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Simple Ways to Convert Handwriting to Text Accurately

Whether you are a student taking notes in class or a businessman taking notes during meetings, nothing quite matches the experience of taking notes with the hand. It is a fast, accurate, and handy way of taking notes. However, the hassle of rewriting the notes is a tiring process, especially if you want to convert your handwritten notes into text. In this article, we will discuss how to convert handwriting to text in a matter of seconds using software that comes in handy and converts the text accurately.

Part 1. How to Convert Handwriting to Text

UPDF for Windows and Mac is a powerful PDF editor designed distinctively for regular PDF editors as it covers a wide aspect of features from editing text and images to editing files. It offers advanced features that can be performed easily on PDF files, transforming the user experience by making their tasks simple and easy. UPDF is a one-stop program using which users can achieve perfection in their PDF documents.

UPDF has many useful functions waiting for you to discover. You can click the download button below for a trial.

handwritting to text

Top Features of UPDF Robust PDF Editor

Being a robust and innovative PDF editor, UPDF offers all-in-one solutions for users by providing efficient features.

  • Best PDF Editor: Using UPDF, users can easily edit their documents to create a perfect PDF document. It offers intuitive tools to add, delete, and replace text and images in the PDF file.
  • Facile Reading Experience: UPDF is the best PDF reader tool available online, especially for the features which make the reading process facile with the "Navigation" toolbar. It allows users to jump from one page to another quickly, or users can also jump to the end or the beginning of the PDF with one simple click.
  • Convenient PDF Converter: With the conversion feature, users can convert PDFs into popular formats with one click. UPDF also supports the OCR feature (Optical Character Recognition), an innovative feature that converts any text, image, or handwriting into an editable format or text.
  • Quick PDF Pages Organization: You can quickly rearrange, insert, replace, extract, crop, rotate, and delete pages in PDF.

Method 1: Convert Handwriting PDF to Text with OCR

If you have a paper document written in your handwriting and scanned form, you can edit your text. While it sounds interesting, the OCR function provided by UPDF is one of the best OCR tools that can be found. It converts all scanned PDFs to searchable and editable PDF files with text that can be edited. If you wish to convert handwriting to text with the OCR tool, the following steps as completion of this method:

Step 1: Select the Type of Document to OCR

Open the handwritten PDF document and proceed to the "Recognize Text Using OCR" function on the right panel. This opens a menu with the OCR settings, where you have to specify and check the "Searchable PDF" option in the Document Type section.

convert handwriting to text

Step 2: Setting the Layout of OCR

Next, go through the "Layout" settings and select "Text and pictures only" or "Text over the page image" in the list. Select the "Gear" icon and check the necessary options to convert handwriting to text.

scan handwriting to text

Step 3: Defining the Document Language

Once done, select any of the 38 languages available in the "Document Language" list that will help the OCR in recognition.

handwriting to text converter updf

Step 4: Selecting the Image Resolution

You must define the "Image Resolution" with any of the options in the list. For uncertainty, you can select "Detect Optimal Resolution" and continue.

handwriting ocr with updf

Step 5: Set Range and Apply OCR

Specify the page range and work with the available options to perform it in odd or even pages, etc. Following this, click on the "Perform OCR" button for the execution of the process. Before it is converted, it asks you the location for the converted document and will execute the task after it is specified.

updf handwriting to text

You can edit the handwritten PDF by performing the file. But if you want to convert PDF to Text format, you can use the UPDF export PDF feature to convert handwriting PDF to Text File.

Method 2: Convert a Handwritten PDF File to Text Format

You can scan handwriting into a text file by enabling the OCR feature of the UPDF. You can do that by following the below steps of UPDF:

Step 1: Open PDF in UPDF

To start with the conversion process, click on the "Open File" button to open your scanned PDF document in UPDF.

open pdf to convert handwritten pdf to text format

Step 2: Select the Output Format

Now click on the "Export PDF" icon from the right toolbar. Once you have entered the export PDF mode, a pop-up window will appear on your screen. Next, select Text as the output format of the scanned PDF document from the given list.

pdf to text

Step 3: Apply OCR on Scanned PDF

To convert your scanned PDF into Text, enable the OCR feature by clicking on "Text Recognition Settings." It will convert your scanned PDF files into editable text. Also, click on "Document Language" to select the language of your PDF file so that your PDF can be converted accurately.

After making all the changes, click on "Export." It will take a few seconds to process, and your file will be opened in the selected output format, where your scanned handwritten PDF is converted into editable text.

convert pdf to text with ocr

Above are the steps to convert a handwritten PDF file to Text. Seems easy, right? You can use UPDF to perform these steps. Now you can download it directly by clicking the download button below.

Part 2. How to Convert Handwriting to Text Online

Online OCR is a handwriting-to-text free converter tool. It also allows users to convert handwritten notes into text, which saves a lot of time and provides exact and accurate conversion results. The best feature offered by Online OCR is that it provides high security to your PDF documents by deleting the PDF from the servers after conversion. Follow the steps below to convert scanned handwriting to text using the Online OCR free conversion tool:

Step 1: The first step is to search the Online OCR tool on your browser. Upload scanned handwritten PDF files with a size of less than 15 MB by clicking on the "Select File" button.

Step 2: After uploading the file, select the "Language" and "Output Format" of the handwritten PDF file from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: After selecting the language and output format of the scanned PDF, click on the "Convert" button to initiate the conversion process. It will take a few seconds and as soon as your scanned PDF is converted, download it on your computer by clicking "Download Output Format."

tap on download output file online ocr

Part 3. How to Convert Handwriting to Text with Good Notes

Good Notes is a digital note-taking tool compatible with MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. Good Notes allows users to take notes in interesting ways. Users can create their own flashcards so important information can be revised frequently. You can search handwritten notes, too, as it allows the conversion of handwritten notes into text. To convert handwritten notes into text with Good Notes, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open Good Notes on your MacBook and import scanned handwritten notes by clicking on the "New" button and follow it up by clicking on "Import." Now, select the handwritten document from Mac and import it to Good Notes.

Step 2: After importing a handwritten document, click on "Lasso Tool" from the toolbar. Mark the area of handwritten notes you want to convert into text. Follow it up by clicking on "Selection" and navigating to "Convert" to initiate the conversion.

good notes handwritten to text

Step 3: As soon as you click on convert, navigate to the "Share" button on the top right corner and follow it up by tapping on "Copy." To paste the converted handwritten note into text, long press on the screen, and your handwritten notes will be converted into text.

Part 4. How to Convert Handwriting to Text with Evernote

Evernot is a renowned note-taking application compatible with almost all OS and devices. It offers matching features to its user, such as they can add notes, add handwritten notes, voice notes, images, and screenshots to make notes catchy and productive.

It also allows users to convert handwritten notes to text with the Evernote OCR feature, which scans the text within the handwritten notes and accurately converts and searches the text. Follow the steps mentioned to convert any handwriting into text using the OCR feature offered by Evernote:

Step 1: Download the Evernote application on your MacBook or Windows and launch it. After launching the application, import the handwritten notes on Evernote by clicking on "File" and follow it up by clicking on the "Import" option. Browse the Handwritten notes from your device and click on "Open."

Step 2: After importing the scanned handwritten notes, search for a text in the search bar to enable the OCR feature on handwritten notes.

search the text in evernote

Step 3: Once the search result is displayed on the screen, all the selected handwritten notes will be converted into digital text.

Part 5. FAQs on Handwriting to Text

1. Can I convert handwriting to text?

Yes, you can convert handwriting to text using the UPDF Handwriting OCR conversion feature. Open the scanned handwritten PDF on UPDF and click the "Export" button. Select the "Output Format" and follow it up by enabling the OCR feature by clicking on "Text Recognition Settings." After that, click on "Export" to convert your scanned handwritten document into text format.

2. Is there an app that will convert handwriting to text?

Yes, UPDF is a robust PDF editor and converter which allows users to convert handwriting into text by applying the OCR feature, which scans the text within the scanned handwritten documents.

3. How do you digitize handwriting?

You can change handwriting into text by using the UPDF OCR feature. After importing the handwritten document, tap on "Export PDF". Enable the OCR feature, select the output format as well as the language of the document, and tap on the "Export" button. In a few seconds, your handwriting will be converted into digital text.

4. How do I convert handwriting to text on my phone?

Using the Evernote or Good Notes note-taking application, you can convert handwriting into digital text on your phone. Their handwriting OCR feature easily converts handwriting into text within seconds on your phone.


There are various methods and applications discussed in the article by which you can easily convert handwritten notes into text. Suppose you are someone who is looking out for the best method to convert handwritten notes regularly into text. In that case, it is better to opt for the application which offers quick, simple, and accurate conversion of scanned handwritten notes.

In this regard, UPDF is the best solution for managing and converting your PDF files. The plus point of UPDF is its compatibility with Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows, which makes it an ideal solution for regular PDF users. Install this robust PDF editor today and manage your files on the go.