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How to Convert PDF to PPT Without Changing Font: A Complete Guide

Converting PDFs to PowerPoint presentations often results in frustrating font changes. This guide will show you how to convert PDF to PPT without changing the font, preserving your document's original appearance. Read on to discover the best tools and methods for a seamless, font-perfect conversion.

Part 1. Why Does My Font Change When I Convert a PDF to PPT?

When converting a PDF to a PowerPoint file, you might notice that the fonts often change. This happens because PDFs and PPTs handle fonts differently. PDFs are designed to preserve the exact visual appearance of a document, embedding fonts directly within the file. PowerPoint, however, relies on the availability of fonts on the local system. If a font used in the PDF is not available on the computer where the conversion is taking place, PowerPoint substitutes it with a default font, leading to changes in the document's appearance.

Moreover, discrepancies can occur due to differences in how PDF and PPT handle text encoding and formatting. This can result in a mismatch between the original PDF fonts and the converted PPT fonts, disrupting the layout and design of your presentation.

Fortunately, tools like UPDF offer solutions to these issues. UPDF supports PDF-to-PPT conversion without altering the fonts, ensuring your presentations retain their original look and feel. Additionally, UPDF provides a PDF slideshow display feature, allowing you to present your PDFs directly without needing to convert them to PPT, thus preserving the original formatting and fonts effortlessly.

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Part 2. How Do I Convert a PDF to PowerPoint without Changing/Losing Formatting?

Understanding why fonts change during PDF to PPT conversions is crucial. Fortunately, there are reliable tools that can help you maintain your document's original formatting. In this section, we'll explore four effective tools that ensure a seamless conversion process without losing or changing your fonts and formatting.

Using UPDF

UPDF for Windows and Mac is a versatile PDF editor that simplifies the process of converting PDFs to PowerPoint presentations while maintaining the original formatting. One of the standout benefits of using UPDF is its ability to preserve fonts and layouts during the conversion, ensuring your presentation looks exactly as intended.

To convert a PDF to PPT using UPDF:

  • Open UPDF: Download and launch the UPDF application on your device.

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  • Import PDF: Click on "Open File" to import the PDF you want to convert.
  • Select Export Option: Navigate to the "Convert" tab and select "PowerPoint (.pptx)".
  • Adjust Settings: Ensure the settings are configured to preserve original formatting.
  • Convert: Click "Export" to finalize the process and save your new PPT file.

Using UPDF guarantees a smooth and reliable conversion, preserving your document's fonts and formatting.

Using PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a powerful document management tool known for its ability to handle various document formats, including PDF to PPT conversions. The primary benefit of using PandaDoc is its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the conversion process while maintaining the original formatting and fonts.

To convert a PDF to PPT using PandaDoc:

  1. Upload the file: Click on the "Select files" button to choose files from your device's storage. Alternatively, you can drag and drop any document or file into it.
  1. Wait for the conversion to start: Once the file is loaded, the system will automatically begin the conversion process.
  2. Download the PPTX file: When the conversion is finished, the .pptx file will automatically download to your drive.

While PandaDoc offers a straightforward and efficient conversion process, it has some drawbacks. One notable con is that it primarily functions as an online tool, which might raise concerns about document security and privacy. Additionally, its advanced features often require a subscription, which might not be ideal for users looking for a free solution. Despite these cons, PandaDoc remains a reliable choice for maintaining formatting during PDF to PPT conversions.

Using PDF2GO

PDF2Go is an online PDF editor that offers a range of conversion tools, including PDF to PowerPoint. Its interface and wide compatibility make it a convenient option for users looking to preserve formatting during conversions. PDF2Go supports both newer and older PowerPoint formats, ensuring flexibility for various presentation needs.

To convert a PDF to PPT using PDF2Go:

  1. Upload your PDF file: Begin by uploading your PDF file to the PDF2Go website.
  2. Choose PowerPoint format: From the dropdown menu, select either PowerPoint 2007-2013 (.pptx) or PowerPoint 2003 or older (.ppt) based on your needs.
  1. Click on "Start": Initiate the conversion process by clicking the "Start" button.

The conversion process is straightforward and efficient, making PDF2Go a reliable choice for maintaining the original formatting of your documents.

However, there are some cons to consider. As an online tool, PDF2Go might not be ideal for users concerned about document privacy and security. Also, the free version has limited features and may include ads, which could be distracting. Users seeking advanced features might need to upgrade to a paid subscription. Despite these drawbacks, PDF2Go remains a practical option for converting PDFs to PPT while keeping the formatting intact.

Using Canva

Canva is a popular online design platform known for its versatility and ease of use. It offers an array of design tools, including the ability to convert PDFs to PowerPoint presentations. Canva is particularly beneficial for users who want to maintain the original formatting while adding a creative touch to their presentations.

To convert a PDF to PPT using Canva:

  1. Upload your PDF: Start by selecting "Upload your file" or simply drag and drop your files into the designated section on the Canva interface.
  1. Edit your design: Use Canva's beginner-friendly editor to make quick touch-ups or enhancements to your PDF file if necessary.
  2. Download your design: Once satisfied with the edits, convert the PDF to PPT by downloading your design as a PPT file.

The benefits of using Canva include its intuitive interface and the ability to customize your presentations with ease. Canva's robust design tools allow you to enhance your slides while preserving the original fonts and formatting from the PDF. This makes it an excellent choice for creating visually appealing presentations.

However, there are some cons to consider. Canva's free version has limitations on the number of designs you can create and download, and some advanced features require a subscription. Despite these drawbacks, Canva remains a powerful and user-friendly tool for converting PDFs to PPT while maintaining the original design integrity.

Part 3. Bonus: How Do I Display PDF Slideshows without Converting Them to PPT?

Displaying PDF slideshows without converting them to PowerPoint is a convenient option for preserving formatting and fonts. UPDF offers a powerful slideshow feature that allows you to present your PDF documents directly. This feature ensures that your presentation retains its original look and feel without the hassle of conversion. Try UPDF today and experience seamless PDF presentations.

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Step 1: Launch UPDF and Import the PDF file

Download UPDF from the download center and launch it on your device. Click the "Open File" button and select the PDF file you want to turn into a slideshow. After selecting the file, hit the "Open" button.

Step 2: Turn the PDF into a Slideshow

After opening the file, click on the "View" tab, and from the menu, hover over "Slide Show."

You will see three slideshow options:

Mode 1: Play from Start

Select "Play from Start" to run your PDF file as a slideshow from the beginning. Use the "Edit" and "Mouse" options on the screen's bottom left to pinpoint specific details.

Mode 2: Play from Current Slide

Choose "Play from Current Slide" to start the slideshow from the currently opened slide. Navigate slides with the left and right keys or close the slideshow by clicking "End Show."

Mode 3: Use Presenter View

After entering a play mode, you can right-click on the slideshow and choose "Use Presenter View". In the "Use Presenter View", all slides appear on the left side of the window. Select the slide to present, and use the "Replay" button if needed. Manage slides with "Next Slide" and "Slide Navigation."

Step 3: Use the Laser Pointer and Pencil in Slideshow

During the slideshow, click the "Pencil" icon at the bottom left to open a menu. Select the "Laser Pointer" to emphasize points within the presentation. Alternatively, use the "Pen" option to draw on the PDF during the presentation. The lines drawn won't appear in the document after exiting the mode, preserving the original file.

Here's a video guide to learn how to present PDF on Windows using UPDF:

In addition to its powerful slideshow capabilities, UPDF offers a range of features created to enhance your PDF experience. Users can easily edit text and images, annotate documents with comments and highlights, and merge multiple PDFs into a single file. UPDF also provides robust security options, including password protection and encryption, to keep your documents and files safe. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even complex tasks can be performed with ease. Whether you need to convert, edit, or secure your PDFs, UPDF stands out as a comprehensive solution for all your document management needs.


In conclusion, maintaining the original formatting and fonts when converting PDF to PPT is achievable with the right tools. UPDF stands out for its reliable conversion process and additional features. Try UPDF for a seamless PDF to PPT experience, along with robust editing and security options for all your document needs.

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