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Top 10 Fillable PDF Creators You Can't Miss in 2023

There is no way to avoid filling out forms while dealing with official school, financial, or personal paperwork. The ability to quickly and easily create PDF forms is becoming increasingly vital.

Maybe it's time to stop paying so much money to have other people do the work that might be done in-house. You may easily create a form that can be filled out by the recipient if you use the right fillable PDF creator. In this article, we will introduce 10 of the best PDF form creators with details. At the end of the article, you can find a detailed comparison chart among these 10 tools from every aspect.

10 Best PDF Form Creators

It might be difficult to choose the best fillable PDF creator. In any case, this post has simplified the process by compiling some of the best offline and online free PDF fillable form creator tools.


UPDF is one of the best and most affordable PDF editors and fillable PDF form creators.  It provides a very simple user interface and is great for creating non-interactive forms. It is an all-in-one PDF solution that helps you deal with all kinds of PDF tasks.

Key Features:

  • It also enables users to edit and customize the text, images, links, watermarks, background, header and footer in PDFs.
  • It allows you to annotate PDF documents with various tools, such as highlight, text box, sticky note, stamp, signatures, etc.
  • If you want to convert your PDF document, you can use it to help you too. It supports converting from PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, etc.
  • Protect PDF documents with an open password and a permissions password.
  • Share PDF via a link or via email.
  • It allows you to organize PDF pages by rotating, replacing, extracting, inserting, splitting, cropping, etc.


  • It has an advanced OCR feature to recognize scanned PDF documents and turn them into searchable and editable PDFs.
  • It has a user-friendly interface with a stunning and simple design.
  • It has high speed and high performance to open and operate PDF documents.
  • It is very cost effective with a price of US$39.99/Year, which is only 1 out of 6 compared to Adobe Acrobat (US$239.88/Year).

Here is how to create non-interactive PDF forms:

Step 1. Go to "Comment"

Open your PDF document and go to the "Comment" section from the left bar. This will reveal many useful tools for you.

select "comment" in updf

Step 2. Add Text Box to PDF

You can add a text box to your PDF by clicking on the "Text Box" button on the top bar of the interface.

You can set the text font, font size, and text color. You can also set the box border thickness, border color, as well as text box background color.

You can design the form as per your requirements.

click "text box"

Step 3. How Do I Add Shapes to PDF

You can also insert different shapes into your PDF by clicking on the "Shapes" icon on the top bar of the interface. You can choose from rectangles, ovals, lines, arrows, hexagons, triangles, etc.

click "shapes" icon

Step 4. Fill Checkboxes

If you want to fill out the checkboxes, you can simply type "√" "x". The following image shows the PDF form I created using UPDF. Beautiful, right? Try it yourself and you can design, customize, and create the PDF form according to your needs.

free pdf fillable form creator

2. Adobe Acrobat Form Creator

One of the most frequently mentioned PDF form creators is Adobe Acrobat. In addition to its long history and useful features, this application also benefits from its durability.

Converting paper forms and other documents to fillable PDFs is a breeze using form creator Adobe. Smart digital fields may be added to any existing paper or digital form in Word or Excel. Any pre-existing form fields are detected and made editable.

form creator adobe


  • It detects static fields and makes them editable automatically.
  • It provides robust and expert-level tools for editing and creating content.


  • The free version has several restrictions and the paid versions are too costly to consider using.
  • The time it takes to create and complete a form might be considerable.

3. Nitro Pro

The powerful tools and business-ready capabilities of the cross-platform editor are easily accessible to novice users. Nitro Pro 13 is one of the most expensive PDF editors in our comparison because of all that power.

Switch away from time-consuming and cumbersome manual procedures and outdated technology. Create fillable digital PDF forms that customers love with Nitro PDF Pro, whether you're starting with a sophisticated scanned form or a basic form produced in Microsoft Word.

fillable form creator - nitro pro


  • Advanced PDF editor.
  • Allows you to create and edit forms.
  • Easy-to-use and simple.


  • Very expensive tool.

4. PDF Form Maker

PDF fields can be combined into an interactive PDF form to facilitate data collecting in an improved manner. PDFs can have a single, global interactive form that spans the whole document, with as many fields as needed on as many pages as needed.

Filling out an interactive form on a computer and submitting it through the web or a local network is possible.

PDFill PDF Form Maker is optimized for fillable PDF forms that may be edited and saved in the Adobe Reader. Familiarity with HTML, PDF, or programming is not required to create the form.

free pdf form creator - pdf form maker


  • Easy and simple form maker.
  • No additional tools are required.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Very limited editing features.
  • Poor user-interface.

5. Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is one of the programs that provides the greatest features for making a form. Multimedia and several languages are built into this fillable PDF maker. The platform's fillable text boxes, configurable buttons, and other features are only the beginning of the expressive range available for extended form creation.

fillable pdf creator - foxit pdf editor


  • Perform nicely in terms of the features it provides.
  • It assists in the incorporation of multimedia files into documents.


  • While a trial version of Foxit PDF Editor is available, it has severe limitations that prohibit users from getting a full grasp of the program.

6. PDF Suite

Although PDF Suite is intuitive and has a wide variety of PDF management features, it may be too limited for some uses. Consider it a lightweight, basic PDF converter and editor with a few advanced features thrown in.

However, if you are only looking for a fillable PDF form creator, then you can use it. PDF Suite offers a simple and professional fillable PDF form creator and editor.

pdf form creator - pdf suite


  • Basic PDF editor with a form editing feature.
  • Easy-to-use and simple.


  • Limited editing features.

7. Kofax Power PDF

Any PDF file may be converted into a fillable form using Kofax Power PDF's user-friendly interface. Power PDF provides a number of options for personalizing your forms.

You may make any necessary changes to the original PDF right in Power PDF before you convert it into a form. The fields can be formatted in whatever you like before being exported as a fillable PDF.

pdf fillable form creator - kofax power pdf


  • Easy-to-use and simple PDF form creator.
  • Professional PDF editing features.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Very expensive.

8. Jotform

As a PDF editor and form builder, JotForm performs admirably. This software makes it simple to design and print out individualized PDF forms that recipients may use their mobile devices to complete and submit. You can make a fillable form in minutes that can be utilized on any device, with or without an internet connection.

free fillable pdf creator - jotform


  • The fillable PDF is available for download and sharing with ease.
  • Users may make forms that can be filled in on any computer or mobile device.


  • The functionality is quite limited.
  • User form creation is capped at a certain number.
  • Customer service is poor.

9. Sejda

When looking for suitable online solutions for this purpose, Sejda is an excellent alternative because it provides a tool that is functionally equivalent to an offline PDF form builder. The platform's strong PDF editor and wide range of customization options make it a good alternative. The service is always user-friendly, and so is the interface of the instrument used to provide it.

free pdf fillable form creator - sejda


  • Allows for connectivity to several cloud providers.
  • The web platform provides a good variety of editing tools.


  • Unfortunately, some features cannot be edited in the free edition of Sejda PDF Editor.

10. Wecreateforms

WeCreateForms is an industry leader in the creation of interactive PDF forms, as well as provides HTML web form creation on an as-needed basis. They design electronic forms (eForms) that may be filled out online for a variety of commonplace purposes.

It includes applications for jobs and insurance, intake forms, assessments, inspection reports, performance reviews, forms for medical and dental patients, questionnaires, and more.

Whether it's a property inspection, a sales quote, or a warehouse checklist, you can do it all with a mobile device. Take advantage of a fillable PDF form created specifically for your mobile device.

form creator adobe - wecreateforms


  • Highly professional fillable forms.
  • Mobile-friendly forms for all sectors.


  • No editing features.

Compare the 10 Best PDF Form Creator

ToolPricingSystemsFill in PDF FormsCreate a PDF FormEdit Text and Image in PDFOCR Scanned PDFsConvert PDF to Other FormatsAnnotate PDFEasy to Use
UPDFUS$39.99Windows, iOS, macOS, Android
Adobe AcrobatUS$239.88Windows, iOS, macOS, Android
Nitro ProUS$129.99Windows and Mac
PDF Form MakerUS$19.99Windows
Foxit PDF EditorUS$149Windows, macOS, iOS, android, the web, and Linux
PDF SuiteUS$64.95Windows
Kofax Power PDFUS$179Windows and macOS
JotformUS$79Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS
SejdaUS$63MacOS, Windows and Linux

Knowing this allows you to go on to the following question which platform provides the finest services after you have an appreciation for why offline PDF editors are utilized for this reason? Apparantly, UPDF stands out these 10 creators, not mention to support Windows, iOS, macOS and Android with collabrative functions, but also has cost effective price for users.


There is a comprehensive elaboration of 10 best fillable PDF creators, UPDF is without a doubt the best PDF form maker available, as its comparative low price and enhanced features. UPDF also allows you to read, comment, convert, share, protect, organize, and OCR PDF documents and it fulfills all your PDF needs in one place. The entire process of creating forms on our platform is designed to be pleasant for users. We recommend you use UPDF.