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How to Convert Visio to Excel? (3 Ways)

Have you ever wanted to transform your diagrams from Visio to Excel format? If so, this guide is the perfect fit for you. Visio is a popular diagramming software developed by Microsoft, designed to help users create visual representations of various structures.

This article will explore three user-friendly ways to convert files smoothly. Moreover, we will also put light on the most productive tool for an efficient conversion process along with other features.

Part 1. How to Convert VSD to Excel Via UPDF?

UPDF is a fantastic Visio to Excel converter tool that handles files effortlessly. This tool is very user-friendly. With UPDF, converting your files from VSD to Excel becomes a breeze.

First, you can easily create a PDF from your Visio diagrams using UPDF for Windows. Then, you can export the PDF to various formats, including Excel, Word, and more, without altering the original format. Additionally, UPDF for Windows supports batch converting.

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This allows you to transform your Visio diagrams into an easily editable format and be compatible with other applications. Moreover, the OCR function supports an impressive range of 38 languages for accurate conversion. Excitingly, UPDF has recently introduced built-in AI tools, adding even more value to the software. These AI tools can summarize, explain, and even translate your PDFs into different languages.


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Now, let's shift our focus to the steps below so you can handle the hassle. These steps are easy to perform and allow you to convert Visio files quickly:

Option 1: Convert a Single Visio File to Excel

Step 1: Find the Program and Launch It

First, you need to find the UPDF for Windows program installed on your computer and launch it by double-clicking. Now, as it opens, locate the "File" tab in the top left corner and hit it. Then, as the list opens, place the cursor on "Create," and it will open an extended conversion options list. From there, select the "PDF from Visio" option and import the Visio file by double-clicking it.

Step 2: Export File to Excel With Customized Settings

Afterward, as you import the file, it will be quickly detected by UPDF and converted to PDF with an automation process. Then, move the cursor to the right side toolbar, find the "Export PDF" button, and press it. Now, from the given list, choose "Excel" and manage the "Page Range,"and other customization settings per your requirements.

Step 3: Save the File at the Desired Location

After customizing settings, hit the "Export" button and choose the location to save the file. Next, tap the "Save" button to store the Visto to Excel file on your computer.

Option 2: Convert Multiple Visio Files to Excel

  • Launch UPDF on your Windows computer, navigate to "File" > "Create" and select the Visio files that you want to convert.
  • UPDF will generate PDF files for you.
  • Choose a destination and save them one by one.
  • After that, use the "Batch" feature of UPDF to convert them to Excel files simultenously by navigating to "Batch" > "Convert".
  • From there, choose the converted PDF files that you save before and choose "Excel" as the output format.

That's it. You can successfully convert multiple Visio files to Excel with the steps above.

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Part 2. How to Convert Visio to Excel Via Microsoft Visio?

MS Visio is a powerful tool that allows individuals and organizations to communicate complex information clearly and organized. While Visio offers a wide range of features for diagram creation, there are instances where converting Visio files to Excel can be highly beneficial. Converting VSD to Excel offers several advantages.

Such as, you gain the ability to manipulate and analyze your data in a tabular format. This means you can sort, filter, and perform calculations on the underlying information. Furthermore, converting Visio to Excel simplifies data sharing and collaboration. Now, have a look at the steps below to convert Visio files using MS Visio:

Step 1: Beforehand, open your Visio file in MS Visio and navigate to the specific page you want to display in Excel. Ensure that nothing is selected in the Visio file. Afterward, head to the “Home” tab at the top left of the screen.

Step 2: Press the "Copy" button or press "Ctrl + C" on your keyboard to copy the selected content. Now, open your Excel file where you want to insert the Visio drawing. On the "Home" tab of Excel, locate the "Paste" option and click on the small arrow below it to open the "Paste Special" menu.

Step 3: From the Paste Special menu, choose the "Microsoft Visio Drawing Object" option. This will paste the copied Visio drawing into your Excel or PowerPoint file. However, the Visio drawing will now be inserted into your file. To make any changes to the drawing, double-click on it.

Part 3. How to Convert Visio to Excel Online Via Aspose?

Aspose is a free tool allowing you to convert Visio format and save the result in various formats, including XLSX. One of the great advantages of using Aspose is that you can convert Visio online from any device or anywhere with an internet connection. You don't need to worry about software installations or plugins; everything is processed on Aspose servers.

Aspose also offers the convenience of converting multiple files simultaneously, allowing you to save time and improve efficiency. Explore the given steps to improve the process of converting Visio to Excel files quickly:

Step 1: On your web browser, such as Google Chrome, access the Aspose Visio to Excel Converter. After it fully loads, tap the "Choose File or Drop File" option. Following this, select the Visio file from your computer and import it.

Step 2: Head to the "Save As" option to confirm the selected output format is XLSX. Then, press "Convert" and wait for the "Download Now" button to appear on the screen. Click it to download the file on your desktop, or tap the "Send to Email" option to send it via mail.

Final Words

Summarizing this, converting Visio to Excel can bring various benefits, including better collaboration and flexibility in customization and presentation. By converting Visio diagrams to Excel, you can share diagrams easily and handle them according to your needs. However, UPDF PDF Editor stands out as a top recommendation when it comes to the best conversion tool available.

Not only does UPDF provide a simple and secure PDF converter, but it also offers a range of features to streamline the conversion process. What makes UPDF even more impressive is its built-in AI features. These AI tools allow you to summarize, explain, and translate your PDFs, boosting productivity and making your work smoother. Give it a shot now!

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