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The Finest Free Adobe PDF Editor for Mac Alternative in 2024 (macOS Sonoma Compatible)

If you deal with PDF documents, you must have realized how hard it is to manage them without the use of online tools. PDF is a great format, but the problem is that it is hard to edit or perform other tasks on the files. You need powerful editing tools to ensure that you can customize the documents to suit your requirements. One of the tools you can use is Adobe PDF Editor for Mac. It allows you to sign, fill in and share PDFs.  However, since you cannot edit texts with Adobe PDF Editor for Mac Free, you need to use UPDF editor for Mac which enables you to do all edits without restrictions.

The Best Alternative to Adobe PDF Editor on Mac

UPDF - PDF editor for Mac is the best alternative for Free Adobe Editor for Mac. It allows you to perform all types of edits that you want.  Unlike the Adobe PDF Editor Free Download for Mac, you can edit the PDF text by adding or deleting the texts on your document. Besides, it allows you to do modifications to the texts to match your requirements.  For images, you can crop, add, replace or delete them for free.

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adobe pdf editor mac

The tool also allows you to read and also view PDF files. If you like to annotate PDFs the tool allows you to strike out, highlight, note, and underline your file. UPDF Editor for Mac also allows you to organize your PDF by replacing, extracting inserting, or deleting pages. This is something you cannot do with Adobe PDF Editor Mac Free.

UPDF editor features advanced OCR that makes it possible for you to edit scanned PDF documents. These are documents created by the scanning machine. The feature helps do the edit fast and accurately. If you would like to restrict access to your PDF documents, you can create permissions and passwords with the help of the editor.

Signing the PDF documents by hand or digitally is also enabled by UPDF editor. This feature is more helpful if you handle a lot of professional PDF files in your workplace. You can do the signing instantly and share the files with the relevant people. Besides, you can also convert your PDF files to all other editable formats including XML, Word, PPT, Excel, and Text and image versions like GIF, PNG, BMP, and JPG. The tool also allows you to convert these editable file formats back to PDF.

You can access all UPDF editor features for free, unlike Adobe PDF Editor Mac Free where you get limited features.  It also helps you do the edits at a fast speed, thus becoming a great time saver especially if you deal with a lot of PDF documents.

How to Use Adobe PDF Editor Mac Alternative to Edit PDF

Follow these simple steps when editing PDF with UPDF editor for Mac.

Step 1. Enter into the Editing Mode

Begin the process by downloading and installing UPDF editor to your Mac system. Once the installation is complete, launch the editor and click the "Edit" button on the left menu bar.

adobe pdf editor mac free

The UPDF goes into the editing mode and shows the entire editing toolbar that looks similar to the one in the Word document.

Step 2. Edit PDF Document

When the editor goes into the editing mode, you find a purple borderline when you click on the text. Here you will now be able to edit the images and texts on your PDF files. You do the edits the same way you edit when working on a Word document.  The editing experience is flawless, easy, and fast. You have the freedom to delete, modify and add paragraphs and texts.  When you select texts, you can alter the font type, size, and color change to bold, and italics according to your needs.

adobe pdf editor mac free

In case there are images on your files that you would like to edit, you can do it now. Perform the edit by picking the image then extract, crop, rotate or replace it on your PDF document.

adobe pdf editor mac free

Step 3. Add Text to PDF

On the editing toolbar, you will find "+ Text" which you click to add text. Click it, move and then click the mouse to the position where you would like to add text.  When you do this, you can add a text box and add the text you want on your document.  You can click to add text with unique text templates such as color, font and others.

adobe pdf editor mac free

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Introduction of Adobe PDF Editor for Mac

Free Adobe PDF Editor for Mac allows you to add comments to your PDF document when you sign in. With the tool you can add sticky notes or text anywhere in your document.  You can also strike through, highlight or underline your file content. Besides, you can also use the drawing tool to draw whatever you want on your file.

adobe pdf editor free download for mac

To get more advanced PDF editing features you should upgrade to Adobe Acrobat Pro for Mac. You get seven days trial period in which you will be able to perform extensive editing by changing fonts, fixing typos or adding new content to your PDF document.  You can also add, rotate and move images, add bullets and insert watermarks and page numbers.

With the free trial you can access OCR feature that allows you to edit scanned PDF documents, sign your PDFs, secure your documents with passwords and convert PDF to other editable formats.

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