How to Change PDF Password in 2 Ways

If you are afraid of leaking the password of your confidential PDF document, or you want to set a more easy-to-remember password for your PDF document, you can consider changing the PDF password. If you find it exasperating to Google "how to change PDF password" and visit dodgy websites when you want to remove or change a PDF password, read this article!

How to Change PDF Password if You Know the Password

As a premium PDF editor, UPDF is now being offered for download on the market. This is an excellent option to consider if you want to know how to change PDF passwords and are fervently searching for a tool applicable to both the business and academic worlds. UPDF is a valuable program that can easily manage even the most labor-intensive responsibilities because of its efficient construction that conserves resources and caters to the needs of individual users.

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So, what should you do to change your PDF password with UPDF? There are two scenarios it supports. One is to change the open password and the other is to change the permission password. Just follow the guide below according to your needs.

Situation 1: How to Change the Open Password of a PDF

Step 1: Open the Protected PDF

Click "Open File" to open your PDF file with UPDF. As the PDF has an open password, you need to enter the password to authenticate.

how to change pdf password

Step 2. Go to the "Protect" Icon

Select the "Protect Using Password" icon located on the right toolbar.

change adobe password

Step 3: Change PDF Open Password

To change the Open Password of your PDF document, you should click the "Document Open" option.

change pdf permissions

After clicking "Document Open," you may modify your open password by clicking the "Change Settings" option in the pop-up bar.

change pdf security settings

Then enter your new open password, and click "Apply". Then save the document with the new password. This is the process of how you change the PDF password for opening.

how to change pdf permissions

Situation 2: How to Change PDF Permissions Password

Step 1: Open PDF and Choose "Permissions".

The same process is to open your PDF file in UPDF. It will not require you to enter the password as it only requires it when you try to edit, copy, or print the document.

The same process is to click the "Protect PDF Using Password" icon, and this time you should choose the "Permissions" option.

change pdf password

Click the "Change Settings" button.

Step 2: Change PDF Permissions Password

The software's user interface will prompt you for the initial permissions password at this point. And click the "Unlock" button.

how to change pdf password

Now you can create a new permission password with specific action permissions and restrictions. You should now enter the new password when prompted and click "Apply".

change adobe password

Let's look at some of the most significant features that set UPDF apart from other software of its kind currently in use. Here it also scores brownie points with commendable characteristics such as the following:

  • Capabilities for detailed editing of PDF documents, including texts, images, and links.
  • Tools for adding comments to PDF documents with a lot of tools, including sticky notes, text boxes, highlights, stamps, signatures, etc.
  • Rapid and accurate conversion of PDF files to other formats such as Text, RTF, Word, CSV, Excel, PowerPoint, and image formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, XML, PDF/A, and HTML while maintaining the file's original format and structure.
  • A PDF reader that is easy on the eyes with multiple reading modes.
  • Intuitive page management for PDF files, enabling you to rotate, reorder, extract, split, replace, and remove PDF pages.
  • The capability to enable users to password-protect PDFs by encrypting the documents.

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How to Change PDF Password if You Forgot or Don't Know the Password

When you open a PDF file, it's really annoying to find out that you need a password to access the information it contains. Finding a PDF password remover is a time-consuming task that entails combing the internet and asking for assistance from other people. Check out aJoysoft, an excellent PDF handling tool for PDF password removal. aJoysoft PDF Password Remover can assist you if you don't know the password or need to change PDF permissions.

Step 1: Add Files

First, you need to add your files to aJoysoft interface. You can add one file or a batch of files together.

change pdf permissions

ajoysoft PDF Password Remover removes passwords from PDF documents. You do not need to provide a permission password if your PDF document is password-protected.

Step 2: Remove the Password

To change PDF security settings for uploaded files, click "Remove Password." Save the files to the folder you choose. The password will be removed as a result of this. If an open password secures your PDF document, enter it before clicking the "Remove Password" button.

change pdf security settings

Note: If your PDF document contains an open password and a permission password, you may try using the permission password if you have forgotten both. Changing a PDF password is impossible if the document is secured merely by an open password that you don't have access to.

Step 3: Change a New Password with UPDF

After you remove your known password, you can use UPDF to add a new password to your PDF file. You can set an easy-to-remember password so you will not forget it again.

With UPDF, you can do more than just add passwords to PDF documents. You can also use this tool to edit your PDFs, annotate your PDFs, convert your PDFs, and manage your PDF pages.

You may have longed to be able to make alterations to your files while relaxing in the coziness of your own home. Now, that wish can finally come true. With the support of the varied capacities of UPDF, it is possible to accomplish the aims discussed before. Users of UPDF can perform operations with PDF files with ease, including formatting the whole file, annotating specific areas of the document, and modifying the text and graphics included inside a PDF file. If you're scratching your head about how to change PDF permissions, you should give this software a go since it has many possibilities.


By reading this article, you should already know how to change the password of the PDF, whether you know the password, we have the corresponding solution. Both methods need to use UPDF, which is a one-stop solution to the problem of PDF software. You can download and try it, you will know how great it is!

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