Print icon on the screen.

how to unlock print option in pdf file

The above guidelines instructed you clearly on how to use Adobe Acrobat to take a print the secured PDFs flawlessly.

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Thus, you are in the last lines in the discussion of unlocking PDF for printing. Connect with the UPDF app and make necessary changes to the PDF file as per your needs. Enjoy the ad-free service of the UPDF program and edit the PDFs free of cost. Stay connected to discover the best features of the UPDF app and use the insights to edit the PDFs professionally.