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The A Comprehensive Guide to the Top 5 Free Amharic OCR Tools Available in 2024

Technology is advancing extremely rapidly, and so is the demand for tools capable of handling language scripts. Amharic is a prominent language in Ethiopia, and the second-most commonly spoken Semitic language in the world, so it isn't ideal that many people have issues translating languages in image format. Luckily, OCR technology has evolved inline with the need to digitise and process Amharic text; if you're in need of a powerful tool for Amharic image-to-text conversion, look no further as we've found and researched the top five free Amharic OCR online converter tools that are available right now. As a bonus, we also introduce the UPDF OCR for the other 38 languages, which is accurate, fast, and secure to recognize text in images. Try it now.

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Top 5 Free Amharic OCR Tools Online

1. MetaAppz

With MetaAppz, you can quickly convert scanned Amharic documents into text for free. With its strong OCR capability, MetaAppz can easily scan images, legal documents, books and newspapers containing Amharic text into search-friendly and editable text. Text can be extracted from your scanned files in multiple formats such as JPG, PDF and PNG, and your personal data is fully protected as the server does not store any of your information.

amharic ocr metaappz


    An excellent aspect of using this Amharic OCR online tool is how quickly it can extract Amharic text from a variety of file types and then convert it, acting as a huge time saver for its users. Another great thing about this platform is that users can directly drag and drop their chosen file into the server rather than searching and then uploading it.


    Unfortunately, the premium-level features available are quite limited. MetaAppz also does not currently support batch processing, which can result in the user inconveniently having to upload one file at a time.

2. I2OCR

I2OCR is widely known as one of the most trustworthy Amharic OCR software tools, and is renowned for being extremely user-friendly. It can process the text from columned documents, and you can later on download the file for editing on other platforms. I2OCR supports batch processing and it's available to use for free on any browser or device.

amharic ocr i2ocr


    What makes I2OCR very user-friendly is that it doesn't require any registration or installation, meaning you can go to the website and use it straight away without inputting any personal details. It also supports various file formats and you can upload multiple files at the one time.


    Something not so great about this platform is that it can change the formatting of your document after the conversion process; this can also make it more difficult to amend the produced file's text after it has been converted.

3. Easy OCR Converter

Easy OCR Converter allows the user to drag and drop or upload a file to be analysed and the text to be extracted. After this process, you can then edit the text produced as required. Easy OCR Converter is a highly versatile tool that is capable of scanning a wide variety of file types such as scanned documents, screenshots and photographs.

amharic ocr easy ocr converter


    A hugely positive aspect of this tool is the speed at which it can recognise text from documents; it also allows unlimited uploads. Easy OCR Converter has also been designed to be extremely user-friendly, so it's accessible to all skill levels.


    Users have reported that this tool isn't always 100% accurate as it seems to struggle with more complex text, or images that aren't of a particularly high quality.

4. Online OCR Converter

This tool instantly scans uploaded images and analyses them to convert them into editable and searchable text. Online OCR Converter offers a free plan which allows up to 5 images per day with a 5MB file size, with the option to pay $15 or $30 per month for more images per day and larger file sizes among other benefits. The "Enterprise" option ($30 per month) offers batch processing, unlimited file size, and up to 1000 images per day.

amharic ocr online ocr converter


    As well as Amharic, this OCR tool can convert more than 100 languages. The drag and drop function is also a great option for saving time, and no data is stored in the server meaning all of your information is safe.


    The biggest stand-out con of this Amharic OCR tool is that even with the highest level of paid subscription, the user can only upload a limited number of images per day whereas some competitors offer unlimited uploads for free.

5. MyFreeOCR

MyFreeOCR allows you to convert Amharic text from multiple file formats via precise image-to-text conversion software and then instantly download the text file. It supports a wide range of languages as well as Amharic, and it is capable of converting images and PDFs without distorting your file's layout or formatting; it also does not make any unwanted changes to the image layer within the uploaded PDF.

amharic ocr myfreeocr


    The biggest pro in relation to this tool is the ability to instantly download the text file after conversion. Also, in addition to image-based content, the user is also able to output documents in DOC, TXT or PDF formats. A stand-out feature of this software is that it does not affect the quality of the text during the conversion process.


    MyFreeOCR only supports plain text conversion for exporting, and it currently is not possible to edit files while using this tool.

The Best OCR Tool for Another 38 Languages

UPDF's reliable OCR technology supports 38 different languages and offers the ability to convert a variety of file types - such as scanned PDFs, images, and paper documents - into editable and searchable PDFs. Data within images is also made editable after using this feature, which helps the user to make the document much more interactive.

amharic ocr updf ocr feature

By downloading UPDF, you'll have the power to recognise text within scanned PDFs in more than 38 languages, thanks to its top-quality AI-powered OCR software. By using UPDF for your conversion needs, you will be able to choose from three different layouts for your finished editable PDF file. You can choose from text and pictures only, text over the page image, or text under the page image depending on your needs and preferences.

How to Use UPDF for OCR Conversion

If you're wondering how to actually go about using UPDF for OCR, look no further - here's our step-by-step guide.

Step 1:

Download UPDF. To do this, click this link then the "Free Download" button.

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Step 2:

Open up your chosen document, and choose "Recognise text using OCR" from the panel on the right hand side. (You may need to download this feature as a plugin; click "Download if the pop-up appears.)

amharic ocr updf ocr scanned pdf

Step 3:

If you have had to download the plugin, go back into the UPDF window and select the same button as before. Choose from the two options that populate; the first of the two is "Searchable PDF" which means that your documents will be scanners and converted into searchable and editable documents. The other option, "Image-only PDF", means that your searchable and editable documents into an image-based PDF file which cannot be edited or searched for.

amharic ocr updf

Step 4:

If you've chosen "Searchable", you'll be asked to choose a layout for your document as well as selecting the language required, image resolution and page range. If you've chosen "Image-only" you'll need to choose the image quality you desire, whether or not you'd like to compress your images, and provide a page range.

Step 5:

Finally, click the "Perform OCR" button and begin the recognizing process. You can now get your scanned PDF converted into an editable PDF.

UPDF is currently on sale, so it's the perfect time to purchase this innovative software; for a limited time only, you'll receive 61% off! After purchasing, you can use UPDF on all platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android all at the same time. Unlike other similar tools on the market, it doesn't charge separately for different platforms and offers the ability to be used on up to four devices at the same time.


The need for digitally transforming language scripts such as Amharic is becoming more and more essential to many people, so the range of readily available, free and reliable Amharic OCR software proves invaluable. By using our step-by-step guide to download UPDF, you will be able to seamlessly integrate high-quality OCR technology into your working life and easily convert scanned documents into PDF files which are editable and searchable.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

If you'd like to learn more about UPDF and its wide range of capabilities for your PDF scanning needs, visit HowToGeek for an impartial and detailed review.

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