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3 Effortless Ways to Convert Image to Text in Arabic with OCR

Optical Character Recognition technology, mainly known as OCR, has been present for some time. However, this technology helps us digitize documents, extract text from images, and apply various other edits. However, there might be instances when you receive some pictures with Arabic text written in it. Extracting the Arabic text from those images can be difficult due to the limitations of tools used these days.

Many OCR tools don't support the Arabic language, limiting your workflow while dealing with Arabs. To overcome the difficulty of converting images to Arabic text, we will discuss 3 online tools to help you. So, read this article till the end and learn about the Arabic OCR-supported tools in detail. Moreover, we will also tell you about a robust AI-powered PDF tool that can help you edit Arabic documents. Download UPDF and start editing your Arabic PDF document now.

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Part 1. Can I Extract Arabic Text from the Image?

Extracting Arabic text from an image is a simple task, especially if you have the most accurate OCR software at your disposal. Those tools that support OCR technology can help you easily convert images to text. Moreover, there are certain considerations, including that the image should be proper and it should be highly visible.

Also, when uploading the image on the OCR tool, make sure it supports the required image format. If the results don't go your way, you must make the required changes to your image. This might include changing image resolution to extract Arabic text from the image properly.

Part 2: How to Turn Image into Text in Arabic Step-by-Step in 3 Different Ways

Do you know you can now even scan Arabic text from images precisely? The tools we will discuss now are online platforms and support a wide range of image formats. These tools are relatively easy to use, and one can access them from anywhere. So, read below about their built-in OCR feature and learn the steps to scan files via these online tools.

Way 1: Convertio - Arabic OCR

Convertio is an online Arabic OCR tool that helps users convert images to text Arabic, and that too quite smoothly. Users have the option to upload the files from a device, Dropbox, or Google Drive. This tool supports PDF, JPG, BMP, GIF, JP2, JPEG, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, TGA, TIFF, and WBMP file formats.

There are also certain limitations in the free version, such as users are only allowed to utilize 10 pages. The file size is limited, and web pages aren't ad-free. The support is not prioritized for the free version, and users must sign up for a premium plan. Now, let's head to the instructions on how to use this tool and start converting Arabic images to text:

Step 1. First, access the Convertio official site, and in the top bar, tap on the "OCR" option. Afterward, scroll down and click the "Choose Files" button to import the image containing Arabic text. Also, you can import your documents from Dropbox or Google Drive.

image to text arabic upload the arabic image

Step 2. Next, once the image is uploaded, choose the language as "Arabic" from the first drop-down menu under "Select All Language Used in Your Document." In addition, you can select any additional language in your image to make OCR results more accurate.

image to text arabic choose the image language

Step 3. Choose the required output format from 10+ given formats in the "Output Format & Settings" drop-down list. Next, hit the "Recognize" button and wait a few seconds. Once the file gets downloaded, tap on the "Download" button to save the file on your device.

image to text arabic press the recognize button

Way 2: i2OCR – Free Arabic OCR

This is a dedicated OCR tool that is 100% free and offers unlimited uploads to its users. Moreover, you don't need any registration, and this tool recognizes over 100 languages, and Arabic is one of them. You get the option to upload files from a URL, device, or even from any cloud service. The major image formats that this tool supports include JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PBM, PGM, and PPM.

However, some limitations are still associated with this tool, including the annoying ads, as the tool is entirely free to use. Also, this tool only supports image and PDF formats and doesn't offer a batch OCR feature. With that, let's learn about how this tool works as the best Arabic text scanner:

Step 1. Head to the i2OCR official site and scroll down to find the "Image OCR" tab. Once you access that tab, choose the "Arabic" language from the drop-down menu. Afterward, select the option to import images from such as "File" or "URL."

jpg to text arabic select the arabic image

Step 2. Then, tap the "Select Image" button and get the required image with Arabic text. Moving on, tick the captcha checkbox and press the "Extract Text" button to get the OCR results. At last, you can "Download" the results in different file formats. Moreover, you can copy the text, "Translate" it on the spot or edit it in "Google Docs" directly.

jpg to text arabic modify the results

Way 3: Online OCR Converter  - Free OCR in Arabic

The easiest-to-use tool, Online OCR Converter, can quickly convert your images into editable files. This tool provides support in 100+ languages and even scans poor-quality photos with low resolutions. In addition, there is no registration required to use this tool. Coming to the image formats, it only supports PNG and JPG-to-text Arabic image formats. Your data is also kept safe when using these tools due to high-end security.

Furthermore, there are certain limitations associated with this tool, such as in the free version, users only get to convert 5 images per day. Also, the file size is limited to 5MB, and there is no batch-processing feature. While converting the images, you also get to see the ads on pages. Now, let's head to the steps to scan Arabic text from the image:

Step 1. Explore your browser and search for the Online OCR Converter website. Once you enter the tool's main interface, drag your Arabic image with text into this tool to upload it successfully.

arabic text scanner add the arabic image

Step 2. Then, from the language drop-down menu, choose "Arabic" and hit the "Convert Now" button. Wait until the file gets converted, after which you can "Copy Text," "Save as Word File," and "Save as Text File."

arabic text scanner press the convert now button

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Part 3. Users Top-Pick Image-to-Text Converter Tool for Non-Arabic Images

Edit Arabic PDF

After converting your images to editable Arabic text, you may feel the need to edit the content written in Arabic language. In this regard, UPDF can help you with its multi-dimensional text and image editing features. So, if you also want to make changes to your Arabic text, click the "Free Download" button given below. Run it and go to the "Edit PDF" mode and you can start to editing your Arabic PDF easily.

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jpg to text arabic edit arabic pdf updf

Chat with Your Arabic PDF

  • Summarize Text: Users have the option to copy-paste the text written in the PDF in the "Chat" mode of UPDF AI to get concise summaries.
  • Translate Arabic Text: You can even translate the Arabic content to any preferred local language with the help of the translation feature in the AI tool.
  • Chat with Arabic PDF: UPDF AI even allows you to ask Arabic document-related questions directly from its AI-integrated system without the need to use Google search.

Perform OCR on 38+ Other Languages

Moreover, the current OCR feature of this tool supports 38+ languages; however, it doesn't offer converting images to Arabic text yet. In addition to already existing languages, UPDF is planning to add Arabic language support, and the option will soon be released to the general public.

The OCR feature of this tool delivers the most accurate results, and you even get the option to set the layout, language, page ranges, and resolution for your converted files. You can further apply the following features to the OCR converted file with this PDF tool. This PDF converter also lets you save this OCR converted file in different formats, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can even purchase the premium version of this tool to benefit from the limitless OCR conversions.

image to text arabic ocr updf

To learn more about how to ocr a pdf, watch the below video guide.

Part 4. FAQs Related to Arabic Image-to-Text Conversion Needs

1. How to translate Arabic text from an image?

When you need to translate Arabic text from an image, using Google Translate is the most suitable option. Head to the Google Translate webpage, switch to the "Images" tab, and drag and drop your images containing Arabic text. Then, from the "Detect Language" section, choose "Arabic" by tapping the "Downward" arrow, and then select the language to translate to get the desired results.

2. Can I copy Arabic text from the image?

Yes, you can easily copy the Arabic text from an image only if you have opted for the proper OCR software. Make sure the tools support the image file format you are trying to convert. Moreover, keep an eye on the quality of your Arabic text containing images to get accurate results.

3. Is it difficult to extract Arabic text from images?

No, extracting Arabic text from an image is not difficult if you use the appropriate tools. You can pick from the three tools that we mentioned in this guide: Convertio, i2OCR, and Online OCR Converter.

Final Words

Users requiring to convert images to text in Arabic can rest easy now. With the tools we discussed above, you can easily extract Arabic text from images and with top-notch OCR results. Moreover, users must keep a check on the limitations of these online tools, as mentioned above. Apart from that, they offer a quick conversion speed.

However, if you need to extract text from images with other languages like English, Germany, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc., then UPDF comes in handy. Using this tool, users can convert images to editable PDFs and likewise export them to nine formats. As mentioned before, you can also edit the Arabic content using this PDF editor. With these many features, download UPDF for your device by clicking the "Free Download" button below. Also, purchase UPDF at cost-effective rates to unlock more advanced features.

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