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How to Translate Scanned PDFs to Any Language? (3 Ways)

It is very easy to find a way to translate Word into any language you need. But it is not easy to translate a PDF, not to say to translate a scanned PDF. If you search around, you will find there are many ways to do this job, however, when you try them, only find they cannot work.

To avoid wasting your time, we tested all methods introduced in the market and listed three effective ways here.

Part 1. How to Translate a Scanned PDF With UPDF (3 Ways)

UPDF is a competitive tool that simplifies the process of translating scanned PDFs. With its built-in OCR feature and UPDF AI, users can translate scanned PDFs into any language in seconds. The OCR can help you convert scanned documents into editable or selectable and the UPDF AI can help you translate the content into any language.

Here are the key benefits of utilizing UPDF for translating scanned PDFs:

  • Convert scanned PDFs to a searchable and editable format, enabling post-translation modifications.
  • Support for batch conversion of both single-page and multiple-page PDFs simultaneously.
  • Achieve precise translation of scanned PDFs into any language with the highest level of accuracy.
  • Option to convert translations into notes by selecting Way 1 below.
  • User-friendly interface, requiring only a few mouse clicks to operate.

UPDF does not only offer one way to do it, it has three methods. You can follow the below step-by-step guide to translate scanned PDF directly.

Way 1. Translate Scanned PDF Via Selecting

To improve your translating efficiency, UPDF allows you to translate the scanned PDF content by selecting the content you want to translate, and then, choosing the prompt to translate. Here is a detailed guide for you. First of all, download UPDF via the below button on your computer.

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Step 1. Import the Required Image-Based PDF File

Find the UPDF tool on your device. Double-tap to open the tool and select the "Open File" option to import the required PDF file. Explore your device and open the scanned PDF file to convert it.

Step 2. OCR the File to Make it Editable

Now, when you have opened the file, head to the right sidebar and hit the "Recognize Text Using OCR" button. This will ask you to download the OCR features if you need them.

Step 3. Customize the OCR Output Result

Following this, make sure you choose the "Searchable PDF" option under the "Document Type" section. After that, head to the "Layout" section and choose the needed option from the drop-down list. Moreover, you can also click the "Gear" icon for more customization. Then set the "Document Language," "Image Resolution," "Page Range," and page number settings. UPDF supports OCR convert documents in 38 languages. Now, click the "Perform OCR" button to start the OCR conversion process. Once the process ends, the OCRed PDF file will open in your UPDF.

Step 4. Select the contents to Translate

Now, you can select the content you want to translate and you will find the "Prompt" in the pop-up menu. Choose "Translate" to pick the desired language. Then, the UPDF AI will help you translate the content automatically.

Way 2. Translate Scanned PDF Via Copying and Pasting

UPDF AI is integrated into UPDF. You can also use the copying and pasting method to translate scanned PDFs. Just download UPDF and follow the below guide.

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Step 1. OCR PDF

First of all, you need to open PDF, Click "Recognize text using OCR"> "Perform OCR" to select one place to save the OCRed document. Once it is done, the OCRED PDF will open in the UPDF automatically.

Step 2. Copy and Translate

Now, you can select all the contents you want to translate into the PDF, then, copy them all. Click "UPDF AI", select "Chat", click on "Translate" and choose the language. Then, paste the copied content in the message box and click the "Send" icon to translate all contents to the desired language. This feature also allows you to translate PDFs from Russian, German, French, Arabic or Hebrew to English effortlessly.

Way 3. Translate Scanned PDF With Converting

If you wish to convert the scanned PDF into a Word document and subsequently translate it, this method is suitable for your needs. It is also very easy and straightforward.

Step 1. Convert Scanned PDF to Word

You can download UPDF via the below button if you do not have it on your computer. Once it is installed, open PDF with UPDF, OCR PDF with the same steps introduced above, and click "Export PDF" > "Word" to convert OCRED PDF to Word.

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Step 2. Copy All Contents to Translate

You can copy all contents from the word file, then, click "UPDF AI" > "Chat" > "Prompt" > "Translate" > choose the language. Paste the content, and click the second icon to translate the scanned PDF.

Other AI Features of UPDF

Apart from translating scanned PDFs, there are many other features that UPDF provides. These features can prove very beneficial for users worldwide. So, let's have a sneak peek and a little understanding of these various features:

  • Summarize PDF: With this feature; users will get to extract key points and essential information from lengthy PDF documents. This will save extensive time and effort in reviewing and comprehending lengthy content.
  • Term Explanation: AI integration in UPDF will offer a term explanation, enabling users to obtain instant definitions and explanations for specific terms or concepts. This feature will be particularly useful for users who encounter unfamiliar terminology while reading or studying.
  • Write: UPDF will also provide a writing assistance feature. Users will have access to AI-powered suggestions and prompts to help them generate content efficiently. This feature will assist users in composing high-quality written material directly within the PDF editor.
  • Rewrite PDF: This particular feature will assist users in paraphrasing or rephrasing sentences or paragraphs within PDF documents. This will be helpful for users who need to reword content while maintaining the original meaning. Or for those who want to improve the clarity and style of their writing.

Try all features on your own now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video Tutorial on How to Translate Scanned PDF on Windows

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Part 2. How to Translate Scanned PDF Online Via Doctranslator

Doctranslator is a great translating tool. It can help you translate your scanned PDF into over 100 languages. Indeed, it is a great way to translate scanned PDFs online. But it is a paid method. It costs $0.005/word to translate. If the price is not a problem for you, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1. Visit the Doctranslator website, then, you need to click "Sign Up Free" to enter your email to sign up for an account.

Step 2. Once done, you can log in to the account. Now, you can click "Translations" > "Browse" to choose the scanned PDF. Select the original and target language, then, click "Upload".

Step 3. Once done, it will show you how much it will cost to translate the scanned PDF, click "Translate" to pay. It will help translate your scanned PDF after payment.

Part 3. How to Translate Scanned PDF Online Free Via GroupDocs

GroupDocs is also an effective way to translate Scanned PDFs online. It is free to use. However, it can only help you translate the scanned PDF with less than 1 MB and shorter than 10,000 characters. If these are not a problem for you, you can follow the below guide.

Step 1. Visit GroupDocs, and choose the original language and the target language. Then, click on the "Browse file" to upload the scanned PDF.

Step 2. Click on the "Translate" button to translate. Once the translation process is finished, you can click on "Download" or "Preview" to check the translation result.

Part 4. FAQs on Translating Scanned PDF Documents

Do you still have any concerns related to how to translate a scanned document? Head to the FAQs below and find the answers related to your queries.

1. Can Google translate a scanned PDF?

No, Google cannot translate the scanned PDF, but it enables you to translate photos from English to Uzbek, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and so on. Or you can use a tool with OCR capabilities, such as UPDF, to convert it into editable format and then translate it.

2. Is there a way to translate a scanned PDF?

Yes, there is. But you have to wait till June for it. UPDF will integrate ChatGPT in its June update so that users can easily translate their OCR-scanned documents.

3. Can ChatGPT translate scanned PDFs?

No, ChatGPT cannot directly translate the scanned PDF. You must copy and paste the text into the ChatGPT interface to translate it. However, if you want a much smoother process, wait for the UPDFs June update to translate scanned PDFs hassle-freely.


In short, translating scanned PDFs to any language with the help of the methods we introduced above can be done easily. However, not every method may meet your needs. Comparing these three methods, we think UPDF is the best one as it is free to use for certain times without any file size and character limitations.

You can download UPDF via the below button to use it and once you use all translation times in the free version, you can upgrade to the pro version for $8 per month.

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