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5 Best Spanish OCR Software [Ultimate Review]

If you are a business or individual always working with scanned Spanish documents or images with Spanish texts, then having good Spanish OCR software is very important, but it can be hard to choose from so many different Spanish OCRs on the market. You want to make sure you have the best Spanish OCR software to help you extract and edit content from your non-editable Spanish documents, such as images or scanned documents.

So let's look at 5 of the most common Spanish OCR software to compare price, features, and accuracy to help you decide which one will work for your needs. And we'll give our recommendation for the best Spanish OCR software!

Part 1: 5 Best Spanish OCR Software

We'll go over the 5 best Spanish OCR software to help you with all of your document needs. While these 5 Spanish OCR options are commonly used for performing OCR and editing documents, and have many same features, we have listed our number one top pick first, since it's the most capable of doing everything (and more!) that you need with your Spanish scanned documents or images.

1. UPDF - No. 1 Spanish OCR Software

UPDF is your best option for performing OCR on Spanish scanned or image files because of its many robust features. UPDF allows you to customize OCR settings to get the best possible results from your Spanish file, and it is simple and easy to use!

spanish ocr updf

UPDF has an interface that makes OCR your Spanish scanned or image documents not only easy but an enjoyable process! One of the best aspects of UPDF is that all of the original formatting of the scanned document or image will be maintained after it's converted to an editable file (which we cannot say for any other product on this list). And you will truly be impressed by the high degree of accuracy that UPDF has when OCR a scanned Spanish document.

After converting your scanned Spanish document/image into editable, you can then edit the document by editing existing elements or adding text, images, or links. You can also add comments, add a password, share with others via the UPDF Cloud, or even use UPDF's AI tools to summarize and explain the text to make the content easier to understand! There are so many useful tools to customize your scanned document and fit your needs.

Another key feature of UPDF is the ability to translate anything in your Spanish document to whatever other language you need with just one click! Don't bother with any translation software, because you can do all the translating you need right within UPDF.

If you're ready to try our number one Spanish OCR choice, download UPDF for free!

Add download button here.

Price: $35.99 per year for an individual or $55.99 for lifetime access for an individual

Accuracy: 99.9%

Best For: If you want to convert a scanned Spanish document or images without losing formatting and use AI features to make your workflow simple, easy, and fun, then, UPDF is your choice.

UPDF is more than a Spanish OCR software, you can have a thorough overview of UPDF with this UPDF review article from 9to5Mac, watch the below review video, or download UPDF free trial version via the below button.  

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2. Free OCR to Word - The Best Free Spanish OCR Software (Free But Lacks Many Features)

Free OCR to Word is a free, but very basic Spanish OCR tool. With Free OCR to Word, you can upload and OCR Spanish text images or scanned documents and convert them to a Word document.

Free OCR to Word is useful because you can start with many different file types, such as a GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or more.

Free OCR to Word also works directly with your scanner, and converts your images very quickly.

spanish ocr free ocr to word

Price: Free

Accuracy: Website claims 98% accuracy

Best For: Converting quick documents that are very plain and do not have any images or formatting

3. Google Drive OCR - The Best Free Online Spanish OCR Software (Free But Lacks Formatting)

Google Drive has a built-in OCR feature. It is free and easy to use because it's built directly into Google Drive, so if you heavily use Google Drive for work or personal use, it's easy to access.

With Google Drive, you can convert Spanish text PDFs or photo files to searchable and editable text. One key feature of Google Drive OCR is that it can automatically detect the language of your Spanish text document and will accurately convert that language to text.

The best part of Google Drive OCR is that it's already integrated into your Google Drive, so you don't have to download any software.

spanish ocr gooogle drive

Price: Free

Accuracy: 90%+

Best For: People who are already using Google Drive to store their Spanish text documents because it's very easy to access Google Drive OCR

4. ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is a very advanced OCR software that you can use for converting your Spanish text images and documents into editable formats. You can use it to turn your paper documents and scanned PDFs into searchable and editable PDFs.

You can convert your Spanish documents into PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, or other common files with a high level of accuracy. ABBYY FineReader will also maintain most of the formatting of the original file.

One of the most useful features of ABBYY FineReader is that you can scan Spanish text documents with a mobile device using iOS and send them directly to your computer for processing, which many other Spanish OCRs don't support.

spanish ocr abbyy

Price: $99 per year for individuals, $165 per year for businesses, or $69 per year for Mac users

Accuracy: Website claims 99.8% accuracy

Best For: If you need to scan and convert Spanish PDFs quickly and on-the-go with your mobile device

5. Simple OCR

Simple OCR is a free software for Spanish OCR. It has very simple and basic features, such as the ability to scan a Spanish text document and extract plain text and ignore formatting. You can then use the plain text file to format however you'd like.

Simple OCR also has a feature where you can extract text from just part of your Spanish text document, instead of the whole document. This is great if you only need to edit or search part of the document!

One feature of Simple OCR that users will like is the ability to "despeckle" a document, which means making a noisy image, such as something that has been scanned many times, sharper and more accurate.

spanish ocr simple ocr

Price: Free

Accuracy: Website claims 99.8% accuracy

Best For: When you want to convert your Spanish text document into a plain text file that you will then format in your preferred way

Part 2: Which Spanish OCR Software is Better?

To help you figure out which Spanish OCR software is going to work the best for you, use this table to compare and contrast the main features of each product.

ItemsUPDFFree OCR to WordGoogle Drive OCRABBYY FineReaderSimple OCR
PriceThere's a free trial for experiencing the OCR features, or $35.99 annually for individuals, or $55.99 for perpetual individual useFreeFree$99 per year for individuals, $165 per year for businesses, or $69 per year for Mac usersFree
Platforms SupportedWindows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, AndroidWindowsWeb-based serviceWindows, Mac, iOSWindows
OCR Accuracy99.9%98%90%+99.8%99.8%
OCR Languages38 languagesEnglish15+ languages190+ languagesEnglish and French
Keep Scanned PDF/Images Formatting
Edit OCRed PDF/images
Convert OCRed PDF/images
Translate OCRed PDF/images
Summarize OCRed PDF/images
Convert OCRed PDF/Images Into Non editable

From the table, it is evident that UPDF is the best Spanish OCR tool as it has the best accuracy for the OCR result and more advanced features than other tools like AI features to help you translate, explain, summarize and more.

Final Words

In this article, we have introduced top 5 Spanish OCR software with overview of their features, price, accuracy, etc. We are sure you can choose one desired Spanish OCR software now. If you still do not know which one to use, we recommend you to use UPDF as it works better in the Spanish OCR accuracy and it does more than a OCR software. Don't waste your time on other Spanish OCR software, download UPDF right now to experience its Spanish OCR and other features!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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