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Detailed Guide on 5 Best Arabic OCR Tools to Use in 2024

Extracting text from Arabic documents is not an easy task and often comes with challenges. The Arabic language is entirely different from the Western language, and hence, there aren't many tools available that support Arabic OCR. There are many points where you need to extract text from these types of PDF files to cater to various needs. These may include translation or the use of this content in some other files as a reference.

Now, if you are thinking about how to use Arabic OCR online or offline, we will list the 5 best tools in this guide to help you make these PDFs editable. Also, keep a check on the best PDF editor that assists you in editing, annotating, and translating Arabic PDFs into your required language.

Part 1. Top 5 Arabic OCR Tools

Before we head to list and explain the top five tools, first, let's analyze why picking the best OCR tool is always recommended. Choosing the best tool helps you generate the best possible results, and that too, without making a mess of your file formatting. Moreover, tools with the highest ratings and positive feedback keep your files safe and secure. Now, we will start exploring these OCR Arabic PDF tools individually.

1. SwifDoo

SwifDoo is the best PDF OCR tool that allows you to perform OCR on scanned Arabic PDFs. The desktop version of this tool needs no internet connectivity and works perfectly as the offline tool. You can choose from 25+ document languages when performing OCR and customize the output results as required.

The output options include getting results with text and images, with original formatting, and as searchable text and images. Moreover, users can even set page ranges to all, current, or custom if needed. Selecting the page where OCR isn't needed is also an option. You can select a specific page from the entire PDF.


  • This tool has no mobile app, so you will need to use a MacBook or PC for this.
  • In the trial version, there are no upgrades or customer support.
  • SwifDoo doesn’t offer an option to set the image resolution while performing OCR.

Pricing Plans

Monthly Plan$20
Yearly Plan$69
Perpetual License (1 PC)$103

2. Cisdem PDFMaster

For a few years now, Cisdem PDFMaster has developed itself as the top PDF editor tool. With its OCR feature, users can perform free Arabic OCR to make scanned PDFs editable. Moreover, this tool supports a wide range of 17+ languages and allows users to set the custom page range to perform OCR on specific pages.

The major benefit of using this tool is that users can select up to 3 languages at a time for OCR. Once you perform the OCR, this tool even lets you crop the pages to cut out unnecessary parts. You can even protect your editable PDFs to ensure no one else can access your file.


  • You can only use the advanced PDF editing features once you purchase a license.
  • This tool doesn't offer to set the custom output options, such as to retain formatting.
  • Sometimes, the accuracy of this tool isn't top-notch, and your files get corrupted.

Pricing Plans

License for 1 PC$59.99
License for 2 PCs$119.98
License for 5 PCs$299.95

3. LightPDF Editor

A highly compatible tool across devices, LightPDF Editor has the best OCR technology for the best Arabic OCR. This tool recognizes over 24 languages in your documents, and while performing OCR, you can select as many languages including Arabic.

Moreover, there is also an option to choose from two different modes, such as standard or enhanced. The enhanced OCR mode generates much-optimized results but takes time to generate the results. You can also select the required pages to perform OCR and extract text from them.


  • Uploading large files is a problem as this tool takes time to load them or doesn’t respond.
  • Doesn't support adding URLs, so the only option is downloading and then uploading a file.
  • Users often get limitations when editing a file, which can sometimes be frustrating.

Pricing Plans

Weekly Pass$13.99
Buy 3 Get 3 Free$149.99/6 years

4. PDF24 Tools

PDF24 Tools is a free online OCR Arabic tool that offers a range of features while offering OCR technology. Using this online tool, users can choose from over 122 languages and choose the output format as PDF or PDF/A.

This tool even provides an option to write the title, author, subject, and keywords used in the OCR-generated file's meta information. You even get the options to remove the background, perform force OCR, clean pages to remove unwanted artifacts, and even rotate or de-skew pages automatically.


  • The desktop version of this tool consumes a lot of memory when the system starts.
  • The user interface design is not appealing, so this tool isn't suitable for professional use.
  • Compressing PDF files is less optimized than other tools, and users often end up losing file formation.

Pricing Plan

  • Free to Use

5. HiPDF

This best Arabic OCR online, with high-end OCR technology, gives much better and optimized OCR results. Users can even use the free trial to check out this tool before buying its premium version. When performing OCR Arabic PDF, you can choose from 22+ languages, including Arabic, to extract text from scanned PDF documents.

There is also an option to choose from the 4 different output formats such as .docx, .txt, .xlsx, and .pptx. Users can select multiple languages when performing OCR to let HiPDF recognize scanned Arabic PDFs more accurately if they contain any other language.


  • There is only a 5-batch processing file limit in the trial version of this tool.
  • When you select more than three languages while doing OCR, the tool gets slowed down or stuck.
  • You will only get the OCR feature when you buy the premium plan.

Pricing Plans


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Part 2. How to OCR Arabic PDF Online for Free

Above, we have mentioned the top five online and offline tools to use in case you need an OCR Arabic PDF. Using these tools is quite easy and often includes very simple steps. Still, if you cannot figure out how to perform OCR on your scanned Arabic documents, we will now explain some detailed steps to help you. Here, we will use PDF24 Tools as an example for you:

Step 1: Head to your web browser and search for the PDF24 Tools website. Then, hit the "PDF OCR" option on the main webpage. Following this, select the "Choose Files" button and import the scanned Arabic PDF.

Step 2: When done, scroll down and tick "Arabic" in the "Language" drop-down list. Afterward, set the "Output Type" as "PDF" and write the "Title," "Author" name, "Subject," and insert "Keywords." Check other options as well, such as "Force OCR" or "Rotate Pages" if required.

Step 3: To initiate the Arabic OCR process, click the "Start OCR" button and wait for a few seconds. After completing the process, tap the "Download" button to save the editable Arabic file on your system. Moreover, you can even save the Arabic PDF to Dropbox or Google Drive or send it as an email.

When using such tools for free OCR Arabic, you cannot fully rely on them. There are many cases when a user doesn't get reliable results. Plus, most of these free tools come with file size limitations or unavailability of many useful features. When talking about accuracy, the process to get OCR completed sometimes takes time, but it mainly depends on how large your PDF file is.

But there are also some advantages associated with these tools, such as you do not need to pay anything, which saves you expenses. Moreover, you do not need to register an account, which makes it convenient to perform OCR at any point and use any device.

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Part 3. The Best Arabic PDF Editor

No doubt, these tools provide convenience and ease when it comes to OCR Arabic PDFs. However, as listed above, these tools have a few limitations, such as a lack of advanced features. For that purpose, the UPDF PDF editor is the best tool to use with high-end and top-grade PDF editing, annotating, and various other features. Moreover, the OCR feature in UPDF recognizes over 38 languages easily.

Once your Arabic PDFs are editable, you can head directly to UPDF and make the necessary changes. Using UPDF, change the font size, style, colors, and alignment. Afterward, you can head to annotate mode and insert shapes, signatures, stamps, text boxes, or even highlight the important sentences. This tool even offers built-in AI features to help you summarize, explain, and even translate Arabic text to other languages. Also, UPDF also allows you make a PDF non-editable when needed.

However, the UPDFs OCR feature doesn't support recognizing Arabic language as of yet, but the team is working on it to release it soon. Keep checks on UPDF updates, but you will need to download this tool today. Also, get this tool on your system from its official website to quickly edit PDFs.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

To learn more about how to ocr a pdf, watch the below video guide.

Part 4. FAQs on Arabic OCR

1. Is there OCR for Arabic?

Yes, many OCR tools are available that support and recognize the Arabic language. The tools that offer OCR for Arabic include Cisdem PDFMaster and LightPDF. These tools are easy to use and offer the convenience of smoothly using the built-in OCR technology within these tools.

2. How accurate is Arabic OCR?

Using the online and offline tools for OCR Arabic can help greatly but often contains some limitations. Especially when you use online tools, there is often a risk of data leaks. However, users don't need to worry about it, as the UPDF PDF editor will soon release the Arabic OCR feature.

3. What is the best free OCR for Arabic? How do I choose?

The best free OCR tool for Arabic is PDF24 Tools, as per our recommendations. These tools offer various features and support a wide range of languages, including Arabic. However, before you choose any OCR-supported tool, make sure it recognizes Arabic languages and doesn't cost any expensive pricing plans.


We now know how important it is to have an OCR tool that supports Arabic. However, only a few tools recognize this language, but to make it easy for you, we have compiled the 5 five tools for you. All the tools discussed above offer the best OCR services, but you must keep a check on their limitations and pricing. Plus, in case you need help with how to do Arabic OCR, we have explained that in detailed steps.

You might need to make changes to those editable files, so for that, we recommend using UPDF. This tool, with its editing, annotation, and AI capabilities, provides users with easy steps to make changes to Arabic PDFs. However, to avail of its features, head to UPDF's official site, download it, and start using it.

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