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How to Compress PDF with iLovePDF

Large files of PDFs can be devastating when it comes to their size. Especially those PDF files that contain some images and other media content. The large PDF file can be problematic when you try to share it via email. To overcome this problem, the iLovePDF compress tool will help you save the day.

iLovePDF is an online PDF solution app that provides different tools and features related to PDF documents. iLovePDF compress PDF is among the other devices that it offers. This article will show you how to compress PDF in iLovePDF.

How to Compress PDF in iLovePDF?

Since iLovePDF is an online and offline application that probably works on every operating system. That means you don't have to download or install it on your device. iLovePDF has an offline version, too, for desktops. You can also download the iLovePDF application for offline usage.

Follow these simple steps to compress PDF in iLovePDF using its web application:

Step 1: Go to iLovePDF Compress PDF Tool

Go to the iLovePDF's website and select the "Compress PDF" tool. After choosing the Compress PDF tool, click the "Select PDF files" button and choose the PDF file from your device. In addition, you can also import your PDF files from Google Drive or Dropbox.

ilovepdf compress

Step 2: Choose Compression Level

After uploading or importing your document, it will ask you to choose the compression level. iLovePDF supports three compression levels, i.e., Extreme, Recommended, and Less. It is up to you which class you want to use for compression.

compress pdf i love pdf

Step 3: Click the Compress PDF Button in iLovePDF

After choosing the compression level, now click the "Compress PDF" button. It'll take some to compress your documents. After the compression, it'll take you to the download file page. Now, click the "Download" button, and your compressed file will be downloaded in the zip file.

ilovepdf compress pdf

You can also compress multiple PDF files, but it's only available in the paid version of iLovePDF.

How to Compress PDF in iLovePDF on Mobile?

Don't have the time to open the laptop or desktop to compress your PDF files? Well, don't worry. iLovePDF also has smartphone support. iLovePDF mobile application is available on the Google Play store and the Apple Store. That means you can download it on android and iOS as well.

i love pdf compress pdf

iLovePDF mobile application gives you every feature that is presented on its web/online version. iLovePDF compress feature in a mobile app can be convenient to a great degree when you are working remotely or studying and require to forward a sized document. iLovePDF mobile application saves a lot of time and distributes the workload.

You would be curious about how iLovePDF reduce size of a PDF with a mobile app. Just follow these steps:

  • Just download the application from your respected store. iPhone users can download it from Apple Store, and Android users can download it from the Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app on your smartphone, and choose the "Compress PDF" tool.
  • Just import your files from the cloud or your phone's storage. After dropping the file, tap on Compress PDF to start compressing. After completion, you can export the file on your local device or send it directly from the messaging app.

Disadvantages of Using iLovePDF Compress PDF

Apart from some fantastic features, the iLovePDF compress PDF tool comes with some drawbacks.

  • You can't compress multiple PDF files unless you have the paid version.
  • Even in its premium version, you can't compress more than 10 flies per task.
  • It's never safe to upload data on the websites, even if it contains a secure connection. There's a high percentage of risk that your data can be stolen if you are connected to a public network.
  • Even its premium plans don't have advanced features like page management or OCR technology.
  • It does support conversion but gives you limited options.

Best Alternative to iLovePDF PDF Compressor

If you think the iLovePDF compressor is not up to your mark or you are apprehensive about the security, don't panic. Here's the best alternative to the iLovePDF compressor: UPDF.

UPDF is sophisticated and suitable for a heavy workload. It is flooded with advanced features. Let's have a look at some of its primary features:

pdf compressor i love pdf

Features of UPDF:

  • Free PDF Editor: UPDF works as a reader as well as an editor. It gives you seamless reading and editing experience. You can edit text and images within the UPDF.
  • Multi-View Modes: UPDF supports three different view modes, i.e., single-page view, two-page view, and scrolling.  Different view modes increase the reading experience.
  • Page Management: With page management, you can organize, rotate, delete, and add new pages efficiently.
  • Annotate PDF: UPDF also support annotation to add comments, highlight text, add text boxes, text callout, and much more.

Except for the features, UPDF provides a beautiful and elegant interface. It is easy to use and you don't need to spend any effort learning to use it. It is best for everyone who needs to deal with PDF documents.