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[Full Guide] How to Download Issuu to PDF for Free?

Issuu is a popular tool for converting PDFs and other file types into Flipbooks or other sharable content types. However, there is one common struggle with Issuu, i.e., how to download Issuu to PDF.

Often, the default download option is unavailable in Issuu. So, if you are also struggling with how to download Issuu to PDF, then this guide has the solution for you. Here, we will first discuss the possibility of getting PDF from Issuu and then present a few methods to convert Issuu to PDF.

Part 1. Can You Save/Download Issuu as a PDF?

Yes, you can convert PDF to flipbook with Issuu and then save/download Issuu as a PDF. If the publisher has enabled the download option, Issuu gives the option to directly download the file as PDF.

issuu to pdf updf download

However, if the download option is unavailable, many online Issuu to PDF converter tools can help effortlessly convert Issuu to PDF.

Once you have downloaded the Issuu document as a PDF, you can use UPDF as your PDF editor or PDF link generator tool. UPDF lets you edit the PDF and then share it as a shareable link. So, download UPDF to seamlessly handle Issuu-converted PDFs.

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issuu to pdf updf share

Part 2. 3 Ways to Download Issuu to PDF

Now that we know it is possible to download Issuu to PDF, let's shift our focus on the best ways to download Issuu to PDF.

1. Direct Download

As mentioned above, you can directly download Issuu to PDF if the publisher has enabled the download option.

Here's how to directly download Issuu as a PDF:

Step 1. Go to the Issuu document link you want to download.

Step 2. Click the "Download" button beneath the document to download it as PDF.

issuu to pdf direct download

If the download icon is grayed out, head to the next two methods to learn alternative ways to get PDFs.


  • The Download option is accessible only if the publisher has enabled it.

2. Via IssuuDownload.com

IssuuDownload.com is an online Issuu downloader that allows you to download public Issuu documents as images or image-based PDFs.

Follow the below steps to use IssuuDownload.com to download Issuu to PDF:

Step 1. Go to the IssuuDownload.com website and paste the Issuu document URL. Once done, click "View pages and download PDF".

Step 2. In the new window, IssuuDownload.com will let you preview the document. To save the document as PDF, click "Save all pages to PDF".

issuu to pdf via download com

Step 3. Once the tool has converted the pages to PDF, click the "Download" option to preview and download the document as PDF.

issuu to pdf via download com

This way, you can easily preview and download the Issuu document as a PDF.


  • Lower the PDF quality.
  • Download image-based PDF (non-editable).
  • Need a reliable internet connection.

3. Via ISSUU PDF Downloader

As the name implies, ISSUU PDF Downloader is another online ISSUU to PDF converter tool. It just requires entering the Issuu document URL and downloading the file as a PDF.

Here's how to use ISSUU PDF Downloader to download Issuu to PDF:

Step 1. Go to the ISSUU PDF Downloader website. Paste the Issuu document URL and click the "Download" button.

Step 2. Next, you can preview the document. Afterward, click the "Download as PDF" button.

issuu to pdf via downloader

Step 3. You will see the print pop-up window. From there, select "Print as PDF" and save the file.

issuu to pdf via downloader

This way, you can quickly download Issuu to PDF with the ISSUU PDF Downloader.


  • Download low-quality PDF.
  • Convert Issuu to an image-based (non-editable) PDF file.
  • Require a stable internet connection.

Tip: Optimize PDF Quality After Downloading from Issuu

The above web-based Issuu downloader tool does help download Issuu to PDF, but both lower the quality of the PDF. Secondly, they generate an image-based or scanned PDF. To enhance PDF quality and make it editable, UPDF comes into action.

UPDF is a powerful PDF tool that offers AI-powered OCR technology. This technology can enhance the quality of PDFs by turning the downloaded file into an editable PDF. Its AI technology scans and converts image-based PDFs into editable/searchable PDFs and enhances their output quality.

Therefore, download UPDF and use its OCR feature to get high-quality PDFs after downloading from Issuu.

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Part 3. Bonus: UPDF – The Best PDF Editor Tool for PDF Files

Above, we have seen the key role of UPDF's OCR feature in optimizing the PDF quality. However, that's just one of the features UPDF has to offer.

UPDF is a complete AI-integrated PDF editor tool. It serves as a full-fledged tool to edit, annotate, convert, or secure PDFs. Below is the list of key features you can enjoy with UPDF:

  • It can help edit PDF elements, like edit text, images, web links, background, and more.
  • It can help highlight, mark, underline, strikethrough, or add sticky notes, stamps, and stickers in the PDF.
  • It offers a built-in AI assistant that can help you obtain PDF summaries, translations, or explanations or edit/rewrite/proofread existing content.
  • It can protect a PDF with a password or redact sensitive information before sharing.
  • It helps to share a PDF via a shareable link, QR code, or email.
  • It allows teammates to collaborate on the PDF by leaving comments and suggestions.
  • It streamlines organizing PDF pages by letting you add, replace, remove, crop, rotate, extract, or split pages.
  • It provides secure cloud storage to store, access, and share PDF files seamlessly.
  • It can convert PDF files to various other formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image, text, RTF, etc.
  • It can compress PDF files to reduce the file size or split PDF by size into multiple smaller files.
issuu to pdf updf ai

Overall, UPDF is a modernized and feature-rich PDF editor tool that elevates the way you can handle PDFs after downloading from Issuu. So, head straight to UPDF's pricing page, choose the right plan, and install this powerful tool into your computer.

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Part 4. FAQs About ISSUU to PDF

Q1. Can I print from Issuu?

If you want to print the Issuu document as a PDF, it is not possible. The "Ctrl + P" option will print the entire webpage of the Issuu document, not just the document itself.

Q2. What format does Issuu upload to?

The highly recommended file format by Issuu is PDF. However, you can also upload files in Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, StarOffice, ePUB, and other formats.

If your sole purpose is to use Issuu to upload files and share them with others, you can do that even better via UPDF. UPDF can help you create PDFs on Windows or Mac from different file formats and then generate a shareable PDF link to share PDFs with others.

Q3. Can you see who viewed your Issuu?

No, you can only get the count of the number of people who viewed your publication. Issuu "Statistics" can tell about impressions, number of reads, clicks, downloads, average read time, and other insights. From the main Issuu dashboard, click "Statistics" from the left sidebar to view all the statistics for your publications.


Issuu is a useful platform for creating flipbooks and getting shareable links. However, it does not allow you to download Issuu to PDF. The option is only visible if the publisher allows it. Alternatively, this guide has presented IssuuDownload.com and ISSUU PDF Downloader as two online Issuu to PDF converter tools to use. So, follow the above steps and get a PDF from Issuu right away. Afterward, we recommend downloading UPDF, as it offers an all-in-one platform to enhance PDF quality with OCR, make edits with its editor, and generate shareable PDF links.

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