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The EASIEST Guide on How to Convert PDF Bank Statement to Excel or CSV

Whenever you get your bank statement, you might have noticed that it's usually in a hard copy format, or if you receive it digitally, it is in a PDF format. This is because it's more secure and is the most widely accepted format even in today's generation. However, it tends to be too hard to understand and you may need to convert the PDF bank statement to Excel or CSV. This is because you have more clarity and a simpler format, and you could even reorganize it.

Method 1. How to Convert PDF Bank Statement to Excel or CSV

With that out of the way, here's how you can convert bank statements to Excel using UPDF. UPDF can be used as a converter where you can convert your PDFs into several formats that are available on Windows and Mac. It's fast and accurate, and you don't lose the formatting that was set in the original file. In addition, you can use it for free as you are given 2 free conversions per day.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how you can convert PDF Bank Statements to Excel for Free using UPDF.

1. Download UPDF and Open PDF Bank Statement

First, you have to download UPDF. To do this, click the "Free Download" button below. After the UPDF installer has finished downloading, click on it and install UPDF and after it's finished, you can now open your PDF Bank Statement. To open it, click on the "File" section on the top left corner of the software. There, you could choose the "Open" option and select the PDF Bank Statement you want to convert.

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2. Go to Export PDF

After you've opened the PDF you wish to convert, you can find the "Export PDF" icon in the top right corner. Select it and then you can now choose the format you want to convert the file to. It may be that you want to do the classic PDF to Excel Bank Statement move or you might want to convert the PDF Bank Statement to CSV.

3. Convert PDF to Excel or CSV

Choose either of the two formats and after you've selected the one you want, double check the Output Format and Page Range. If everything is set, click "Export" and now you have finally converted your PDF Bank Statement!

Method 2. How to Batch Convert PDF Bank Statements to Excel or CSV

There are also other moments where you need to convert not only one but multiple files so you would need a Bank Statement Converter to Excel just to do that. Luckily, UPDF is capable of that and more. That is why you can easily batch convert your PDF bank statements using UPDF and just in 3 easy steps. The next section includes the step-by-step guide for this exact process.

1. Click Batch > Convert

Assuming that you have already downloaded UPDF, you have to open it and go to the main interface of the software. However, if you haven't you can download UPDF here by clicking the button below!

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You can then find the "Batch" option on the right side of your screen just after "Open File". After you select it, more options will come out where you will then have to select "Convert". This gives you access to our next step.

2. Add Files

To convert a batch, you must add the files you want to convert first. Click on the "Add Files" option that pops up at the center of your screen after you click "Convert". You could also just Drag and Drop the files to the software itself. You can also choose the "Add Open Files" to transfer the opened PDF file in UPDF to the conversion list fast. Another option is to select the downward arrow just beside "Add Files" which will give you the option to choose "Add Folders" if you want to add an entire folder.

3. Select Output Format as Excel or CSV

Once you have added the files or folder you want, you can finally select the output format to be "Excel or CSV". You can find the "Output Format" option on the right side and from there, open the drop-down menu. Choose either Excel or CSV and you're done! You now have successfully conducted a batch conversion by clicking the "Apply" button.

Method 3. How to Convert a Scanned PDF Bank Statement to Editable Excel or CSV

Other than converting a single or batch PDF bank statement, there's also a moment when you need to convert a scanned PDF Bank Statement to Excel or CSV and UPDF can do just that. Scanned PDF Bank Statements occur when someone has used a scanner to create a copy of the original bank statement which is presumed to be on paper. This usually cannot be edited or converted but lucky for you, you have UPDF.

1. Access the OCR Function

First things first, you need to access the OCR Function. You can do this by opening the Scanned PDF Bank Statement you convert and then selecting the "Recognize Text Using OCR" button that can be found on the right side of your screen.

If it's the first time you have installed UPDF, much less using this feature, then you have to download the plugin first. Just select the "Download" option that's presented to you. Wait for the OCR Function to finish installing and make sure that it has been successfully installed before using it.

2. Perform OCR

Now that you have the OCR Function, you can go back to the "Recognize Text Using OCR" option. You will then be given two options: Searchable PDF and Image-only PDF. Since we want this to be a searchable and editable document, you have to select "Searchable PDF".

You will then be given several options and the first one you'll see is "Layout". Click on the drop-down menu and then select "Text under the page image" where the file format and visual structure would be similar to the scanned PDF Bank Statement. You might also need to define the document's "Document Language", "Image Resolution", and "Page Range". Finally, click the "Perform OCR" button to start the recognizing process.

3. Make the PDF an Editable Excel or CSV

Once you have successfully performed OCR, you can now convert it to an editable Excel or CSV by following the exact steps above in Method 1. Just select the "Export PDF" icon, select your file format, and select "Export".

So, you can optimize your workflow with the ease of document management by integrating UPDF into your devices. Click the button below and download UPDF now.

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What is a Bank Statement?

You are already knowledgeable as to how to do the "PDF to Excel Bank Statement" process. However, it is also important to acknowledge what a Bank Statement is in the first place. Bank Statements are pieces of legal documents that contain and compress every single transaction a bank account has conducted within a month. These transactions may be withdrawals, deposits, payments, invoices, interest earned, and many more. The Bank Statement also includes the beginning and ending balance for the month which helps account holders gain better insight into the flow of their financial assets.

Bank Statements are important for several reasons other than the Bank Holder seeing all the transactions that happened for the month. It can be used to detect fraud, for accounting purposes, to secure a business loan, to file taxes, and even to find if there are errors made by the bank or by yourself. It can be sent electronically, physically, or digitally. That's why Bank Statements are very important and they may determine if the way you manage your cash flow is proper or not.

Why You Want to Convert PDF Bank Statement to Excel or CSV?

We already know what a Bank Statement is and how we can convert it but we need to ask the question: Why Do We Want To Convert PDF Bank Statements to Excel or CSV in the first place? Well, there are also several reasons why you would want to do this. However, the most important one could be to have a clearer and easier way to read your bank statements. Sometimes, Bank Statements are sent to you in very awkward formats with small text and no separating borders. This makes it hard to read and you may get confused along the way.

Another reason why you should convert your bank statements to Excel or CSV is to perform calculations. You might need to know how many expenses you incurred on a specific date or interestingly, you might also want to double-check if the calculations given to you by the bank are correct. By converting Bank Statements, you could also use the data to create graphs and charts to have a visual representation of your data. This grants you an even better insight into how you manage your income and expenses during the month.

Why UPDF is the Best Tool PDF Bank Statement to Excel Converter?

Of course, it's great to acknowledge that there are other tools aside from UPDF that can convert PDF Bank Statements to Excel but UPDF is no doubt the best bank statement converter to Excel / CSV. This is because UPDF is not only a PDF Converter.

UPDF is a simple yet extremely advanced PDF software that even uses the power of AI to boost its features and enhance user experience. It has the ability to edit PDFs, annotate using different tools such as highlights and sticky notes, and even modify images. With regards to its AI, you are able to ask it any question from the PDF and possibly generate several ideas from it by asking it questions. Using the AI, you can easily find what is your biggest expense, get tips on how you can improve your cash flow, and even summarize the entire Bank Statement.

UPDF is also available on almost every major platform which includes Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. It includes both free and paid versions so I suggest trying out the free version first and if it suits your needs and want more, you can try purchasing one of its very reasonable subscription plans. It's the best PDF software not just for converting PDF Bank Statements to Excel or CSV, but for any other task you need.


Remember, Bank Statements contain crucial information regarding your private financial activities so make sure to secure it. Converting PDF Bank Statements to Excel or CSV brings many benefits as well and using it to your advantage might give you the chance to have better cash flow. You might have thought it was hard but with these easy-to-follow guides paired up with the best software, UPDF, it takes less time compared to when you requested it in the first place. So, download UPDF now and see for yourself!

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