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How to Perform OCR on iPhone and iPad in 3 Ways

OCR technology transforms text in images into a machine-readable format through image acquisition, preprocessing, text recognition, and post-processing. Using this technology, one can extract text from screenshots and scanned photographs, notes, and other documents. Afterward, they can quickly edit or translate the text as required, replacing manual data entry with already typed texts.

Imagine you are in a meeting and need an OCR on iPhone or iPad to digitize your hand notes into editable and readable text quickly. To handle this situation efficiently, you should read this guide, which shows the best OCR for iPad/iPhone methods and stepwise guides for using them.

Method 1. How to Use OCR on iPhone and iPad

The first option to consider for OCR iPhone is UPDF, which is an industry-leading PDF editor for iOS. It can transform text in images and screenshots into editable text that you can easily quote or cite in your work. With a few clicks, you can convert the image text into editable text, which can be later translated into other languages.

UPDF is far more than an iOS OCR, and if you are interested in exploring this PDF handler more, delve into its key features. Before that, download UPDF now and purchase its cost-friendly plan because you can avail yourself of a big discount on UPDF Pro during this sale season. Unlike other platforms, you can use one UPDF Pro plan on your smartphones and desktop devices without extra charges.    

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Discover the Key Features of UPDF: Your Path to Efficient Document Handling

  1. Edit PDF: UPDF offers an edit PDF feature that allows you to change the color, font, style, and font size of text in PDFs. Also, users can add, edit, delete text, manage watermarks, crop images in PDFs, and rotate or replace pages in PDF documents.  
  2. Annotate PDF: When PDF documents are known as a non-editable format, UPDF allows you to use markup tools like pencils or highlighters to annotate PDFs. Plus, it lets you add comments, shapes, stamps, and stickers in the PDF to make the document appealing and easy to read.
  3. Organize Pages: To improve document structure, UPDF has the ability to organize PDF pages in your desired order. In this regard, it can rotate, insert, extract, delete, and copy-paste specific pages in a PDF document.
  4. UPDF AI: It's an exclusive PDF editor with an AI assistant summarizing a document's textual data. Besides, there is an explainer that describes the meaning of complicated terms for your quick learning of complex data. Users also have access to UPDF AI translator and rephrase, which can be accessed via Ask PDF or Chat modes.
  5. Convert images to PDF: Apart from iOS OCR PDF, this app can convert images and screenshots into PDF documents without quality loss. After the one-click conversion, the layout and formatting of your images will be retained the same, and you can edit the PDF later as well.  
  6. Scan paperwork to PDF: UPDF can also work as a PDF scanner that students eagerly utilize to scan their written assignments or hand notes. Upon scanning, this app helps them to organize their pages and convert them into PDF format for easy sharing or uploading at their portals.
  7. Security Space: In UPDF on iOS, users can benefit from a security space folder and add an extra layer of security to their confidential documents. They can shift their important documents to a security space folder and access them with their Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.

To learn more about UPDF, you can watch the below video.

As you have learned about the fruitful functionalities of this OCR iPhone app, let's learn how seamlessly it works on iPhone and iPad. For this purpose, the steps below will guide you in learning UPDF's OCR so you won't be confused during the process.

Step 1: Import the Image to Convert it into PDF Format

Launch UPDF in your iOS after successfully installing it from the App Store or by pressing the "Free Download" button below and access its intuitive interface. Now, use the "+ (Add)" icon to import an image with textual information via the "Photos" or "Files" options. Once the image is imported in UPDF, touch the "Three Dots" icon below it and tap the "Convert to PDF" option.

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how to perform ocr iphone open the file to perform ocr on iphone with updf

Step 2: Perform OCR and Copy-Paste the Editable Text

Later, open the PDF you have created from the image and long-press anywhere on the file to get a new menu. Touch the "Forward" icon on the menu until you get the "OCR" option to tap and move with. Next, press the "Text Scanner" icon from the bottom right side and navigate to the document to select the entire text. Finally, use the "Copy" option and paste the copied text into your work or wherever required.

how to perform ocr iphone ocr pdf on iphone with updf

Method 2. How to Use OCR on iPhone and iPad using Live Text

Apple introduced the Live Text feature in iOS 15, aiming to extract text from images, documents, or physical objects by just turning on the camera. If you are amazed by the text recognition on iPhone and wondering how it will work, the following guide will help you figure it out.

Step 1: First, open the "Settings" app and scroll to choose the "General" option. Next, browse the "Language & Region" option to tap and navigate to the next screen. There, locate the "Live Text" option and ensure it is enabled and you are ready to initiate the OCR through the camera.

how to perform ocr iphone enable the live text feature

Step 2: Go to your Camera app and position your iPhone or iPad before the text until a "Text Recognition" icon appears. Tap the "Text Recognition" icon at the bottom-right and use the "Copy" option to copy-paste the detected text where required.

how to perform ocr iphone choose copy option

Method 3. How to Use OCR on iPhone and iPad using Apple Notes

Alternative to the above method, you can perform OCR using your iPhone or iPad's Notes app, but you must have iOS 15 or later version. Let's understand how you can perform OCR scanner on iPhone in Apple Notes through the next steps.

Step 1: Access your iPhone or iPad's Notes app and tap the "New Note" icon at the bottom right of the screen. Then, touch the "Camera" icon and choose the "Scan Text" option from the extended list.

how to perform ocr iphone select the scan text feature

Step 2: Now, your keyboard will be replaced with a camera that you need to locate above the text. Wait until your text gets recognized, and when it's done, hit the "Insert" button to get the text in Notes.

how to perform ocr iphone hit the insert button

FAQs about OCR on iPhone and iPad

1. Does the iPhone have OCR?

Certainly, the iPhone has OCR technology in its iOS 15 or later versions that allows you to scan text using a camera and obtain editable text. In this regard, Apple users can try scanners in the Camera App or the Apple Notes app to get text from physical objects or handwritten notes.

2. What is the best OCR software for the iPhone?

With 38 language support and high-speed OCR, UPDF is a top-notch software for iOS OCR. It offers accurate text recognition and even allows you to obtain editable text from a specific area in the documents. Besides, this incredible tool is safe and offers unlimited PDF editing features such as editing, converting, annotating, and compressing.

3. How do I OCR PDF on iPad?

If you wish to perform OCR on PDF through your iPad, install UPDF using the App Store. Launch UPDF, import a PDF document using the "+ (Add)" icon, and select the text in the PDF. Now, use the menu that appears and swipe it from right to left for the "OCR" option.

Tap the OCR option and touch the "Text Recognition" icon at the bottom right corner. Lastly, copy the PDF text and paste it elsewhere on your iPad where you intended to.

4. What is the best OCR scanner for the iPhone?

Individuals looking for the best OCR scanner should try UPDF, which has advanced OCR technology that works quickly and generates accurate results. It guarantees 99% accuracy in converting the text in images and scanned documents into editable and searchable text.  


To summarize the discussion, let's say that there are several techniques to perform OCR on iPhones and iPads. This article explained the 3 best ways of performing OCR: an outstanding PDF editor, live text, and Apple Notes. If we infer the most accurate and reliable method, UPDF stands at the top because of its quick processing and accuracy.

Therefore, it is suggested that you download UPDF on your iOS now through the App Store and discover its exclusive functionalities to increase productivity. You can also view the video attached below for in-depth information about UPDF Pro features, as the biggest sale on UPDF has started. So, hurry up and shift to a subscription plan that aligns with your needs, whether you want a perpetual, yearly, or monthly plan.

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