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The Only Guide to Using Kofax OCR Software That You'll Need in 2024

The demand for efficient document scanning software is rapidly increasing, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is becoming essential when it comes to digital document management; it allows us to convert a scanned document or image into editable and searchable text. Whatever your reason may be for wanting to digitise old documents or create electronic copies of important paperwork or letters, you'll need a reliable scanning solution to be able to do so. Amongst the wide variety of OCR solutions that are available online today, Kofax OCR stands out as one of the most capable tools on the market for scanning and digitising documents. In this article, we'll delve deep into all things Kofax OCR to understand everything that there is to know about its functionality, usage, pricing, its pros and cons, and our thoughts on an extremely worthy alternative - UPDF OCR. Download and try it for free now.

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What is Kofax OCR (Now Tungsten Automation)?

Kofax OCR is an advanced optical character recognition software which is designed to extract text from scanned documents, images, and PDF files. It accurately converts your scanned documents into editable formats such as Word, Excel, or searchable PDF files; this allows for seamless document digitisation and can enhance your productivity by getting rid of repetitive manual data entry tasks. It also has great features available for editing your PDF files. Therefore, Kofax OCR can make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to document management.

kofax ocr

How to Use Kofax OCR

Using Kofax OCR is relatively straightforward; users can simply upload their scanned documents or images into the software interface in order to start the OCR process. The software will then automatically identify any text elements and convert them into editable and searchable content. Kofax OCR also offers customization options which can help to enhance recognition accuracy and to be able to tailor output formats according to your specific requirements.

In order to use Kofax OCR, there are a couple of options that you can choose from:

Automatic OCR

  1. After scanning your document, open the PDF file in Kofax Power PDF 
  2. Next, you'll see a pop-up menu offering three options:
  3. "Cancel" - no OCR will be performed
  4. "OCR Page" - OCR will be performed on the current page
  5. "OCR Document" - OCR will be performed on the entire document.
  6. Choose your preferred option, and let the software work its magic.

Manual OCR

You can also choose to perform OCR manually. To do this, click "Edit" then "OCR Page". Kofax Power PDF will then begin to perform the OCR process and you'll see a progress bar appear on your screen.

Tips to Improve the OCR Results of Kofax

  • Make sure you are using a crisp and clean document, as clear and legible text will produce much more accurate results.
  • Place your physical document on the scanner as straight as you possibly can. If you have scanned a document that wasn't 100% straight, you will be able to edit this within the Kofax Power PDF software.
  • Make the background of your scanned document as white as possible by using the "Deskew and Adjust Image" tool; a document that is highly contrasted is more likely to provide more accurate results.

Pricing of Kofax OCR (Kofax Power PDF)

Kofax OCR, bundled within Kofax Power PDF, has a 15-day free trial available and it also offers a few different pricing models which could suit both individuals and businesses. Depending on what level of usage that you'd like to get out of this software, Kofax OCR offers a standard paid version at $129 per year, or an advanced version which is priced at $179 per year. Users can choose between a subscription-based plan or paying a one-time fee, so you can select an option for payment that suits your needs.

kofax ocr pricing

Pros, Cons, and User Reviews of Kofax OCR

Like any form of technology or software on the market, Kofax OCR has its own set of positive and negative aspects. We've researched what real users are saying about Kofax OCR and which of its features they do and don't like. Read on to be able to weigh up the pros and cons of using this OCR software.

Pros of Kofax OCR::

  • Clean interface and easy to navigate
  • High accuracy in text recognition
  • Seamless integration with existing document management systems
  • An extensive set of features for editing and annotating PDF files
  • Has an encryption tool which allows the user to add password to individual documents
  • No sign-up or payment details required for free trial usage

Cons of Kofax OCR::

  • Not suited to those looking to carry out simple tasks like reading a PDF file
  • Some features are not currently available in the standard PC version
  • Higher pricing compared to some alternatives on the market
  • There can occasionally be some compatibility issues with certain file formats
  • The installation process is challenging and time-consuming due to the large 1.8GB package size

Real User Reviews of Kofax OCR:

Kofax OCR has been rated a 4 out of 5 on TechRadar, and it scores an average of 6.3/10 on TrustRadius.

A real Kofax OCR user has left the following review on TrustRadius:

"I have tried many different PDF programs from free to subscription type and have found Kofax Power PDF the best for day to day PDF handling. Easy to use for the novice with the tools available for more advanced users. Most of the use comes from filling in forms or creating PDF documents to share."

The Best Kofax OCR Alternative - More Accurate & Cost-Effective

While Kofax OCR can be considered a suitable solution for your OCR needs, an alternative worth considering is UPDF OCR. UPDF OCR has incredibly reliable OCR technology which can recognise 38 different languages. You can seamlessly combine this feature with its PDF scanning abilities; once you have scanned your PDFs, you can store them in your UPDF account for easy access. Try it for free now.

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kofax ocr updf ocr

UPDF OCR is a lot more competitively priced than Kofax OCR, too - and it's currently on sale, offering you a huge 61% off! There couldn't be a more perfect time to purchase this innovative OCR software. After purchasing, you can use UPDF on all browsers and platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android all at the same time (The OCR feature is available on the Windows and Mac versions). It doesn't charge separately for using it on different platforms, and can be used on up to four devices simultaneously.

If you'd like to know how to use UPDF OCR, follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1: First, you will need to download the UPDF software. To do this, click the "Free Download" button.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 2: Once installed, open up your chosen document in UPDF, and choose "Recognise text using OCR" from the panel on the right-hand side. (You may need to download this feature as a plugin; click "Download if the pop-up appears.)

Step 3: If you have had to download the plugin, go back into the UPDF window and select the same button as before. Choose from the two options that populate; the first of the two is "Searchable PDF" which means that your documents will be scanned and then converted into searchable and editable documents.

Step 4: If you've chosen "Searchable", you'll be asked to choose a layout for your document as well as selecting the language required, image resolution and page range.

Step 5. Finally, click the "Perform OCR" button and you can convert your scanned PDF into editable now.

kofax ocr updf

If you'd like to learn more about UPDF OCR and its wide range of capabilities for your document scanning needs, watch the video below or visit HowToGeek for an impartial and detailed review.

FAQs about Kofax OCR

1. Does Kofax have OCR?

Yes, Kofax offers robust OCR capabilities within its Power PDF solution. Users can easily upload their scanned documents or images into the software interface to get started; Kofax OCR also offers a great set of features for amending or annotating their PDF files.

2. Is Kofax OCR free?

No, Kofax OCR is not free - although it does offer an initial 15-day free trial. It is typically bundled within the Kofax Power PDF suite, which requires purchasing. As mentioned, the standard paid version is priced at $129 per year, and the advanced version is $179 per year.

3. What's the function of Kofax OCR?

The primary function of Kofax OCR is to extract text from scanned documents, images, or PDF files, converting them into editable formats to prepare them for further processing or to make digital document management easier.


If you're looking for a reliable solution for document digitisation and text extraction, Kofax OCR can definitely be a great option. However, for those seeking a more cost-effective and user-friendly alternative, UPDF OCR is a huge competitor with lots of innovative features. UPDF OCR not only offers OCR technology, but also provides additional features like recognition of multiple languages, as well as seamless integration with PDF scanning and editing capabilities. But that's not all - its competitive pricing and multi-platform compatibility make it an extremely attractive option for users who are looking for efficiency and affordability, whether it's for personal or professional use. Try it for free now and you won't regret it.

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