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ABBYY FineReader Review: Everything You Need to Know

When working on PDFs, you need to go for the most feature-rich and reliable tool to get a good experience. ABBYY FineReader is a software that is famous for its OCR capabilities, and it offers many other features to work on PDF documents. However, there are some problems with this tool that everyone must know before picking it since it is a paid tool that does not come at a cheap price. So, this review will uncover all the good and bad aspects of this tool.

Moreover, if you don't think that ABBYY FineReader is the right tool for you, then you must pick its alternative – UPDF. You can download and use UPDF for free test and get Pro version for premium features if you are satisfied with it. Jump to Part 8 to learn more about UPDF.

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Part 1. What is ABBYY FineReader?

ABBYY FineReader is a well-known optical character recognition (OCR) application created by ABBYY, a global leader in document recognition and linguistic technology. Its precision and efficiency make it ideal for converting scanned documents, PDFs and picture files into editable and searchable digital formats. FineReader supports 198 languages and includes advanced document editing, PDF management and automated conversion operations.

Its user-friendly layout makes navigation and operation simple, making it appropriate for both professional and personal use. The software is generally praised for its ability to preserve the original style and formatting of documents, hence speeding up the process of digitizing paper-based data. As a result, ABBYY FineReader is a must-have solution for businesses and individuals looking to improve document handling and data accessibility.

Part 2. What Does ABBYY FineReader Do?

ABBYY FineReader is packed with lots of amazing features including:

  • OCR processing with document conversion to other editable formats.
  • PDF editing, commenting, and protection capabilities
  • Document comparison for efficient versioning
  • Automatic conversion with batch processing
  • Built-in image preprocessing for better OCR performance

Part 3. Is ABBYY FineReader Free?

No it is not a free tool and if you want to use it for free you can try the 7-day free trial which is available without requiring any credit card or payment information. If you are planning to buy this software below are different pricing details depending on the package tenure and OS you pick.

Windows Monthly16 €
Windows Yearly99 €
Mac Yearly69 €

Part 4. Is ABBYY FineReader Safe?

ABBYY FineReader is widely known as a secure software. It uses industry-standard security procedures to safeguard data while it is being processed. To avoid security risks connected with counterfeit software download it from the official website or authorized dealers as with any software.

Part 5. How to Install ABBYY FineReader?

Installing ABBYY FineReader is very easy. To install it, you need to go to the official website and follow the steps below. Ensure that you are not downloading this software from any third-party websites as long as ABBYY does not authorize it.

Step 1: Open your browser and go to the ABBYY FineReader website. On the home page, you will see a "Try for Free" button that you can click to install it without purchasing. If you want to install after purchasing, you may click "Buy Now" to proceed with payment and then you will get its setup.

abbyy finereader try for free

Step 2: Now click "Download Free Trial" for the version that you need and the setup will start downloading on your PC. Once setup is downloaded, you can double-click to run it and use it to install software by following on-screen steps.

abbyy finereader download free trial

Part 6. How to Use ABBYY FineReader?

Using ABBYY FineReader is very simple, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Let's take an example that you need to perform OCR on a scanned PDF document, here are the steps to follow on ABBYY FineReader for this use case:

Step 1: Run ABBYY FineReader software on your PC and open PDF in it by pressing "Ctrl + O" or clicking "Open". When a scanned PDF is open, you can click and hold the mouse and drag it over text to select it, then right click, and you will get different functions. In this example, we will select "Copy Text," which directly copies text from scanned PDF.

abbyy finereader copy text

Step 2: Now go to another document and press "Ctrl + V" and the copied content will be pasted with same style and formatting

abbyy finereader paste copied content

Part 7. What Customers Like/Do Not Like About Abby FineReader?

ABBYY FineReader is a popular tool for performing OCR on your PDF documents or images. Many users have good experience with it while many don't get the best experience. So, here we will list some good and bad points about this tool that will help you in making your decision about picking it as your OCR tool.

What customers like about ABBYY FineReader

  • ABBYY FineReader offers high OCR accuracy
  • The user interface is very easy to navigate
  • It saves time by converting document to editable formats after performing OCR.
  • Perfect for global audience with lots of languages supported
  • Performs perfectly with a wide range of file formats

What customers don't like about ABBYY FineReader

  • It is not the budget-friendly option for an average user
  • ABBYY FineReader may not perform well on low-end computers since it is resource intensive
  • Complex features are not useful for all users, and they add a steep learning curve to this tool
  • Cloud integration is limited here
  • The free trial is limited to 7 days only, which may not be enough for most users.

These points are inspired by hundreds of real-user reviews found across multiple user-review platforms. Below are the ratings of ABBYY FineReader at some of the most popular and reliable review platforms.

PlatformUser RatingReview Count
Software Advice4.7/5344

In conclusion, ABBYY FineReader is a robust and efficient OCR and document management application for the average user. Its high text recognition accuracy and user-friendly interface make it suited for both personal and commercial use. However, the pricing and system requirements may be factors to consider. Users that require frequent document digitalization and conversion may find it quite useful, however casual users may find the complex features overkill. Similarly, if someone is looking for a free or cheap OCR solution, then ABBYY FineReader may not be the best choice

Part 8. The Best ABBYY FineReader Alternative

UPDF is the best alternative to ABBYY FineReader, whether you need a tool with great OCR capabilities or for overall PDF documentation. UPDF is not solely focused on OCR capabilities and it has some other features as well. With UPDF, you can choose the OCR style for converting images into editable text or editable text into non-editable/flattened PDFs. So, you must download UPDF and give its OCR features a try.

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UPDF OCR can benefit you in multiple circumstances for when you need to convert and edit scanned documents on the go. Its wide coverage of languages makes it fit for people from multiple countries in the world and. Moreover, you get complete control over customizing how UPDF will perform OCR on your scanned documents.

abbyy finereader updf ocr

Apart from its amazing OCR features, UPDF comes with many more features which can help you with other PDF documentation needs. The best features provided by UPDF include:

  • Edit PDF text and get complete control on image and link editing in PDF.
  • UPDF AI translate, explain, summarize, rewrite, review, or generate content in PDF.
  • Batch Process files in bulk for better speed and higher productivity.
  • Convert PDF to other files and other files to PDF with support for multiple formats.
  • Compress PDF for file-size reduction without any impact to content quality.
  • Organize PDF pages with insert, extract, or delete functions.
  • Fill and Sign PDF forms and ability to create or edit your PDF forms.
  • UPDF Cloud syncs PDF documents across your devices and organizes PDFs.
  • Protect PDF documents by adding password protection for opening and other permissions.

Learn more about UPDF and its features from this Tech Advisor review of UPDF, or you may watch the video below about how UPDF works and everything you can do with it. After getting a better understanding of UPDF and its premium features, you can purchase UPDF Pro at surprisingly cheap prices.

Part 9. FAQS About ABBYY FineReader

Q1. Can ABBYY FineReader Read Handwriting?

No, it is not very efficient at reading handwritten text. However, it can work with hand-printed text to a certain extent.

Q2. Is ABBYY a Russian Company?

Yes, ABBYY is a Russian company.

Q3. Who Owns ABBYY?

ABBYY is owned by Marlin Equity Partners, which is a global investment firm.


ABBYY FineReader is a PDF OCR tool that has been there for long and it is known for its good quality especially in corporate environments. However, despite all the good things about it, this tool is not the perfect choice for most individual and corporate users. That's where UPDF makes a better alternate to it whether you need OCR capabilities or other features. Download UPDF to explore what features it has to offer and how it can revolutionize your documentation experience.

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