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[Step-by-Step Guide] How to Translate PDFs from Norwegian to English?

Globalization has made PDFs the main document format for sharing files and data with each other. It is because PDFs are easy to share and compatible with almost all devices. However, there is one common challenge people face with PDFs, i.e., how to translate PDF files into their language.

If you are also struggling with how to translate Norwegian to English PDF, then you are reading the right article. In this guide, we are going to present the best tool that can easily and accurately translate Norwegian to English. So, let's get started!

Part 1. What's the Best Translator from Norwegian to English Especially for PDFs?

When it comes to translating PDF or any document, you should expect a tool to translate the text instantly, accurately, and smoothly into your preferred language. That's what and much more you can get with UPDF.

UPDF is an AI-powered PDF translator tool that can intelligently translate Norwegian to English PDF with utmost accuracy. No matter what Norwegian dialect is used in the document, UPDF can provide its perfect translation in English with its AI translation (UPDF AI). It offers the fastest and click-based interface with which you can select and translate Norwegian to English documents. Simply download UPDF, open the PDF, and select and translate the text right away.

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translate norwegian to english pdf updf ai

Why UPDF stands out as the best tool to translate Norwegian to English PDF is evident from the below key highlights of its AI translation features:

  • Translate without Character Limitation: It supports uploading and translating a 100+ page PDF.
  • Translate without Changing the Original Formatting: It allows you to select and translate the text without compromising the original formatting.
  • Translate and Insert Translation as Sticky Note: It allows you to insert the translated text as a sticky note in the document.
  • Translate and Replace the Existing Text: It comes built-in with a PDF editor that can replace the existing Norwegian text with the translated English text.
  • Translate in Any Other Language of Your Choice: Besides Norwegian, it can translate the text into dozens of other languages, including Italian, Chinese, German, Russian, etc.

Simply put, UPDF is the most powerful and advanced tool to translate Norwegian to English PDF effortlessly. In addition, it works more than a PDF translator. It is a comprehensive PDF editor and annotator tool. Read Part 3 to learn more about it.

Part 2. How to Translate Norwegian PDF to English – 2 Choices

Now that we know UPDF is the best tool for the official translation of Norwegian to English, the next question is how to use it. There are two ways to translate Norwegian to English PDF with UPDF, as follows:

1. Select Text to Translate

Step 1. Download and launch UPDF on your device. From the main dashboard, click the "Open File" button and open the Norwegian PDF.

Step 2. Select the text you want to translate to English and click UPDF AI > Translate > English.

translate norwegian to english pdf updf ai

The tool will translate the text instantly and allow you to preview through a pop-up window.

translate norwegian to english pdf updf ai translate


You can convert the translation to sticky notes by clicking the comment button. Besides that, you can copy & paste the translation to the place of the original text under the Edit mode without changing the formatting. Alternatively, you can create a blank PDF to paste the translation there.

2. Translate Through Ask PDF Mode

Step 1. Open the PDF in UPDF and tab the "UPDF AI" icon located at the bottom right corner.

Step 2. Make the AI chatbot analyze the file by clicking the "Get Started" button.

Step 3. Use the chat box to translate the document, such as "Translate this paragraph into English: [paste the paragraph]".

This way, you can conveniently use UPDF's AI-powered translator to translate Norwegian to English documents. So, why wait more? Hit the download button below to install UPDF and use it to translate documents.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 3. UPDF Features Beyond Translating Norwegian to English Document

UPDF's AI translation is just one feature among a suite of capabilities it has to offer. UPDF is a comprehensive PDF editor and annotator tool, which means you get a complete PDF toolkit with UPDF.

What else you can get with UPDF is evident from its below list of features:

  • AI Chatbot: Its AI chatbot (UPDF AI) can summarize PDF content, interact with human-like conversation to explain PDF content, write/rewrite content, and do much more.
  • PDF Edit: It can add or change PDF's text, images, headers/footers, links, and backgrounds.
  • PDF Annotate: It can highlight, underline, mark, draw, strikethrough, add stamps/stickers, and do other annotations.
  • PDF Convert: It can convert single or multiple PDFs into other formats, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, HTML, image, text, etc.
  • PDF Create: It can create a blank PDF or create one from other formats, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, image, and CAJ.
  • PDF Organize: It can organize PDF pages by rearranging, adding, removing, replacing, splitting, extracting, rotating, or cropping.
  • PDF Fill and Sign: It helps to create fillable PDFs or easily file and sign PDF forms.
  • PDF OCR: Its OCR technology can convert scanned or image-based PDFs into editable and searchable PDFs.
  • PDF Protect: It can redact or password-protect PDFs to enhance security.
translate norwegian to english pdf AI-powered UPDF

In short, UPDF is your ultimate PDF tool to translate, edit, annotate, and protect PDFs. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. So, download and purchase UPDF and start leveraging its features in your day-to-day activities.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure


The need to translate PDFs into different languages has emerged aggressively with the growing digitalization and use of PDF format. Since one of the common searches on the web is to translate Norwegian to English PDF, this guide has presented the step-by-step way to translate it with UPDF.

With UPDF's click-based interface and AI capabilities, you can easily select and translate PDF text instantly and accurately. Furthermore, its extensive PDF editing and annotating features further enhance its usability. Therefore, we will wrap up by recommending you download UPDF and translate/edit PDFs effortlessly.

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