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Convert JPG to Word with iLovePDF in Just a Few Taps: 2 Ways to Do it

iLovePDF offers two convenient ways to convert JPG to Word effortlessly. This conversion ways opens up a range of benefits, such as the ability to edit text. Read this guide to help you increase your productivity in managing the document conversion process. However, iLovePDF has many limitations, which is why we will show you another better alternative, UPDF, to convert JPG to Word.

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Part 1. How to Convert a JPG to a DOC With iLovePDF?

Using JPG to Word converter iLovePDF tool is the best online way to convert your files at your fingertips. However, it would be best to keep in mind that users can not convert JPG to Word directly using this tool. They will need to convert JPG to PDF first and then to Word. This tool can work effectively on your browser, mobile, desktop, and as a WordPress plugin.

The maximum file size you can upload for JPG to PDF using the free version is 40 MB, and for PDF to Word is 15 MB. Moreover, you get the digital signature, signature request, and customized certificate feature in the paid plan. Read the steps below to start the JPG to DOC conversion process:

Step 1: Search for the iLovePDF tool on your web browser and head to the official site. Then, scroll down and choose the "JPG to PDF" option first. Moving further, click the "Select JPG Images" option. Afterward, import the required image and set the orientation, size of the page, and margin in the right panel.

Step 2: Next, tap the "Convert to PDF" button to start the image-converting process. Then, select the "Download PDF" button if it is not automatically downloaded, or share it as a link depending on your needs and save the file on your device.

Step 3: Continuing this, head to the iLovePDF homepage and scroll down to choose the "PDF to Word" option. Now, press the "Select PDF File" button and choose the file you converted in the previous step. Now, you can perform the "OCR" feature based on your plan. Please note if you need to convert PDF to editable Word, you have to enable OCR.

Step 4: Finally, click the "Convert to Word" button and then continue to tap on the "Download Word" button to save the converted file on your device. In addition, you can also save the file to your "Dropbox" or "Drive" if needed.

Part 2. How to Convert Multiple JPG Files To One Word Using iLovePDF?

Apart from handling the single file conversion in the last part, you can also convert multiple files using this online tool. For that, look at the mentioned instruction for using the online JPG to Word converter iLovePDF:

Instruction: All the conversion steps for this part are the same as the previous one. The only difference comes at the point of importing files. When you tap the "Select JPG Images" button, you can press the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and select multiple images. This tool will then combine all the images into a single PDF. Repeat steps 3 and 4 from the previous part for the "PDF to Word" conversion.

Part 3. How to Convert a JPG to an Editable Word with iLovePDF Alternative

While working on your PDFs, you might be having trouble using iLovePDF. This is because it makes it hard to edit the converted files, but worry not, as we have a solution for you. You can try using UPDF as an alternative, as this tool makes it easy to convert files to different formats effortlessly. You can also annotate and edit your PDFs and convert them to Word.

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Additionally, UPDF offers a cloud service where you can upload your PDF files and access them from anywhere. This lets you move easily while accessing your work from anywhere. Moreover, the built-in OCR feature lets you make image files editable.

Pros that Users Must Know

  • Dark mode to reduce eye strain.
  • Entirely modern and sleek user interface.
  • One license for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
  • Works across all platforms.
  • 10 GB of built-in storage plan.

UPDF Steps to Let You Convert the JPG to Word File Easily

After reading out this incredible tool's basic info and pros, let's head to the steps now. These steps will help you export JPG to Word in a matter of seconds:

Step 1: Open UPDF and Drag Drop Images

Open your system's file explorer and UPDF simultaneously and drag and drop the required JPG to UPDF. The automated algorithms of UPDF will convert it into PDF for you.

Step 2: Export the PDF to Desired Format

Afterward, access the “Export PDF” feature from the right sidebar and choose the “Word” format. It will open a small “Export PDF” window for you. Enable the option of the “Text Recognition” feature and customize other settings. To conclude the JPG to Word conversion, press the “Save” button to export the Word file to your desired location.

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Part 4. How to Convert Multiple JPG Files To One Editable Word With iLovePDF Alternative

Moving on, we discussed the JPG to Word conversion process in the last part using a single image file. Here we will assist you to batch combining the JPG files and converting them all at once into a single Word file. So, read the steps explained below:

Step 1: Explore UPDF and Combine Files

Launch the UPDF app from the Start Menu and access the batch tools by pressing the "Batch" button on the home screen. Next, select the "Combine" tool and press the "Add Files" button to add the images you want to convert into Word.

Step 2: Save the File on Your Device

To save them as a single PDF, press the "Apply" button, choose the folder, and press the "Save" button. Afterward, open the combined PDF and perform as mentioned in Part 3. Ultimately, you will get all the images in one editable Word file.

Final Words

To sum up, there are two main reasons why using JPG to Word iLovePDF can be beneficial. Firstly, it allows you to extract text from an image and convert it into an editable format, saving effort. Secondly, it enables you to preserve the formatting and layout of the original document. By using iLovePDF, you can conveniently convert your JPG files to Word online.

However, considering the limitations of iLovePDF regarding editing capabilities, we recommend using UPDF as the best alternative. UPDF provides an easy process for converting image files to editable Word documents.

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